Saturday, October 26, 2013

New glasses! review

Finally I found some time to write this entry that's been so long overdue.

I've posted about it on my instagram and twitter already - a while ago, I got new glasses!
The peculiar thing about them is that this time, I didn't just go to the optometrist to get them, instead, and for the first time in my life, I ordered them online! was so kind to sponsor me on that matter, so I am going to review the pair of glasses I got to choose for free!

This is a sponsored review. Nontheless you will find my own and honest opinion here.

The shop is a large - according to their own information the biggest - online glasses store. Their office is situated in the US but their production sites appear to be in China (which is where I got my package from). They offer a really big variety of different frames to chose from. What I really liked were the various options to facilitate your search for the perfect frame. You can check for example for different shapes, materials, and of course colors. Especially the materials section was of interest to me, because I previously had some bad experience with 'plastic' frames which seemed to have a negative effect on my skin, so I tried to find metal frames that I liked first (I ended up choosing differently nonetheless though). I think it's really easy to find your way around and find something you like!  I always go for rather squared, black frames first because I think they suit me best, and I was overwhelmed by the variety of frames they have fitting these criteria! 

They offer a really detailed FAQ, with a guide on the ordering process, with explanation on the numbers of your prescription, and much more. If, like me, you've never ordered glasse sonline before, I really recommend reading a few of these points as they are not only interesting but also help to understand how the process of ordering online works.

I really had difficulties to imagine how this is supposed to work out, because I usually buy glasses directly at the optometrist with the prescription of my ophthalmologist. So how to know if a frame suits me and all that? Well, there's a solution to that!

The Ordering Process

So how to know if a frame suits your face or not? has a nice little tool for that which allows you to virtually try on the different frames. You just have to upload a photo of your face from the front. If you register an account the photo will be available quickly whenever you come back. While as with most 'simulations' like that the results are probably not 100% life like, it gives and impression on the size of the frames and if the shape will compliment your facial features.

The set up is easy - upload your photo, tag your pupils and enter your pupillary distance (PD)
I didn't really have a porper photo of myself from up front, that angle is just not flattering XD

One of the frames I tried, but ended up not chosing because I thought it's a bit too thin. After my last glasses I wanted to go for a thicker frame again!

This really helped me chose! I tried on many different frames and ended up choosing this one, despite my hesitation at first about it being too large. It does look a bit off on the 'simulation' but of course with the photo not being perfectly from the front this was to be expected. Nevertheless, I think this 'try on' feature gave me a good idea on what to expect!

The next step is to copy the data from your prescription. The process is easy and comprehensive, even if your prescription is, like mine, issued by a non-English doctor the measurements are probably named the same and you will quickly figure out what is what.

You can also save your prescription so if you order again in the future you can just adjust the parameters that have changed if any.

It turned out that the frame I had chosen was not perfectly suited for my prescription as I have slight astigmatism, so the lenses need some special adjustment for which I paid 10$ extra. I could have chosen a different frame of course, but I fell in love with this one, so I went with these terms.

Not that you will have to now your pupillary distance to order glasses online! This value is usually NOT on the prescription, but any optometrist can measure it (the only problem may be to get one to measure your PD without buying from them :'D ). I got mine from an 'insurance card' from my old glasses.

The Pricing

Shipping cost in my case was 18.75$ (for express shipping to Austria) but  there is free shipping on orders of $55 or more with a special discount code and also other methods of shipping depending on your country. You can find out more about shipping cost to your own country and the discount here !

The cost for the glasses themselves vary depending on what you want and need. It's also possible to order glasses without prescription to wear as a fashion accessory or get tinted lenses for any frame and make them sunglasses. In my case, the frame and standard lenses would have cost 39$ (without shipping). There are special lenses, options like anti-scratch and more to chose from, which adds to the cost of course.

Still, compared to the price I would have paid at a normal optometrist here, it's a very, very good deal! The only real 'disadvantage' of the online shopping process is that you can't physically try out the frames before ordering. I recommend you just try the ordering form out and see for yourself what price you get with your prescription and the frame you'd like to have :)

Also, my ophthalmologist's assistant pointed out to me that - at least in Austria - a bill from an online shop can also be send in to your health care insurance for refund, just as a bill from an optometrist!

Shipping, Packaging and the Package Contents

The product took a while to be shipped, naturally, because the lenses first had to be manufactured according to my prescription. The package arrived on 07.10. in my home town and I picked it up from the post office a day later.

The glasses were packaged in a soft envelope and a sturdy eyeglass case, and additionally a soft pouch and and some accessories were included. They were very well packaged and did not take any damage during transport.

Of course the case will fit the glasses perfectly - or is it the other way round? Anyhow, the thing is, with the glasses I had previously I never had a case that was really the right size so it was rather annoying to somehow cram the frame in there. Of course this shouldn't be the case because the frame should not be bent or anything, but all optometrists I've been to never seemed to have cases in the right size for the glasses I had chosen! They also send you a little screw, so you can for example open the frame to clean the lenses separately on occasion.

The Frame and Lenses

As soon as I got the glasses, I tried them on right away, really excited to see how they will fit and suit me. At first it was a very unusual feeling because the glasses are just so much bigger than my old ones. This basically means that my field of vision with the glasses is bigger than usual!

They are very comfortable to wear, and not too loose or too tight. I hate it when glasses sit to tight behind the ears, it gives me a headache, and it can be really painful when you're wearing headphones. Often, with glasses from the optometrist, I only found out after I bought them and wore them for several hours that they hurt, sometimes I had to get them adjusted again, sometimes that wasn't even possible. In this case, due to the shape of the frame, the glasses sit very comfortably. Also, they're very light so I almost don't notice them!

I quickly found the advantages of the 'bigger' glasses: for example, when I'm lying on the sofa on the side, it's easier to still see, for example the TV. Before, my old glasses caused me to have such a small field of vision that I always had to face the TV more or less directly to properly see.
The only disadvantage so far I noticed when walking down stairs. It sounds really strange but when I do that, I start to feel some kind of vertigo and have problems to place my steps at the right pace and position. The reason, I guess, is that the lower border of the frame is more or less 'before my feet' when I face in the direction I'm walking in. So when I don't stare at the floor, or stairs in this case, the area I will place my foot in is 'blocked' from my field of vision by the frame, even though I only perceive this at the very border of my field of vision and not in the center of focus. So I either have to fix a point higher up in front of me or stare down to get rid of the feeling. I also found this to only occur with 'old' stairways that have less steep steps, like in the old university buildings in Vienna. In my own house, I didn't notice this at all. But it's nothing not manageable ^^

While at first I was a bit skeptical if the frame may be a bit too big on me, I really love it by now. I think that the bigger glasses make me look much less tired and worn out compared to my old glasses and those a previously had. It should be noted that with a prescription of almost -6.00 my lenses are rather thick which has the unpleasant effect of making your eyes appear much smaller. However, I think due to the big surface of the lenses, I somehow feel like the overall image of my face does not seem so 'distorted' from normal anymore. Maybe it's just me, but I really feel that way and I like it! I used to be asked whether I'm sick quite often when wearing my old glasses - with me new ones, not so far!

Please excuse the weird hair line - I'm growing out my bangs at the moment XD


Generally my experience with was a very pleasant one.
The contact with whom I talked about the sponsorship and the details was very nice and helpful. I like their webshop a lot because it offers so many options to search and browse around, and it's fun to virtually try out the different frames! It's also easy to navigate, and the ordering process was comprehensive and easy to do.
The glasses I got are just what I wished for. I love the design, the material (how super light weight they are!) and the fact that I got a matching glass case too is a nice bonus! In my opinion the price is really good, and so overall I can definitely recommend them to you!

Sharky with glasses~ I really love them a lot and have been wearing them almost every day since I got them!

Sooo how about it - have you ever ordered glasses online?
Was it a positive or negative experience?
I hope you got a good overview abot the topic from my review! If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments!

PS: If you are interested but not convinced, there is an offer for a free trial pair of glasses, where you'd only have to pay for shipping. Or, if you have a blog or such, you might consider joining their business cooperation program! 


  1. Die Brille sieht cool aus. Wie viel hättest du dafür bezahlt, wenn du sie nicht gesponsert bekommen hättest?
    Ich habe Brillen bis jetzt immer nur offline gekauft. Evtl. könnte es aber bald dazu kommen, dass ich ne neue brauche - mal sehen, was ich dann mache.

    1. Danke!
      Es waren 39$ für Gläser + Rahmen, 10$ extra für den Spezialschliff wg. Astigmatismus und 18.75$ für Expressshipping. Also insgesamt 57.75$ = etwa 40€. Ab 55$ ist der Versand dann gratis, also lohnt es sich vielleicht auch eine Sonnebrille oder so dazuzubestellen :)

  2. ich find's richtig cool, dass man quasi schon vorab sehen kann, ob einem die brillengestellen stehen oder nicht *_____* und ne brille hätt ich auch gerne gesponsert *__*

  3. Das Shöööööört :D Okay okay die Brille steht dir auch echt gut und ich liebe die Fotos in diesem Post XD

  4. Ich finde deine Brille ganz wunderbar. Ich hab selber so eine Kastenform bzw. Hornbrille und liebe die abgöttisch. Wenn man eine Brille tragen muss, dann sollte man sich echt Gedanken darüber machen, was einem gefällt und was einem steht. Ich hatte die letzten zwei Brillen in schwarz und innen hell, jetzt hab ich mir mal eine braune gekauft und bin begeistert.


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