Saturday, November 30, 2013

Monthly Random: November

 November's passed as quickly as it came and just as the months before I feel like my life will never slow down enough to catch a breath.

It's not that I'm actually that stressed. I bet most people have more things to do than me. It's just that I can't handle anything at the moment. I am glad when I manage to get up in the morning, go to class and do some homework. But there so much more I should do, especially about the apartment .___.

A photo from today - to bad I couldn't take a proper picture of my make up. I love pearly eye shadows at the moment!
We celebrated my grandma's 85th birthday. The whole 'clan' came together - like 40 or 50 people I guess, only the closest relatives :)  My little big family really must have made an impression over the past 70 years in this area - we even have a little place named after us, haha

With Christmas coming I can't help but feel all the more guilt about my situation. Everyone is expecting me to invite them over, show them my new and shiny place. And here I am, in this mess. I just hope this will al be over soon. I envy the people who are strong enough to finish renovation and moving in a few weeks or even days.
Sorry, I am not the responsible grown up people probably expect me to be. Sometimes I wonder if I am really ready to live in this place, I think I don't deserve it. Everything could be so beautiful. But with me here, it's just messy and unfinished and it's all my fault. I hate it. I hate myself. But I can't change it right now. I'm trying though.

Not much happened this month, but at least I went out a bit and met some friends and such.
I'm just gonna share some instagram pictures this month, as I didn't really took any other interesting photos.

Monday, November 25, 2013

10 Questions Tag Game

Ohhh it's been a while since I did such a tag game, and Guddy from tagged me to answer her 10 questions, and a few days later I also got another 10 questions from Anni - so here a my answers!
The questions were asked in German, so I'll answer them bilingually for a change :)

First, Guddy's questions!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review: GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green (Pinkyparadise)


Here's the promised review of my newest pair of circle lenses: GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green!
The days have gotten really short and daylight is scarce, but I managed to take some photos. I hope you find this review informative and the photos somewhat helpful! :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Catching Fire

So, I went to the premiere of Hunger Games 2: Catching fire just yesterday!
How about you, have you seen the movie at the premiere in your country as well or do you plan on seeing it?

I can really recommend the movie, it is very good - and that's something I very rarely say about a movie where I've read the book before!
I read all three books last autumn/winter when I was in Finland, and I was totally fascinated by the story. Back then, the first movie had already been released, so this summer I took the chance to watch it on a borrowed DVD. I never would have thought that they would manage to get the story across so well! Though I have to say, I liked the first book better than the movie. With the second movie, however, they did and even better job and I liked it much more than the first.

My 'Catching Fire' inspired look. Too bad my only matte red eye shadow has such a pink undertone :<

Saturday, November 16, 2013

November rain, being plain.

Hey there!

I figured instead of wondering what I could write about I should probably just start to write about what comes to my mind more often. I really like to think of this place as my diary, so why not write down what I do, even if it's probably not the most exciting thing :)

Today I met a group of friends from my high school time. I've been a bit self conscious about meeting with this group of girls for a while because I always kinda felt 'the odd one out' in a group of 'normal' people. Talk about 'grown-up stuff' like marriage (two them - they're all at my age - are engaged now) and who dated who and what happened to whom made me feel awkward because I couldn't contribute to such topics. I just generally felt like I didn't have much to talk about with them after we left school. But with time, this just... changed. Maybe I just grew up a little bit? I just realize now that even though we lead different lives we can still be friends and meet and have fun. And there are topics all of us are interested in and like to talk about :)
Do you have that kind of group of friends, that you've known for a very long time and still stick around, even though you maybe changed a lot and don't really have much in common anymore?
I am just glad it works out well again and I don't feel out of place and awkward around them anymore! I hope it will stay like this. As I have a hard time making new friends because I'm incredibly socially awkward, I am really trying to treasure the friends I have more!

I gladly took the excuse to war some make up again! Too bad my favorite lashes for such looks broke last time I tried to clean them, but I think this autumn-panda-smokey-eye-thingie works out okay without them as well.

 I just always realize how uneven my make up looks when I look at the photos, but never in the mirror. Stupid asymmetrical face D:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Monthly Random: Oct+Sep / some make up, circle lenses and sharks!

Hello there!

I thought since it's been a while that I've posted any kind of update on my daily life, I'm just gonna do a kind of 'monthly random' blogpost and throw in all kinds of stuff from the last months! Most pictures are taken from my instagram, btw :)

So, I haven't really done anything exciting lately, mostly there was university and my internship keeping me busy. I didn't have a lot of time to wear make up or anything, but I tried out my new circle lenses from I ordered them before the Innocent World Tea Party but because I ordered the wrong prescription I didn't get the right ones in time :'D Anyhow, I think they wouldn't have matched the outfit that well anyway!

The lenses are EOS Candy Blue