Saturday, November 30, 2013

Monthly Random: November

 November's passed as quickly as it came and just as the months before I feel like my life will never slow down enough to catch a breath.

It's not that I'm actually that stressed. I bet most people have more things to do than me. It's just that I can't handle anything at the moment. I am glad when I manage to get up in the morning, go to class and do some homework. But there so much more I should do, especially about the apartment .___.

A photo from today - to bad I couldn't take a proper picture of my make up. I love pearly eye shadows at the moment!
We celebrated my grandma's 85th birthday. The whole 'clan' came together - like 40 or 50 people I guess, only the closest relatives :)  My little big family really must have made an impression over the past 70 years in this area - we even have a little place named after us, haha

With Christmas coming I can't help but feel all the more guilt about my situation. Everyone is expecting me to invite them over, show them my new and shiny place. And here I am, in this mess. I just hope this will al be over soon. I envy the people who are strong enough to finish renovation and moving in a few weeks or even days.
Sorry, I am not the responsible grown up people probably expect me to be. Sometimes I wonder if I am really ready to live in this place, I think I don't deserve it. Everything could be so beautiful. But with me here, it's just messy and unfinished and it's all my fault. I hate it. I hate myself. But I can't change it right now. I'm trying though.

Not much happened this month, but at least I went out a bit and met some friends and such.
I'm just gonna share some instagram pictures this month, as I didn't really took any other interesting photos.

I've been really annoyed with my hair lately. It gets tangled so easily and there is just no cut at all in that mess anymore. It's been 15 months since I've been to the hair dresser, but I don't really dare to go because I can't decide on what to do... 

We discovered we had a little room mate living on our balcony. I guess she froze by now, but maybe she has laid eggs somewhere. We will see in spring! :3

Surprise! Fun at my work place/university, the water system was contaminated and they had to flush it with detergent. They didn't tell us what it was though, just some type of bacteria. 

I tried out the new circle lenses I reviewed  here. Still have to do a review about the blue ones!

I wore them with my fresh cut brown wig to a video shoot.... the project is still a secret though! I'll share it once it's finished! 

First snow in Vienna just last week ♥ Too bad it melted away again so quickly. But there's a lot of snow in the montains. I wish I could go skiing and snowboarding! 

This year's first cookies. Yeah, I know, shame on me, it's instant dough. But considering how unmotivated I was lately, I consider this an improvement. This is seriously the first year that I really don't feel like I actually wanna bake any cookies at all... 

My boyfriend found  this little fella's brother or something like that  :D

I got this Christmas wreath from my mum today ♥ She gave it to me together with my old advent calender that she'd be filling for me these past... well, 23 years now?! I think it's really sweet that she kept that tradition for so long. It always makes me look forward to Christmas much more.

Are you in a Christmas mood yet?
I am not at all! I have zero motivation to do any baking, the total opposite of my usual baking craze. I hope I will find the energy to get started soon, as I had asked some people in Finland to do 'swap packages'. I miss Finish bread and Domino cookies ;___; 

I've been thinking about getting a new cell phone - my old one is constantly letting me down. It's battery is lasting not even half a day, the display lost a lot of its sensitivity, so I constantly make typos, and it bugs and crashes all the time. Unfortunately the phone I want costs 300€ if I keep my contract. So I've considered switching to a new provider. The problem is, I've tried out every bigger provider in my country and ALL of them just suck one way or the other. My current provider at least isn't trying to bully me out of my contract and I have decent connection most of the time, so I actually don't wanna switch. But I also can't continue with this cell phone.
Well, I keep hoping they'll have some special offers for Christmas but somehow I am in doubt.

I also broke my toe this week - or at least crushed it pretty badly, I don't actually know if it's broken but as it looks rather bad I'm considering getting it checked. I had broken two toes before and bandaged them myself but they were far less bad compared to this time. It's kinda crooked and really swollen and blue. Maybe I'll go to a hospital on Monday  and get an x-ray to make sure the bone is not shattered or something :'D

I guess that's all that happened this month.
Well, I was sick, so I'm a bit behind schedule with my work but I took and additional course at the university. If I take all the exams as planned this semester I think I'll have something like 45ECTS in the end, lol. Well let's see if I can really pull it off!

How was your November?
Looking forward to Christmas yet?


  1. Mir gefällt das erste Foto.
    Ich freue mich schon total auf Weihnachten. Ich hoffe, dass sich die Freude bei dir auch bald einstellt. Und dass dein Zeh nicht gebrochen ist.

  2. Ich bin gar nicht in Weihnachtsstimmung irgendwie...dabei hab ich Weihnachten die letzten Jahre geliebt. Aber das graue Novemberwetter, der Arbeitsstress...da kommt man irgendwie nicht dazu -.- Aber ich find deine Haare so super, für die Länge würd ich sterben :D

  3. Nice post and lovely blog!

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :)
    xoxo ♥

  4. Ich kann deine Novemberstimmung gut nachempfinden. Nach Weihnachten ist mir auch noch so gar nicht und Erwartungsdruck zieht mich auch gern mal runter. Aber manchmal braucht man so eine "ruhige" Zeit, um festzustellen, dass sich die Welt auch weiterdreht, wenn man nicht einmal die Hälfte von dem tut, was man sich vorgenommen hat.

    1. Das hast du schön gesagt, und du hast absolut recht, danke! :)

  5. Ich kenn das mit dem renovieren etc, da bist du nicht alleine ;___; ....ich hoffe, das packst du dennoch.
    Du bist so ne Hübsche und deine Haare sind toll!

  6. Ich mag auch schimmernde Lidschatten, deine auf dem ersten Bild sehen hübsch aus :) und mach dir keinen Kopf um die Wohnung, bis alles wirklich fertig ist, dauert es meistens Monate, außer man hat einen absolut nichtssagenden Geschmack, was Möbel/Deko angeht und zu viel Geld. Aber es ist auch völlig okay, mach dir keinen Stress!
    Und in Weihnachtsstimmung bin ich auch nicht so. Aber kommt bestimmt noch.

  7. das Bild oben ist soo hübsch <3
    Das mit der Wohnung wird schon noch, wir saßen auch in einem Chaos, kaum Möbel und nix... das einzige Glück das wir hatten war halt echt, dass die Küche direkt schon drin war. Aber was wird alles und dann wird es auch super schön aussehen :)

  8. WAAAAH warn uns doch vor bevor da so eine Spinnen Nahaufnahme kommt >.< *mega-grusel*
    Back to Topic: Ich kann verstehen wie du dich fühlst, mir geht es im Moment ähnlich, keine Energie und keine Motivaton irgendwas zu machen, seit einer Woche versuche ich mich da mehr in den Hintern zu treten und jeden Tag wenigstens etwas zu machen, klappt soweit auch ganz gut weil ich angefangen habe jeden Tag aufzuschreiben was ich so gemacht habe und dann muss da wenigstens eine sinnvolle Sache stehen *g* Backen könnte ich allerdings jeden Tag, ich hab schon im November mit der Weihnachtsbäckerei angefangen *lach* Ich freue mich auch einfach riesig weil ich dieses Jahr wieder mit meiner Familie in Schottland Weihnachten und Silvester feiern werde, das ist das Highlight des Jahres *g*


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