Saturday, November 23, 2013

Review: GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green (Pinkyparadise)


Here's the promised review of my newest pair of circle lenses: GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green!
The days have gotten really short and daylight is scarce, but I managed to take some photos. I hope you find this review informative and the photos somewhat helpful! :)

These are the lenses I won at Pinkyparadise's Halloween Competition ♥
My price was a pair of choice, and as I had always wanted to try green lenses, I decided on the poplar Princess Mimi Series. And I am really happy with my choice!

The Shop

As I have never reviewed anything from PP before, here a short description of their shop. I ordered lenses regularly from them before and I was very happy with the product I got. You can browse the story by color, brand or other feautures. There is also a possibility to search for items with your prescription! in fact, many if not most of the lenses they offer are available with prescription, though occasionally you might find the ones you need to be sold out and will have to wait for restock.

They also offer a variety of beauty products, such as the famous Dolly Wink products, including gorgeous lashes ♥

If you register with an E-Mail address you will not only get a regular update on new arrivals but also have the opportunity to save your favorite lenses on a wishlist! I really recommend this option (you don't have to subscribe to their newsletter if you don't want to), it was actually how I learned about their Halloween competition in the first place :D Also special deals, discounts or free shipping and such will be announced via the newsletter.

Contact, Shipping, Packaging

On both occasions, my regular order a few weeks ago and to claim my price, the contact was very friendly and polite. I had written to them before about their affiliate program and always got a response quickly. When there was a problem with my order (it was somehow saved in duplicate at the checkout) it was resolved right away.

The shipping of my regular order took roughly two weeks. I had realized by then that I had accidentally ordered the lenses with the wrong prescription and ordered them again, and again it took about two weeks to arrive at my home - and also these lenses took two weeks to reach me. This is even faster than their claimed 14-25 working days that should be taken into account for shipping :)

The package(s) arrived safe and sound. The lenses were in the typical, sealed bottles (GEO has a special safety seal to check for authenticity!) and came wrapped in protective material and a soft envelope. Along with the lenses you will always get a free lens case as well.

The Lenses

You can find them on Pinkyparadise's shop here.

 The GEO Princess Mimi series is very popular with both light and darker eyed people. The reason why they work so nicely is that they have a strong color but it is printed not evenly, but with 'gaps' in between, which will make them blend extremely well with your natural eye color.
The green lenses have an inner ring of a yellowish color, the main color is green and the border is a beautiful black limbal ring. The yellowish or hazel color in my case contributes to making my eyes appear more green because it mixes with the blue of my eyes quite well. From afar, they can look a bit gray-ish, depending on the light. But I think if depending on the colors you wear and the make up, the green might come out more. I plan on wearing them with my read wig in the near future :)

Overall, the design is incredibly beautiful and while the "dolly eye" effect is strong thanks to the dark limbal ring, I bet they can be worn 'casually' with only little make up as well! 

When I first tried out the lenses, I was surprised that they were rather soft, as in, when I took them out of the bottles they 'flopped' over easily. But I managed to get them into my eyes just fine. I just think that more unexperienced lens wearers could have some problems to get them in, due to less 'suction effect'. 

I wore them for several hours today and noticed no major flaws in comfort. However, from time to time they can slip out of position which results in a blurred sight for a few seconds or blinks, because the inner border of the print will cover your field of vision. However, this only occurred twice during the whole day and only for a few seconds so it was no problem.
I head really dry eyes today because I didn't sleep well, so they started to feel a bit itchy after about 4 hours. But I also took public transport, which, at this season in Austria, is hopelessly overheated and thus has very dry air. But I just used some eye drops and it didn't really bother me much any more. I am sure this would have happened with me regular contacts too. However, this is one of the reasons why I always carry eye drops with me when I wear lenses, and I really recommend it to everyone!


I really like these lenses a lot. The design, the color, everything about them is perfect! Together with the wig I wore today they really managed to change my look a lot.





Bonus: The affiliate program

You might have noticed the banner in my side bar!
If you use the code dunkelbunt-bittersuess you will get a little mystery gift with every order you place, so feel free to use it if you order your next lenses from Pinky Paradise! ^_^

What do you think about the lenses?
Do you have any lenses from the Princess Mimi series yourself?


  1. ach ich wünschte ich hätte deine Augenfarbe ._.

    1. Deine ist doch auch voll hübsch .__. und mit Linsen kann man das sowieso alles ändern XD

  2. Wow, du siehst so schön aus *-*
    Die Linsen und dann noch die Wig, stehen dir hervorragend^^

  3. sehr schöne Linsen :) bin mir nur nie so sicher bei Auslandsbestellungen wegen Zoll ._.

    1. Da brauchst du bei Pinky Paradise keine Angst haben, sie geben den Wert als Gift/5$ an, das heißt es sollte ohne Probleme durch den Zoll gehen. ich hab allerdings bisher auch immer nur ein Paar auf einmal bekommen, wieß nicht wie es bei größeren Bestellungen ist.
      zumindest in Österreich ist es auch so dass alles unter 20€ von Einfuhrumsatzsteuer befreit ist, und darüber muss man bis 120€ nur 20% EUSt nachzahlen, und erst darüber wird Zoll fällig.

  4. Dieses helle Braun steht dir so gut *___* bist ein echtes Pupperl <3 Und bei so einer tollen Augenfarbe, müsstest du eigentlich gar keine Linsen tragen :3


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