Friday, December 27, 2013

Christma-dness or something like that

Hello my dear readers!

Christmas is over and we have survived! I hope you had a great time during the holidays? We sure did! It was very stressful but also very nice. We actually celebrated Christmas four times this year. The first time with my boyfriend's family on 22nd, then on 24th at his aunt and uncle's place like last year, on 25th we've been to my grandma and then to my parents for dinner with my step siblings, and lastly on 26th we were invited by my step aunt. Phew, sometimes it's tough to have a big Patchwork family!

I usually don't give away that many presents, except for my boyfriend and sometimes my parents when I find something that I know they'll like. This year, we played 'Secret Santa' at my boyfriend's aunt and uncle again, and by chance I drew my boyfriend, so he got two presents from me this year :3 We also played Secret Santa in our Lolita community, and I drew Pato. I got him a necklace and hair chain and also sent him some cookies. My Secret Santa was Nana, I will show you the gifts she got me later on!

All self made cookies!

Since I was sick the week before Christmas I spent the 23rd with some last minute baking.   I was in the kitchen till 2am, that was when my boyfriend came home from his night shift, haha! I couldn't sleep that long on 24th either, because I had to dye my hair. I really had to, because with 5cm roots I felt very uncomfortable... but after dyeing and washing it I felt really great, I haven't had such a 'good hair day' in... an eternity, at least!

Unfortunately it's not as blue as it looks here :< I have to redye all of my hair once I have a lot of time, the ends are getting more and more brownish!

Outfit for the 24th. Such professional. Very fashion. Wow. (sorry for the crappy selfie :'D)

I got an advent calendar from my grandma this year, where each day I got a charm for this bracelet. It's so cute!

So we spent the 24th at my boyfriend's aunt and uncle with some of his family. I was still feeling a bit sick so I was getting tired early. Around 10pm my boyfriend went to pick up his cousin who wanted to come over, and he took forever! I seriously thought he had forgotten about me, haha! We soon left after he came back because I was so tired. When we arrived at home I saw some strange light through our living room window from the street and thought "We must have left the lights on" though I had a weird feeling about it. Something was strange. When I saw the light through our glass living room door, I though "What the hell, what light do we even have that looks like that?" - and then I opened the door I found the answer: a fully decortaed, illuminated Christmas tree in front of me!

My boyfriend actually went home before picking up his cousin, to set up the tree in secret. It actually was much more complicated to get the tree and all the decoration without me noticing anything, but he did so well! I had no idea. Like always when he surprises me :) You can see the tree on the first photo in this entry. 

On the second Christmas holiday, we went to see our parents. I decided to wear Kuro Lolita that day, simply because I don't get many opportunities to wear Lolita that often, so it was fun to use the occasion to dress up. I wore the OTKs I got in the goodie bag at the Innocent World Tea Party :3 They're black with a soft ribbon pattern, it's not really visible but they're very pretty and I'm glad they fit so well!

My boyfriend says Lolita fashion always looks unflatering.... I don't know I've seen myself look far worse :'D
But anyway, I plan to start Pilates and proper dieting again on 1st January (of course)

After a visit to my grandma (we brought her cookies, haha) we went to my parents' place, and soon after us my brother and his wife and my sister arrived.  My mum was actually mad at me because I didn't call her the other day, so it was a bit weird to be around her. I'm not sure if she's still mad at me, I apologized several times but I'm not sure she accepted it. I tried to explain myself to her but she didn't want to listen. To me, it's just not so important that I call her on the 24th when we celebrate on the 25th together anyway. To me, those days are just equal and we even chatted a bit on whatsapp and exchanged pictures. So I really didn't see the need to call her, but she expected it nonetheless. Ugh, well I guess I can never do anything right anyway. 

My parents had a gigantic tree as every year, but surprised us be re-arranging the furniture in the living room so that for the first time, the entire tree was visible without being obstructed!

Kitschy! And huge! And with equally big Yucca in the background, haha

Like every year my mother procalimed that "It's the most beautiful tree we ever had!" and we listened to some Christmas music and took funny family photos. Before dinner we unwrapped our presents and I was really surprised by the nice gifts I got, I also unwrapped my present from Nana, so I really got many nice surprises that day!
For dinner we had an appetizer, a salad with Chinese cabbage, pomegranate, walnuts and Parmesan cheese that I had prepared in advance, and the main course was raclette. I think we have raclette or fondue almost every year, but I really like it, so it's a great tradition :) Dessert was cinnamon cream, the same as every year too.

We really stuffed ourselves and ended up in a deep food coma, haha. But isn't it always like that with Christmas? We went home quite late and at home, I played a little with my boyfriends Christmas present: I got him a children's book about sharks that comes with a 76cm cardboard model. It was actually more a present to myself because when I saw it I just HAD to buy it because I wanted it so much, haha.

Gifts! My boyfriend's and my own :) The yellow thing is a road tax sticker for my car for 2014, haha. The Zelda game was my 'real' gift for him that I gave him on 25th. I'm especially happy about the book from my wish list that I got from my mum. 

I forgot to take photos of the presents he got me: two SIGG bottles, in classical red and two sizes. I always carry a bottle of water with me, usually I use a plastic bottle and re-use it several times. Since plastic is not really good for one's health and they're also not very sturdy, my boyfriend got me these bottles :) Coincidentally we also had the same idea for a silly additional little present: We both got the other "Sharknado" on DVD, haha. Great minds think alike I guess?

Close up of the gifts I got from Nana. I wore the chain necklace the whole evening and the day after! And that thing with the fox print is actually a bag. A moustache fox bag! So cute! Thanks again ♥

Not depicted: We also got some cash, as well as some gift cards - one from IKEA! We will go shopping tomorrow and look for some furniture pieces that we still lack. As for the money, I was thinking on getting a new phone. I actually need one rather badly because my Galaxy SII is a real mess. It crashes more often than not and that drains its battery way too quickly. Also, my contract is expired and if I prolong it I can get a new cell phone more cheap. However, the one that I'd want, the Galaxy S4, is still ridiculously expensive. So I decided against spending 300€ on a stupid phone that will probably not last longer than 2 years anyway, and get the cheaper SIII. It still has a very good camera, which is most important to me.

I was also thinking about maybe going on the hunt for one of my wishlist Lolita dresses. But I should probably rather save the money for our upcoming trip to Australia or spend it on stuff for the apartment. Well... it's probably for the better.

So anyway, how was your Christmas? How did you celebrate, did you get any nice presents? :)
I hope you had nice holidays, and enjoy the last days of the year. Hard to believe 2013 is almost over, isn't it? I suppose it's time for a retrospect post again! See you soon!


  1. erstens: deine Haare sind toll *-* zweitens: Lolita sieht doch großartig an dir aus. Ich weiß nicht, was dein Freund hat. Ich find's total schön :)
    Und euer Baum: wow. Riesig :D Wie schmückt ihr den? Bzw. deine Ma?
    Und das mit dem Überraschungsbaum ist auch süß :3

    1. Dankeschön ♥
      Also mein Stiefvater ist ja etwa 1.90m, wenn er auf der Leiter steht geht sich das einigermaßen aus, und das oberste Stückchen wird von oben über das Geländer der Gallerie geschmückt :D (Man sieht das Geländer auf dem Foto ein bisschen, da wo die Tannenzweige dran sind)

  2. Die schönsten Weihnachtsbaumfotos die ich dieses Jahr gesehen habe! :3

  3. Der Adventskalender mit den Charms ist ja mal toll! Sowas hab ich noch nie gesehen xD Ich glaub, den such ich mir nächstes Jahr!

    Und der Baum ist wunderschön. Leider hatten meine Eltern dieses Jahr keinen und ich hab keinen geholt weil meine Katzen noch zu jung sind und eh die Hälfte gleich zerstört hätten xD

  4. ich glaub das schreib ich irgendwie unter jedem deiner Posts aber awww du schaust auch wieder so hübsch aus *O*

  5. Oh mein Gott *-* ich glaube ich habe mich verliebt ! :D Du bist echt unglaublich hübsch und dein Blog gefällt mir auch ♥
    LG Tamy (von den Alternativ Bloggern)

  6. Die Baumüberraschung von deinem Freund finde ich einfach nur wunderschön. ^_^

  7. Deine Haare sehen echt toll aus <3
    Und auch du in komplett und in Lolita, sieht toll aus, lass dir da nichts reinreden :)
    Ein Adventskalender mit den Charms ist auch mal eine süße Idee :)
    Und die Überraschung mit dem Weihnachtsbaum ist ja mal echt toll und lieb <3

  8. Dein Outfit auf dem ersten Bild gefällt mir super gut *_* Würde ich so 1 zu 1 übernehmen! <333

  9. Ich mag dein Kleid.

  10. Wie immer. Süßer style, tolle fotos und interessant zum lesen ♥︎
    Wonderful !

  11. Deine haare sehn so schoen aus*-*
    Der baum is ja riesigxD wow

  12. wow, das lolitakleidchen ist richtig richtig schön! ich finde lolita passt ganz besonders zu so festlichen anlässen wie weihnachten :D und die plätzchen sehen einfach nur zum anbeißen aus *_* habe es dieses jahr leider nicht geschafft, welche zu backen, aber für nächstes jahr hab ich mir das ganze fest vorgenommen! :D

  13. Wow! Amazing Christmas lolita outfit ^^ you look so dark and elegant~


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