Sunday, December 8, 2013

International Lolita Day 2013 - Winter Edition

Happy International Lolita Day! ^__^

This 'holiday' was invented to be held twice annualy, once in winter and once in summer, so that everyone can show off their beautiful summer and winter coords! Last year around this time I was in Finland and went to my first Lolita 'meet up' with three Finish girls who I didn't even know before. It was so much fun and I was glad that through Lolita fashion I could meet them. So somehow I consider this my 'Lolita anniversary' too, because it was my first time really wearing Lolita to a public meet up. All the more reason to celebrate! ^__^

A few weeks ago I realized that nobody had started planning an event and so I just spontaneously decided to organize one myself via facebook which took place on Saturday.

A group shot of (almost) all the people who attended ^__^
Gerhard was so nice to come to the meet up and take photos of us!

Just a close up of my accessories and nails/gloves. My 'theme' was obviously snow flakes! I love snow flakes X3 The make up I did is pretty much the same as always, though I used some sparkly eye shadows instead of matte ones. It turned out that three people at the met had that black headbow :D It's originally from H&M and I think it's a great basic piece easy to customize and combine!

The plan was to meet at the Christmas market on Karlsplatz in Vienna. I was there about 15min early in case anyone else was early too. While I waited, some nice Russian (I suppose) tourists came over to me and asked in broken German if they could take a photo of me. It was really cute and nice of them, quite often people just take a photo and don't even bother to ask but these people even asked in German! :3 Later, a young Asian woman, supposedly a tourist too came over to us and asked us to take some photos and also was inquisitive about our community. I love it when people are so interested and eager to learn about the fashion! It's so much nicer than just being stared at in confusion or disgust (which luckily rarely happened to me so far).
After a while, more and more Lolitas arrived. In the beginning I took some photos myself, but soon we were so many that it got quite confusing, and Gerhard had a better camera then me so I saw no need to take so many photos myself. But it was fun shooting! I really should bring my camera more often :)

I especially like this photo I took of Ruka! She looks so cute X3
(Too bad I didn't pay attention to the ugly road sign in the background XD)

Duplica helped me organize the meet up by giving me very helpful advice! Thank you ♥

The weather forecast couldn't prepare me for what happened soon after I arrived in Vienna. First, during my trip on the train, I realized I had forgotten my eye drops and my lenses started to feel super scratchy due to the dry air in the overheated train. But outside it was super strong and icy wind! My eyes started to tear immediately and didn't stop, so at some point I removed one of my lower lashes so I wouldn't just lose it. Everyone was feeling cold pretty quickly so taking photos was a bit of an ordeal, but fun nonetheless.

Ahhh my wig got so messed up by the wind XD The bangs look weird!

With Duplica and Lea

But we weren't really satisfied with taking photos just yet, so we decided to enter the Technical University building nearby for some indoor shots. Coincidentally, the University was the venue for some kind of Salsa Congress or something? Anyway, it was kinda fun to linger around in the hall in our frilly dresses while the attendants of the congress passed by and probably wondered what we were doing there! One man even came over to compliment our outfits and ask if we're part of some show act. He even had some faint idea about Lolita fashion, that it's from Japan etc. Pretty cool!
My outfit underneath was simple but warm ^^   With Mila and Metalbeauty :) 

I think this is one of my favorite photos ♥ 

I had reserved us a spot at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant for 16:30 so we had some time left before dinner, some people strolled around the market or had 'Glühwein'/punch. It turned out that with our little indoor photo session we were a bit behind schedule after all, so when we left for the restaurant together we were already a bit late. And then I got us lost on the way there because the restaurant's facebook page had an address given that was displayed wrongly on google maps XD Okay, Karlsplatz and its surrounding streets are a bit confusing to begin with... so we wandered around for a while before we found it. And in the end we were more people than I had reserved for, but it worked out fine, though it was a bit crammed ^^"

Ruka and Mila! Too bad it's a bit blurred on the edges, I have to get better at taking photos ;^;

The restaurant was quite okay. I had 'summer rolls', which are like spring rolls but wrapped with rice paper and steamed. I really liked it but it was super hard to eat! Totally impossible to look lady like while eating them, I had to put down the chopsticks and eat it with my bare hands ^^"

Chichii had a very cute idea for a little game to play during the meet up, it was like a mix of Secret Santa and Lolita Valentines. Everyone got a number assigned, and then people randomly drew another number. They then were supposed to write down something nice about the person they had drawn. I hope I was able to make the person who got my little message happy :3

In the end I left quite early. I had to get home because my boyfriend needed the car to go to work. At that point I had already removed my cirlce lenses because on the way to the restaurant something got stuck under one of them and I was left half blind (probably another reason why I got us lost on our way, haha). So on my way home I was wearing my glasses, which, together with the wig, headband and my real hair underneath it all kinda gave me headache from the pressure. When I got home I immediately took it off but it still feels like I'm wearing a too-tight cap or something ^^" Ouch!

So, in the end it was a bit messed up and chaotic, but I think it was a lot of fun and I hope the others think so too! I sure hope the next chance to meet will come soon! :)

I'm not really in a Christmas mood yet, though. The market was nice but somehow I still feel unprepared for Christmas. How about you? :'D


  1. Wie süß einfach alle aussehen. <3 Lolita mit Mäntelchen drüber gefällt mir richtig gut. *o*

  2. awwww ihr seht alle soooo zuckersüß aus *O*

  3. so hübsche Mädels :)
    Und ja, ich bin auch nicht in Weihnachtsstimmung. Alles stressig und hektisch irgendwie dieses Jahr ^^;

  4. ich fand das meet toll^-^ leider wars sehr kalt, aber was soll man machnxD damit hab ich eh schon gerechnet. die fotos, die du mit deiner cam gemacht hast, sind voll gut geworden. und danke fürs featurenxD
    dein make up war ur perfekt;-; hör auf, immer so hübsch zu sein xD

    bin auch noch gar nicht in weihnachtsstimmung. mal sehn obs noch kommt~

    1. Ahhh danke ^///^ Freut mich dass die Fotos gut ankommen, das ermutigt mich in Zukunft meine Kamera öfter mitzunehmen ^^
      Und ich finde du solltest öfter zu meets kommen! ;D

  5. I'm glad everything turned out great, even though with some trouble about the restaurant and with the watery eyes.. :)
    I'm also sort of proud of you, hope it doesn't sound too weird, but I mean the fact, that you hadn't really been in meetups and met your local lolita-wearing people and now you are organizing the meetups! That's so amazing! ♥

    You look so very cute, like you always do, and I love the blouse you have!
    Not really feeling like christmas yet, even though we have snow, but been sick for so long, that haven't been able to go anywhere or do anything. Hope it changes soon and can go have some fun out in the snow with my daughter. ^^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Wow, that's such a nice compliment (not weird at all) thank you so much ♥ I'm really happy that I got into Lolita, also reading more Lolita-related blogs like yours is so inspirational!
      I hope you feel better by now or at least will feel better soon so you're well again in time to celebrate Christmas with your daughter in a happy mood! ^_^

  6. Deine Outfit ist so huebsch *.*
    Siehst richtig toll aus!!! ^__^


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