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30 Days Lolita Challenge: Day 1-6

Hey guys!
I know that some of my readers are not so interested in Lolita fashion, but nonetheless I've been wanting to do this 'tag game' for ages! The 30 Days Lolita Challenge is quite a long challenge, so I decided that throughout the whole month, every Friday I will post 6 of the questions in a summary - it's gonna be pretty long, sorry for that, but at least that way I won't flood the blog with so many lolita related entries :)

There's gonna be loooots of text but also lot's of pictures!
I hope you enjoy!

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.

With 'bubble' supposedly meaning my personal Lolita world, let's give this a try!

1. I still feel very insecure about my own coordinates. I appreciate concrit from others and I think I am my own harshest critic, but if I'd listen to myself, I'd probably never even leave the house in Lolita ^^"

2. I always dreamed about spending my first money earned with a job in my profession on a brand dress from my wish list. But my job is not very well paid so I can't afford it XD

3. I have a big faible for Bittersweet colorways and floral patterns. These define my tiny little wardrobe :)

4. While I love Lolita and really enjoy wearing it, to me, it is not something I would wear everyday. I know there is a lot of discussion about the topic of 'fashion or costume'. People sometimes argue that Lolita can be very costume-ish with wigs, accessories and such. On the other hand, many life-style Lolitas wear casual Lolita almost every day. Personally, I don't see it as a costume, but still it as a fashion for exceptional occasions. For example, if I liked cyberpunk instead of Lolita, it would also not be a fashion I'd wear for a day at the university. I'd wear it to meet friends or when I go to a special event. It's the same with Lolita for me.

5. I first heard about Lolita fashion in 2004 I think. Back then, I was on an artist community page called . I had a pretty bad time at school around that time and I coped with that by drawing a lot. One of the things that bothered me at the time were people making fun of me for dressing mostly in black and calling me 'satanist' and such. Anyway, I drew a self portrait at that time, and uploaded it there, telling the story. One person commented, telling if I dressed the way I had drawn myself (which I didn't at that time) it would in their opinion be lless Gothic and more Gothic Lolita. So I started to research the topic a bit, but it didn't really intriuge me at that time. Looking back, I still don't really like the style of that era very much.

6. The person who really got me into Lolita in the end was Arina.
When I started blogging I was already reading her blog for a while and I loved the pictures of her Lolita outfits. As her style is so versatile, I started to think that I could really find something that suited me too. She helped me a lot in these past years, either by inspiring me, or by helping me when I had questions or concerns ♥

7. My boyfriend doesn't like Lolita at all. He thinks the clothes look weird and unflattering, and he hates floral patterns (and keeps calling them 'Grandma curtain patterns'). Since we more or less share our budgets because we live together, it's quite often a bad feeling to spend anything on stuff that he regards as such a waste of money.

8. The person in my family who supports my love for the fashion the most is my grandma. I think she sees some outfits as a bit 'over the top' and too frilly, but she likes the general shape of the dresses and the petticoats, so I guess she'd like Classic Lolita the most. My mother was really against me wearing this at first, but this was maybe also due to the fact that the first dress I ordered from Bodyline was really a rather hideous piece of a lace monster with a square headdress that kinda made it look like a piece of children's clothing. If I had started with a more toned down classic dress, maybe she would have been less agitated by it.

9. As mentioned before, my first Lolita item was this Bodyline lace monster. I kinda regret that purchase by now, especially since the dress doesn't fit me at all. I bought it because I was into some of the old school motives like the cross-lacing at that time, but my taste changed drastically between the time I bought the dress and the time I first got a chance to wear it and then again until my first meet up with other Lolitas. But at that time I already had other Lolita clothes to wear, so I have only worn this dress once and then never again.

10. Last but not least: I am very happy to be part of the Austrian Lolita community. I remember when I went to a J-fashion meet up in Lolita for the first time. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, and I was invited to join the facebook group of our local comm. I made many new friends that day and I felt like a part of the community right from the start. So I'd like to thank everyone part of the community for being so kind to newcomers like I was at that time!

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita.

1. Princess-seam dresses. I love the shape of such dresses!

2. The fact that when I wear Lolita, I can cover up most of my skin as part of the style! I don't like to show off my naked arms and legs very much, so this is the perfect fashion for me, haha

3. My Lolita community. I love it that it's so peaceful and relaxed and drama-free ♥

4. Bittersweet prints. I think I've mentioned it before, but I just love the combination of pastel colors and black! I used to wear blackxneon a lot during my teenage years, and it always seems to come back to me actually feeling okay wearing almost any color, as long as there is black as a base color :)

5. Floral prints. These have to be mentioned again too.
When I was a child, I spent a lot of time at my grandma's place and we'd work in her garden or wander through the forest. I learned to distinguish butterflies and birds from her. She got me interested in nature (ultimately probably fueling my interest for biology) and especially in gardening and flowers. At that time I was really considering becoming a florist. But ever since a little incident involving a wasp stinging me several times - unprovoked by me - I was terrified of many other insects as well. Therefore, working with plants would not have been an option for me. To this day, I freak out when a wasp is near me.
Long story short: I still love flowers. And floral patterns remind me of my those days in my grandma's garden. And in general, the beauty of nature.

5. The diversity. When I heard about Lolita for the very first time, there was neither much information about it, nor was there a lot of different styles to distinguish. Back then also printed dresses were not very common, so the fashion just didn't catch my interest. Now the fashion has grown so much and gave rise to so many different sub styles. I feel like Lolita can reflect anyone's personality. I like to wear different everyday styles depending on how I feel - sometimes more girly, sometimes more elegant, or sometimes cute or dark. With Lolita fashion, despite having 'rules', I can basically do the same thing, thanks to the large variety of different styles within the fashion!

6. Meet ups. As a naturally rather shy and introverted person, I love the idea of having meet ups where you can just get together with some random people you have at least ONE thing in common with and can talk about. Meeting these people more and more often will make you see if you have something else in common and eventually, friendships can grow. Also, it's such a wonderful opportunity to dress up and wear nice make up and just be a 'princess' for a day. As my daily life and work in the lab usually don't allow me to do that during the week, I enjoy the occasional excuse to 'frill up'.

7. Positive feedback from strangers. While this might seem strange at first, with people often taking photos without asking and so many stories about rude strangers harassing Lolitas in public, I am lucky that so far I have had nothing but positive feedback when wearing Lolita in public. Quite the contrary, I was often politely asked if I could tell a bit about the fashion and people were very interested to learn about it, and I gladly take any opportunity to explain to people the origins of the fashion, the inspiration and basic 'rules'. So far, everyone was genuinely interested and very friendly to me. One of the biggest compliments ever was when on my way to a meet up I stopped by a MAC store because my lash glue didn't work properly and I decided to just buy DUO adhesive. Despite my lower lashes being in a sad state when I payed for the glue, the MAC employee complimented my eye make up and told me how much he liked it. I was very flattered!
Generally, I've had much more positive feedback than negative. I think this also boosted my confidence a lot when wearing Lolita in public.

8. Sweet-themed stuff! I really love sweet jewelry and prints. I especially love all the stuff MeltyWish are doing ♥ Ever since I'm into Lolita, I also started to grow fond of sparkling and sweet things. While my daily life is still pretty much free from such things and my outfits are rather plain with few to no accessories, I can totally imagine myself going OTT Sweet one day, when I have enough accessories to actually pull it off :)

9. Wigs! Or rather, wearing wigs. I started to be interested in wigs because I saw pictures of Lolitas wearing them so nicely. Of course it is often obvious that it is not a person's real hair, because it's unnaturally long and perfect looking etc. But I still think that a nice looking wig that suits an outfit can balance the overall impression of the coord a lot! Sometimes you just want a contrast, like white hair in a dark, Bitterweet coord, or hair that looks like cotton candy to suit a Sweet style. I just love the idea of changing my hairstyle from one minute to the next without having to do a lot of work and without damaging my hair, so I started to 'collect' wigs.

10. Browsing sales comms, lolibrary or hellolcae and co just to find pretty dresses that I didn't know existed before. I found most of my 'dream dresses' that way, I just stumbled upon them randomly :)

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

To be honest, there are not many things I hate in general. I mean, at all.
I can't really say that something about a fashion agitates me that much that I would call the evoked feeling 'hate'. But I can come up with a few things I don't like, I guess.

1. Baby-themed prints. I am okay with toy-themes to some extent. Teddy bears, kittens and stuff are okay. But baby toys ... ugh. I'd never wear that. I honestly don't even want to look at it. I don't like babies and I don't like baby prints, that's just it.


2. Right next up: Painting prints in Classic Lolita. Uggggh I really, really don't like those! Especially since most dresses like that that I've seen so far are very simple so the painting kinda 'carries' the whole design. I think most of those dresses (and of course skirts) look boring. Generally, most of those prints look really washed out from the beginning, and with most paintings it's incredibly hard to balance the outfit, because you'll always have the skirt area busy as hell.  A classical paining is something I wouldn't even hang on my wall, I'd look at it in a museum and that's it, but I'm far from wanting to actually wear one. Also, I somehow don't like to wear faces on my clothes. I can't really say why, but I just don't like it (which is also why I don't like band T-Shirts depicting band members). I also don't like cherubs and babies and just generally people on my clothes   XD


3.  Tea Parties. I mean the shoes, of course XD I don't mind them on other people's feet obviously, but I'd just never wear them myself, because I need high heels in order to not look like a stump with a skirt i.e. in order for my legs to look longer etc I prefer high heels. But since tea parties are so popular, it is kinda difficult to find nice looking Lolita shoes that are not too much over the top with straps and bows and are high heels!
(Yes, I am just jealous of people with slim legs who look good in flat shoes. I don't.)

4. Peep-toe/open shoes. I honestly think these are just horrible. But that's because I prefer Lolita outfits with tights or socks, and I just can't stand it when people wear socks in open shoes. That goes for every day fashion as well, of course. Maybe it's some kind of trauma induced by cliché 50+ men wearing white socks and these kind of sport sandals. You see them in Vienna a lot in summer. It's hideous if you ask me, and when I see such shoes in Lolita, all I can think about are those men.... Ugh.

Yeah, could you make those as high heels and closed, please? Because I really like the pearl chains XD (source)

5. When an adorable print comes in JSK and OP version, but both have the same cut. Due to my body type, dresses that have a seam at the waist don't really flatter me, they make me look chubby and short. I can only imagine how horrible I'd look like with a high waist dress. There are many prints I fell in love with but more often than not I think they wouldn't suit me because of the cut of the dress, so I don't even consider buying them *sigh* So sometimes I wish more designers would vary the cuts of their dresses more.

6. The color gold. I do like these star clips, like Chocomint does them, and they look okay even in gold and I could imagine wearing one or maybe two to a print with stars like my Merry Go Round JSK. BUT I really don't like it implemented in anything else than accessories. I especially don't like that shiny, foil-like gold print that some dresses have. And what totally kills it are shoes or bags made from that fake-leather-gold-foil-thingy-material. This just reminds me too much of early 90ies Barbie doll clothing or something, it's just a real turnoff to me.
I mean, whatever floats your boat of course, but I'd never wear them. (source)

7. There is the obviously point not really worth mentioning: of course I dislike drama. I am very, very glad to be in a drama-free community that is very open and friendly. It makes me feel very uncomfortable to see people fight, and I hope that it will never come to that here. Especially since I would probably try to help get it sorted out and get dragged in along the way.
But this is just something I hate outside of Lolita just as much, same goes for ungratefulness and rudeness.

8. People who take your photo without asking. Obviously, I don't like it, because I never know what they will do with my photos. I understand that when you dress 'exceptionally' you evoke other people's interest. But honestly I don't understand why people take photos without even asking. It doesn't happen to me very often and more often than not I just ignore it because I don't care so much, but I remember how one time at a convention some guy with a professional camera and equipment busted into the middle of a group of people where I was standing, held his camera in front of my face, flashed me blind, and then left before I even realized what had happened. Or when people take a photo of you while you eat in a restaurant or café. I mean, seriously, what the hell?

9. Abundant lace and criss cross-lacing. As my first Lolita-like dress was an old-school Bodyline lace monster, soon after I had bought it I pretty much regretted it. I think the experience was somewhat traumatic because ever since then, I have a very, very ambivalent relationship with lace in general. On most dresses, I just don't like it anymore.

10. Missing out on good deals. Since I don't have a lot of money to spare for the fashion, I usually can't take a good deal when I see one. I missed out on some dresses I'd have loved to buy, which were at a very good price, because of this, and of course it makes me sad. I know that nowadays it's already super easy to get your dream items compared to maybe 10 years ago. I am just hoping that when I will earn a bit more money I can also spontaneously buy items from time to time, instead of having to save up money for ages and not really getting anywhere because when I finally have some money left over, none of my dream dresses show up and I end up spending it on offbrand and Bodyline basic pieces XD

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

A short question for a change!
I really wrote a lot already, so I'll keep this one short and simple.

1. I love Italian food! Antipasti, pasta and pizza - I love the flavors and spices they use in Italian cuisine.

2. I like sea food - shrimps, fish, even clams (when prepared in Italian food :) ).

3. I like cheese a lot, and dishes that involve grilled cheese, such as casseroles. My favorite food is Melanzane al forno, with lots of cheese, hehe. I also like 'soft' kinds of cheese like mozzarella and feta.

4. Quite often I just enjoy eating salad. It doesn't even have to be any special kind of salad, just green one with olive oil and vinegar will make me happy. And of course I enjoy also more elaborate salad dishes, as long as there is no yogurt in the dressing.

5. Corn/maize! I really like corn in almost every form. Cooked, as kernels in my salad, or as pop corn :D

6. My favorite vegetables: avocado and tomato

7. Austrian and Finnish bread. I think no other countries have such varieties in bread as those two. In Austria, we have so many different kinds of breads. Luckily, I didn't have to miss out on great bread during my stay in Finland because the have many different kinds of bread as well!

8. Domino cookies ♥ ♥ ♥

9. Self made cookies - basically all the stuff I make for Christmas is stuff I really like myself, of course :)

10. Fresh strawberrries. There are not many kinds of fruit that I like, mostly because I think they're too sweet and they make me thirsty. But I like berries, mainly strawberries, but also blackberries and red currant.

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.

Going through my wish list I realized that I don't really have that many specific items I crave for. The longer an item is on my wish list, the higher the chance that I will, upon second examination, not like it so much any more. So here I will focus on dresses/prints that I like and that would like to own eventually, but my 'real' wish list items are marked with a ♥
My full wish list is here anyway.

Dream dress, now and forever ♥ I think I've mentioned before how much I love floral patterns. And this one is so sweet and pretty! I fell in love with the color lavender when I saw this dress and it is a preferred color of mine in Lolita since then.

There seems to be no stock photo of this in the white colorway, which imo looks much cuter than the pink one. I stumbled across it when searching for Strawberry prints. This one actually doesn't have any strawberries on it, but a very cute rose print instead. I love the cut of the dress especially, with the rather low sitting skirt part. I think it would flatter my silhoutte, which is why it is on my wish list.

That. Dress. This is probably the most beautiful print I ever came across. I love everything about this dress. I love the stained glass theme, I love the pattern on the rest of the dress, I love the cut and the details with the pearl chains. It's just perfect. I like the navy colorway too but I prefer the black version because it contrasts the stained glass better imo.

♥ AatP A Midsummer Night's Dream print JSK I
I am in love with that print so much. It has blue morphos, how can I not love it?
I like the navy colorway too, but I somehow think the white ribbon at the waist should be detachable. Therefore I prefer the black version where the ribbon is not so noticeable. Also, it can still be combined with blue because of the colors in the print. Thus it is my preferred version.

♥ Angelic Pretty Rose Princess Doll JSK
As my favorite color is actually light blue, I immediately fell or this dress when I found it. The print is just perfect and the design of the dress is so pretty as well! I love the cut and the extra ruffles on the seam.

The following dresses are more 'would be nice to have' ones, but not ones I am really craving for.

This is actually a dress where I wouldn't mind having either of the color ways. I find each single one very beautiful, and especially love the cut of the dress, again there is no seam around the waist which I think flatters my body type the most, and I also think it looks most elegant.

Angelic Pretty Sweet Ribbon Strawberry Switching JSK
I'd really love to have a strawberry print dress, and this is by far one of my favorites. I like the pink one most as the ribbons are more subtle here. One of the few dresses where I actually think even the yellow version looks very pretty - I am not too fond of yellow usually.

Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly Switch JSK

If I'd ever wanna do a OTT Sweet coord, I'd want to do it with this dress in pink, sax or lavender. Regularly I wear more bittersweet styles so I'd love to have the black version. It's just a dress where I could see myself wearing any of the colorways and being very happy with that.

I can't really decide which color I like most with this one. The cut an fabric makes me like the red and green versions too, though I don't usually fall for those colors, especially not in Lolita. But the velvet makes me think of winter and Christmas season, so I can somehow picture a Christmas themed coord with this dress. Nonetheless, the black version would probably be the most easily to combine.

AatP Vampire Requiem JSK
A very sought-after, popular print, that I will probably never own but I am allowed to dream, am I not? :) I'd prefer the black or red colorway. But then again, I am not sure that I could pull it off at all.

It sure wasn't easy to put this list together. I often put a dress on my blog wish list simply to 'keep it in mind', but after a while I change my mind about it and don't like it so much anymore. Then there are often very pretty prints that I fall in love with, but I just don't like the cut of the dresses they come with, which is the case for example with AatP's Sleeping Beauty.
Then there are some cutes prints from Bodyline that I really like, but I don't really think it's worth getting them because the construction of the dresses is not really my thing. There are three prints which I really like:  Alice in Wonderland Tea Party (black), Bunny Cinderella (black) and Love Jewelry (black and pink). Except for the latter I don't think I will ever bother getting those dresses though, unless they are really cheap second hand or something. Especially the last one I'd consider buying if the price was good.

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.

This is tough, I don't know if I can really come up with 10 but I'll try!

1. Pearl chains. I got a bunch of cheap ones a while ago and one a bit nicer one, and I've been wearing them a lot. Since most of my outfits have blackXwhite in them, it's easy to wear them as accessories. When, like me, you don't have many wrist cuffs (I actually only own one pair, haha), it's a great basic accessory!

2. My cheapo 20$ petticoat from ebay. I love it. I guess I will order a white one too one day, if I ever wear a very light colored dress

3. Meet ups. I think if it weren't for the meet ups of my community, I probably wouldn't wear Lolita at all, as I very rarely have occasion that are fit for dressing up.

4. Bodyline shoes! I mentioned before how much I dislike Tea Party style shoes and flat shoes in general. It just doesn't look good on me. I tried to find nice looking high heels outside of Bodyline as well but after a lot of searching, I still like theirs best.

5. Back shirring/lacing. I have a narrow waist and upper body so dresses without shirring or lacing tend to be too big on me.

6. Offbrand blouses. I can somehow imagine myself paying more than 100€ for a dress one day, but I can't get my head around it how brand blouses cost so much. Of course Bodyline blouses look less nice and have a worse quality. But that's why I love off brand blouses so much. Also, when I have a frilly outfit I usually like it when my blouse is a bit more toned down. Depending on current fashion trends it's sometimes really easy to find dozens of elegant and nice blouses in regular stores that can be worn with Lolita.

7. Wigs. I mentioned before how much I love wigs, and ever since I figured out how to do pin curls, even I can finally wear wigs in public with a well fitting wig on my head. I think they are incredibly useful to quickly change your hair style and adapt it to your outfit. 

8. Fake lashes and make up in general. I know that there are a lot of people who think that make up should not be mandatory when you wear Lolita. If you wanna be more casual, it's totally okay. But for me, personally, when I dress up like that I want to be pretty 'as a whole'. I could never, ever imagine myself going out in Lolita with no or only minimal make-up. But this is also a self-confidence issue and I know plenty of girls with natural beauty who could pull that off and still look stunning. It's just that I can't. So I rely on make up products and false lashes :)

9. The Internet. I mean, it's an obvious answer but still. Even without facebook I'd probably never had a chance to meet other Lolitas in Austria. many people rage about facebook but I really love it for meeting other people, keep track of what your friends are doing and organizing meet ups. 

10. Positive feedback from others. This might sound weird, but I don't have a lot of self confidence, so I rely a lot on positive feedback. I'm just not the type of person who will just 'do their thing' and not care about what other peoples say. I am very glad when people on my blog, facebook or lacebook or wherever, compliment my outfits because it boosts my confidence enough to stay in Lolita. If it weren't for this feedback, I'd probably have quit long ago.
Yep, I'm an attention whore, sorry :'D

Whew, what a long entry! But that's it for today! If you read all this, thanks for your interest :) see you next time!


  1. I so agree with you on the baby prints! They're hideous. I're lolita, not some tiny little toddler or a mommy wanna be, so why are there baby stuff on your clothes? *shudder*

  2. Ich mag auch auch keine peep toes. Ob lolita oder normale kleidung xD
    Ahh ich vermisse mein jewellery jsk.

  3. Yay, I always felt so alone with the disfavor for Painting Prints! XD
    I'm glad I'm not the only one! ^-^

  4. Peeptoes und Gesichter auf Shirts - ich hasse es ebenfalls xD Einzige Ausnahme bei den Gesichtern sind die Shirts von Asu mit den gezeicheten Figuren. Das wars dann aber auch ^^

    die Kleider sind wirklich schön :)

    1. Sehe ich auch so! ich hab auch nur ein Shirt mit 'Gesicht' und das ist von Asu XD Okay, und ein Rammstein Band-T-Shirt, aber das trage ich nur zum schlafen/gammeln. Sonst finde ich es eher unangenehm Bilder von 'realen' Menschen anzuhaben o_O Ist irgendwie wie mit Tattoos XD


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