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30 Days Lolita Challenge: Day 7 - 12

Better late then never - part 2 of the Lolita Challenge! This one's gonna be rather picture heavy, hope you'll enjoy it! You can find part 1 here

Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your lolita style.

I think this is my favorite question of the whole challenge :3

I have great respect for Arina, as she was basically the one who brought me into Lolita (even though we don't know each other personally). Her style is very versatile (check out her blog!) and I think with her friendly attitude towards me when I was a noob asking her thousands of questions and asking for her advice, she is a great Lolita role model.
Saija is a Finnish Lolita who I stumbled across by chance. Unforunately, I never had the chance to meet her personally but I love reading her blog. As a mother of a small child I have great respect for her, as she handles her role as a mother and her hobby - Lolita - very well together. And she is just absolutely stunning!Her sewing skills are also really great and often motivate me to try something myself, though so far, I lack the sewing machine :'D

Saija (Photographer credit: Sakari Karipuro)

Duplica also has to be listed here While she does not directly inspire or influence my style so much, I want to mention her because she is such a great and likable person. She is very open and friendly towards new people in the community, which I greatly appreciated when I was new myself and very shy. She is therefore an inspiration as a person, with her relaxed attitude and friendliness.

Duplica's Livejournal (She also has a blog mostly for concert related stuff)
Photo by ME Fotografie

Everytime I see photos from Camelie on Dunkelsüß, I am amazed how beautiful she is and how gorgeous her dresses are. She is a seamstress and her creations are amazing, she has her own label, Li-Paro, and I had the great pleasure to meet her in Vienna at the Candy Day after the IW Tea Party. She is such a kind an nice person, I am really happy that I was able to meet her in person and I hope I will see her again one day! What inspires me most about her are her sewing skills (and the designs of her dresses). This really encourages me to take up sewing myself again! It's kind of a dream to either one day sew half as good as she does, or own a dress sewn by her :3

Liz is probably the cutest, sweetest and most creative Sweet Lolita I have ever encountered. She makes incredibly pretty accessories which you can see on your blog and Melty Wish facebook page. I love her style and everytime I see her wearing Lolita, I really crave to wear a super sweet outfit myself one day!

Serina Rein is another Finnish Lolita, and I have met her in person while I lived in Turku. I was feeling very lonely at that time, so I really appreciated it when a small group of girls agreed to meet on International Lolita Day on the local Christmas market. This was my first real Lolita meet up, so to say, and it was so nice. Despite never having met before, and despite the cliché of Finns not talking much and despite me being socially awkward and shy, it was a great time. I should also mention the other two girls here, Maria and Aino, though they don't have a blog (as far as I know). I just want to list the three of them here because I am very grateful for their hospitality and openness, though I was a 'foreigner' and don't speak any Finnish and was entirely new to Lolita too, they came to the meet up and made me feel very welcome.
Serina Rein is a very beautiful and elegant person, and I love looking at her photos. She definitely inspired me and encouraged me to stay in Lolita fashion.

Caramea is the person who got me interested in Classic Lolita. She manages to pull of classic Lolita in such a down-to-earth, beautiful and innocent way, it really captivated me. Her style is cute yet elegant, and I especially like the hairstyles she wears. I never thought I'd love classic outfits so much but I really enjoy reading her blog and seeing the outfits she comes up with. I think her style suits her very well and she looks really elegant all of the time. I hope to maybe meet her in person one day, when I'm in Finland again.

German Lolita Yuki's style is really very similar to what I personally like in Lolita. I enjoy browsing through her photos on her blog because with most outfits I think "I'd love to wear something like that too!". When I was new to Lolita, I was very happy to find others who had a very similar taste like me, because by looking at their coords I found out about many prints that intrigued me!

Asuka is a German Lolita whose blog I've been reading for a very long time. Her style captivated me very early, before I was wearing Lolita myself. She is very beautiful, I love her style (also outside of Lolita) and her photos really motivated me to start to wear Lolita!

One other person I can come up with at this point is Harlyharlekin. Her style is very elaborate and her use of accessories makes each and every outfit of hers very unique. On her Dunkelsüß profile she says that she is an engineer by profession, which really impressed me, and also enocuraged me, because if I pursue my dream career I will probably, like her, not have a lot of free time to wear Lolita. Yet she pulls it of so incredibly well, has a huge wardrobe and very distinct and beautiful style. Therefore she is an inspiration, not only in style, but also in balancing her career and Lolita!

Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire you for lolita.

Ehhh I honestly don't have any songs that inspire me in that way.... Sorry.

Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita.

1. Drive a car - I mean the shoes I usually wear for Lolita. When I go to a meet up by car I always have a spare pair of shoes to drive.

2. Do any kind of exercise that could get my clothes dirty. But I generally don't do that, now that I think about it.

3. Eat anything with tomato sauce or basically anything that can make nasty stains :'D

4. Cooking or baking.

5. Go to work (in the lab)

6. Wear anything from my '10 things I hate about Lolita' list :'D

7. Walk on the outer side of a sidewalk in muddy, wet weather

8. Go on a date with my boyfriend - because he just doesn't like it ^^"

9. Allow a stranger to touch me. I put this on the list because a weird person actually tried to do that once.

10. Go to a family event in an outfit that would be considered 'over the top' by my family.

Day 10 – What’s in your bag?

Calender, phone, purse, keys, a water bottle, pen, lighter (though I don't smoke I always carry one with me) and a pocket knife. When I go to meet ups I usually only take cell phone, purse, keys and water bottle with me.

Day 11 – One day in your lolita life in pictures.

Ehhh this is really difficult to pull off, because I have no real 'Lolita Life'. I don't usually have a whole day that I spend in Lolita or only with Lolita-related things. Usually I do 'normal' stuff one half of the day and if there's an occasion like a meet up, I 'do' Lolita the other half. I'm more of a part-time Lolita I guess?
Also, my free time is usually either really really boring because I have nothing to do, and then from time to time reall stressful because all events happen at the same time!
Well, if you're interested in my normal, daily life you can always check out the "Picture my Day" postings. So far, I participated onetwothreefourfivesix times, and each day was quite different from the other.

Day 12 – A picture of yourself before Lolita came in to your life.

This is rather easy because I started my blog before I started to wear Lolita fashion :)
So if you go a while back in the archive you can find tons of pictures, actually... oh god, just looking at them makes me feel so embarrassed, and there's a voice in my head yelling "Burn it with fireeeee!" hahaha. I decided to show you this photo because it was really a while before I got in any way involved with Lolita fashion and at a point of time where elegant clothes were not really part of my repertoire at all. And it illustrates how horribly thin and shabby my eyebrows were at that time (around 2010-2012), yikes.

I feel incredibly ridiculous for posting such a horrid photo after all the beautiful photos I posted for question 7 XD


  1. Thank you so much sweetie hor the honour! <3
    ..and I think you look very pretty and so petite in your pcitrue before lolita times. ^__^

    Hih..I always carry a water bottle with me aswell, can't manage without and when driving a car, the spare pair of shoes is really practical and sometimes I don't wear petticoats either, especially afterwards, when I can take circle lenses and stuff like that off. x)

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Oh, that's true! When I go by car to a meet up I also have the spare pair of shoes (if I don't wear my flat boots), and of course, eye drops and lense case and glasses! But when I just go to university or such, I often only wear my glasses :D

  2. Oh wow horrid photo? Ohhh no, beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! And the vest, I just love love your vest!

    1. Thank you! ^__^ I just can't believe how I wore my eyebrows at that time D: XD

  3. Ich liebe die Fotos mit rosa Haaren. Und das Bild von dir ist auch schön.

  4. schöööner Eintrag :) Aber das Bild von dir ist doch nicht hässlich :O

    1. Naja das Bild an sich find ich auch okay, aber die Augenbrauen sind schrecklich XDD

  5. thank you so much for mentioning me. I
    m neglecting my blogspot blogs a bit but I do my best.. xD

    1. Ohh your welcome! :) If you have any other side you'd want me to link to, just say so ^^

  6. Auch wenn ich es nach über einer Woche erst lese:
    Ich freue mich gerade wahnsinnig über das was du geschrieben hast...hab vielen Dank ♥
    Ich hoffe übrigens dass du jedes mal wenn du Lolita trägst dich mindestens einmal vor den Spiegel stellst, dir selbst auf die Schulter klopfst und dir sagst wie wunderbar du aussiehst. Hübsch fand ich dich schon immer, egal wie (un)gestylt, aber Lolita passt einfach unsagbar gut zu dir und du hast dich in absolut kürzester Zeit zu einer absoluten Vorzeigelolita entwickelt. Ich freue mich jedes mal, wenn du Fotos von Treffen usw postest ♥ (und ich vergesse ständig zu kommentieren...hah v__v"")

    1. Wah, vielen lieben Dank für die netten Worte ♥

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely words! <3
    It makes me so happy that you like my works and I hope to see you again too!
    Maybe I'll do an internship in vienna, so there's a chance! :D

  8. Hallo,
    du hast echt schöne Fotos im Blog und deine Beitragen gefallen mir auch sehr gut! Hiermit ein großes Lob :)) Ich freue mich darauf, mehr von dir zu lesen.
    Wenn du magst, kannst du mal bei mir vorbei gucken, ich würde mich über einen Leser mehr sehr freuen.
    LG :)


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