Friday, February 28, 2014

Review: GEO Xtra Bella Grey (Lensvillage)

Hello everyone!

Today I have a new review in store for you! Have you noticed the circle lenses I wore here? They're new in and have some better pictures for you prepared in this review! The lenses are GEO Xtra Bella Grey and were kindly sponsored by who also sponsored the very first lenses I reviewed on my blog (quite some time ago  ;D).

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

8th Winter Lolita Meet-up in Vienna (in spring!)

Back to some happier topics for now - let me show you a few pics of last week end's Lolita meet up in Vienna! After I decided to organize the little meet up for the International Lolita Day in December, Dani thought it would be better to have the traditional winter meet up a bit later in the season - and somehow the weather thought it appropriate to give us spring temperatures for our winter meet up!

But that's okay, I was really happy I didn't have to wear my boots for the meet up and was able to wear my long time planned Old School Gothic inspired outfit!

Robert was there as a photographer and allowed me to post some photos on my blog :)

Photographer:  R.M. Detoyato

Monday, February 24, 2014

The world stops for no one...

...especially not whiny little brats like me. So it is high time to get moving so I don't get dragged along, right?

The last entry was a little piece of my heart and I want to thank everyone who read it and commented. I really appreciate to hear back from you, and I was especially touched when some of you told about their own struggles and problems. I hope we can find some comfort in the thought that we are indeed not alone, and thanks to the internet it's possible and so easy to exchange our thoughts with each other! I hope you find someone who is there for you when you're really down, and if you don't know who to talk to and want to message me, you know where to find me, and I'll try my best to help you out.

As for my own struggle, I just recently had another meeting with that psychologist. The last two times we did a lot of assessments, tests, questionnaires and stuff, but we also talked about my past and possible backgrounds for what bothers me. But what I think is important and what she emphasized too, is that I try to make the best of what I have now, and that I'll definitely try.

She asked me to make a list of three things, that I would have to change NOW to make my life feel more fullfilled and happier. So together we came up with these little challenges, that I will be following for the next few weeks and hopefully months.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The demon who lives inside my head and looks at me through my mirror, and other acquaintances

Sooo I'm back from a week end skiing trip with my mum, and it was really really great, we had great weather and a lot of fun and blablabla...

But that's not what I actually wanna write about today.
Today, I read a blog post that partly broke my heart, and partly made me think. Asu from AsuRocks wrote about her struggle with depression and how hard it can be to face your daily life. Merely a day after I returned from my short vacation, reading this post on my way to work was like looking into a mirror. And I hate mirrors, but more on that later. And I was really taken aback by all the comments and reactions. So many people feeling just the same, the same numbness and weakness when it comes to facing the challenges of our daily life. So many young people who feel like their life has no real meaning, and who just cannot be happy. So many people who do not get any help because their conditions are not "bad enough" or not taken seriously.

And it sucks.
It fucking sucks that we live in a society where psychological conditions are regarded as a sign of weakness or even worse, ignored completely and seen as "pretending" and "you're not even really sick". It sucks that half the time you think "I should probably get help" and the other half you are made believe "It's not that bad, I should really be able to take care of it all by myself", leading to an almost endless cycle of self-hate, shame and fear that will leave you powerless to actually do anything to get better. I am writing this now, as a 23-year old person with depression, social anxiety, dermatillomania and body dysmorphic disorder. Having suffered from these at varying degrees during at least the last 10 years of my life, it took me years to understand what was "wrong" with me, and more years to accept that I am not just "imagining" or "making up" these things, and more years to finally find the courage to ask for help.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A sewing machine, a dress form - now I just need some talent & motivation!

I've been wanting a sewing machine for ages - more or less since I moved out at 19, but I never had space for storing or actually using it. But now I can finally call a sewing machine my own - it was a gift from my grandma who offered to buy me one after she saw an advert from a local retailer. I compared some offers and reviews online and we ended up buying one from amazon. Choosing a sewing machine was really difficult because the reviews are so diverse. Even if the majority is really positive, the negative reviews sound super devastating and horrific. I bought this one in the end because a friend has the same and uses it a lot, so she could really recommend it. Also, it has like 10 years of warranty, so not much can go wrong anyway :D  And at our housewarming party I also got a dress-form from my cousin ♥ 

Who needs floor plinths when you can have charming gaps between your floor and walls? :3 Yeah, we need to get those asap...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

First Austrian Shironuri Meet-Up ♥

Hey there!

This week end was a really busy one! On Saturday I went to the first Austrian shironuri meet up, kindly organized by ChiChii.
Shironuri is a relatively recent fashion style or trend originating from Japan, and I wasn't really aware of it until a few months ago. When I heard there was going to be a meet up and I got invited, I started to look into it a bit more, looked for inspiration and really stared to consider joining the meet up. However, I was worried that with the characteristic, white full-face make up, I could attract negative attention in the public... but then I had so many ideas for my outfit etc. that I really wanted to go, despite being very tired from working a lot during the week.

It was also my first time wearing some Visual Kei inspired Kodona outfit. I wanted to try "boystyle" for a while now but I was always thinking it would look ridiculous on me with my wide hips and not very slim legs :'D Buuuut I just thought "To hell with that!" and wore an outfit for which I had the idea already a few months back.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: EOS Candy Blue (Pinky Paradise)

Wow, another review so soon? I'm kinda in a review-mood at the moment, I guess ^^

Today I have another circle lenses review, the model is EOS Candy Blue and I bought them from Pinky Paradise. I got these lenses back last autumn - initially I wanted to wear them to the Innocent World Tea Party but since I ordered the wrong (i.e. no) prescription I ended up getting them too late. Anyhow, I've worn them only a few times since then, but they're very comfortable and I like them a lot! So here is a review with some photos (better quality close ups with DSLR camera under the cut!).

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Review: Montreal Rocking Horse Shoes via ebay

Hey there!
I just wanted to point out once again that there is a small survey question to be found in my right side bar! I want to get some feedback from you on this. I always read the comments I get, but sometimes I don't really know what to answer, if there was no question asked or anything. So I wanted to check how many of you actually go back to older posts to read my replies to your comments, even if you didn't ask a question and just wrote some general feedback! Anyhow, I will try to react more to your comments so you know I really read them :)

Okay, now let's head on to the review!

It's been quite a while since I bought something nice for my Lolita wardrobe, and meanwhile my wish list was growing longer and longer. But after my last exams I felt like treating myself to something, after not really doing any shopping (except for furniture) for months... so here is a review of my experience with ebay seller ling_lam2005, RHS (Rocking Horse Shoes)  from Montreal and some general tips for shopping via ebay!

 I've been fascinated with these shoes for a while now, and for a long time wasn't sure if they would suit me. As I have rather *cough* muscular legs, I prefer high heels because they make my legs look slimmer - and RHS are flat platforms... Furthermore, the style I always liked best was the "ballerina" type RHS, with crossed straps. Of course I know that these do not tend to stay up for long, but that's what double sided tape is for, right? Then, when I started my search I found mostly RHS with a very pointy end, which I really did not like. I like them more round, almost flat at the front, reminiscent of real ballerina shoes. In the end, I stumbled upon a pair that I liked a lot for a more or less affordable price, and after a lot of hesitation I ended up buying them.