Thursday, February 13, 2014

A sewing machine, a dress form - now I just need some talent & motivation!

I've been wanting a sewing machine for ages - more or less since I moved out at 19, but I never had space for storing or actually using it. But now I can finally call a sewing machine my own - it was a gift from my grandma who offered to buy me one after she saw an advert from a local retailer. I compared some offers and reviews online and we ended up buying one from amazon. Choosing a sewing machine was really difficult because the reviews are so diverse. Even if the majority is really positive, the negative reviews sound super devastating and horrific. I bought this one in the end because a friend has the same and uses it a lot, so she could really recommend it. Also, it has like 10 years of warranty, so not much can go wrong anyway :D  And at our housewarming party I also got a dress-form from my cousin ♥ 

Who needs floor plinths when you can have charming gaps between your floor and walls? :3 Yeah, we need to get those asap...

My cousin used to work for a textile company, and when she left there she got the mannequin as a kind of farewell gift. A while ago I had asked her where she bought it from, because I didn't know it was a gift, when she offered me hers, saying she never actually uses or needs it. I planned to pick it up during the Christmas holidays but somehow never did - despite her living only like 400m from my house, haha. She ended up bringing it to the party, and it was a source of entertainment and jokes for half of the time.

Mannequin-chan wearing my Bodyline Merry-Go-Round JSK!

The measurments of the mannequin are of course not exactly the same as mine, it is a bit bigger, it is still a very useful tool for arranging cloth. For adjusting sizes I'll have to use my own body anyway. I am really excited to do sewing now, and I have a few ideas what to do already!

A while ago a friend on facebook posted about her Bodyline Merry-Go-Round dress and that it's too long on her. We chatted a bit and in the end I came to the conclusion that despite the dress being of an okay length on myself, it would probably be a good idea to take a way a few cm from the upper part of the skirt to make the shape more bell-like. Many people complain about Bodyline dresses having a weird shape because they don't use enough fabric. Well, I can fit my petticoat under the dress and it shows off the print nicely - but the shape is still kinda weird, like the top is A-line and the bottom cupcake/bell shaped. The idea here is that by removing a bit of the 'straight' A-line part, the fabric around the waist will increase and the shorter skirt will have a more beautiful bell shape.

Here it doesn't look half as bad and actually seems very A-line-ish, because apparently Mannequin-chan has a better suited body type for the dress shape. But the petticoat is actually about 10cm (!) shorter than the dress, and when I wear it and move around it gets a slightly weird shape.

Another, much smaller project that I have in mind is sewing some writs cuffs. I only have one pair in black and lilac at the moment and when dressing in Lolita I really miss these accessories. I also would love to have more hair bows - bigger and smaller ones - in different colors. These are rather easy to sew and I already tried that once, with rather mediocre results, but I think I can do better now, because I know what and how to improve.

I really wanna go fabric and ribbon and lace shopping! There is a big fabric discounter nearby, but unfortunately it does not always have in stock what you need. But I suppose when I go there from time to time I can find some treasures. The first wrist cuffs I want to sew are planned in black and white for an Old School Gothic Outfit, so the material shouldn't be too difficult to get.

And who knows - if I find the time, I might also alter my white Bodyline lacemonster too look a bit less ita XD For now, I'm just happy I finally have a sewing machine to also fix minor flaws in everyday clothing, and make accessories for my Lolita wardrobe from time to time. If I have more time in summer I might even finally be able to sew a cosplay! And my dream is, of course, to sew a complete Lolita dress by myself. But it's still a long way to go from here. Anyhow, this is the beginning of a new DIY era for me, so I'm really happy!

Do you like sewing?
What are your most elaborate self made pieces so far? I'm curious!


  1. Ich liebe dieses blaurosa Kleid.

    1. Es ist eigentlich schwarz/grau, aber das Licht hier ist schlecht und ich war zu faul mich ewig mit der Bearbeitung zu spielen XD

  2. I'm happy you're sewing again, it's a great hobby! And I would love a mannequin! I hate having to always constantly try my creations on when they're not even half finished, it gets so arduous taking clothes off and then on again while sewing. But I don't use a sewing machine so it takes me a lot longer to sew something simple...

    1. I suppose it's also difficult to fit something well, because when you for example bend downwards the fitting on the upper body might shift etc. The only inconvenience about the dress form is that it's bigger than me so I for a perfect fit I have to fit clothes to myself anyhow. But it's still nice for something like shortening a dress or such :)

  3. Ziemlich cool, wenn du damit umgehen kannst. Alles was ich je in die Richtung gemacht hab, war, dass ich in der Grundschule versucht hab meine eigenen Pokemon-Plushies zu machen. Aber das war mehr so: Zwei mal die Konturen aus Stoff ausschneiden, Watte dazwischen und die Ränder zusammennähen, mit Nadel und Faden.
    Und diese Amazon-Review-Sache kenn ich. Auch wenn's nur einen Negatives ist, wenn das negativ genug ist, kann das ziemlich stressen.

    Danke übrigens :3
    Denke das geht klar, weil man die Welt ja auch nur egozentrisch wahrnehmen kann. Am schlimmsten find ich aber die Vorstellung wie beschränkt der eigene Lebensraum ist, so theoretisch. Man ist so eingesperrt auf der Erde und kommt nicht wirklich von ihr weg und der Platz hier ist eben so begrenzt. Und ich glaub das Wort was du gesucht hast war "Solipsismus" (und auch wenn ich's eigenlich kannte, musste ich's googeln :D)

    1. Oh und was ich fast vergessen hätte: Diese Hai-Mütze aus deinen letzten Posts ist soooo cool :D :D

  4. Also die NähMa ist wirklich top! Wenn ich damit haltbare Kinderkleidung für meine Rabauken-Raupe und eine Krabbel-Krabbe nähen kann, dann kannst du damit auch locker Lolitastuff und sonstiges Zeug nähen :) (du kennst ja meine "Nähwerke").
    Wichtig bei der Maschine ist es, wirklich nur die Nadeln von Organ (oder Schmetz) und das Garn von Troja zu nehmen. Das kriegt man so alles bei w6 direkt zu kaufen (auch bei Butinette und auch ebay und Co), aber ich hab echt gemerkt dass meine Maschine erst damit fehlerfrei läuft. Mit NoName Garn/Nadeln gabs ab und an mal Gezicke, Stiche wurden ausgelassen usw...
    Aber so bin ich sehr zufrieden damit, und will sie nicht mehr missen :)

    Ich bin schon richtig auf deine ersten Nähwerke gespannt ^^ du wirst da bestimmt schnell Blut lecken, das macht naemlich wirklich Spaß :D


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