Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: EOS Candy Blue (Pinky Paradise)

Wow, another review so soon? I'm kinda in a review-mood at the moment, I guess ^^

Today I have another circle lenses review, the model is EOS Candy Blue and I bought them from Pinky Paradise. I got these lenses back last autumn - initially I wanted to wear them to the Innocent World Tea Party but since I ordered the wrong (i.e. no) prescription I ended up getting them too late. Anyhow, I've worn them only a few times since then, but they're very comfortable and I like them a lot! So here is a review with some photos (better quality close ups with DSLR camera under the cut!).

I reviewed Pinky Paradise on my previous post about the Princess Mimi lenses, so I#m not gonna repeat all that and focus on the lenses only, this time :)

Color & design

I wanted to get a pair of blue lenses to emphasize my true eye color. Compared to the stock photo, I think the color is much more 'neon' like and flashy, not very natural. I expected a light, soft blue, like a "pastel" color, but it's a lot stronger, like the color of the sky on a very bright summer day :)

Of course I did not expect them to be too natural (there are other series for that) but when I wore them for the first time I was a bit worried that the effect might be 'too artificial' on my light blue eyes.

Messy eyebrows, hurrdurr

I could not get any good pictures in daylight - the ones you see here are taken in artificial light and edited to take away the slightly yellow tint, but I think they represent the color quite well. So, here is a picture of when I wore them last autumn, taken in daylight:

As you can see, they really pop! My natural eye color looks almost yellowish/greenish in comparison, but there is no sharp edge. The color blends nicely in principle, but it will depend on your natural eye color if it will look good. I expect the lenses to look pretty nice on darker eye colors too, as the print is very opaque and probably nicely visible on brown eyes as well.

The strength of these lenses, in my opinion, are artificial light situations. On the picture above, my pupils are super retracted and a lot of my natural eye color is seen, which makes it look a little bit weird, perhaps. But in artificial light, most of the visible iris is covered by the lenses' colored ring, so the effect is really good.

Funny bathroom lights :D

In general, I think the design suits bold, colorful looks very well. It can emphasize your eyes, especially because of the bold black limbal ring. I was wondering if the rather sharp edge between the black and the colored ring of the lenses would look to 'hard' and artificial, but from farther away it's not very noticeable and gives a nice contrast!


Well, I think it's easy to see that they make the eyes appear quite big. Without make up, it looks a bit alien like. I personally would not wear them with only light make up, I think it would look a bit awkward on me. Generally, the enlargement effect is pretty good, again emphasized a lot by the limbal ring. I think I would not wear these for a look where I want my eyes too look naturally enlarged, but rather when I really want to make them pop :) 


As an experienced contact lens wearer, I can say they are among the most comfortable lenses I ever had, including my normal optical ones. I've worn them for several hours without any problems.


To sum it up - these lenses were not exactly what I expected but I like them anyway. The color is a bit bolder than I thought it would be, and a lighter color might have suited my natural eye color better, but especially for darker eye colors I suppose these would be a good choice.





Thanks for checking out this review - and don't forget, if you use the copon code on the right side bar when ordering from Pinky Paradise you can get a little mystery gift with your order!




  1. I think you look good with those..but I like really noticable lenses anyways so.. :P
    They are a bit cartoon-ish and propably great for cosplays. With a more heavy makeup they look better indeed, maybe with enough eyeliner. ^^

    Oh gosh you look so darn adorable in the gif pic! <3 <3

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Hahaha thanks ^///^ Yeah I came to like them too! At first I thought they are too flashy and not natural enough for my taste but now I think for such looks it's really fine :3

  2. Ich find sie toll an dir :D Ja, sie sind auffällig aber eben hübsch :)
    Und ich grinse gerade so über das Gif .:D

    1. Hehe :D Ich dachte mir ich muss das mal üben mich selbst mit etwas mehr Humor zu nehmen XD

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    Enjoy and stay pretty :)


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