Friday, February 28, 2014

Review: GEO Xtra Bella Grey (Lensvillage)

Hello everyone!

Today I have a new review in store for you! Have you noticed the circle lenses I wore here? They're new in and have some better pictures for you prepared in this review! The lenses are GEO Xtra Bella Grey and were kindly sponsored by who also sponsored the very first lenses I reviewed on my blog (quite some time ago  ;D).

A few words about the shop:

Lensvillage offers quite a variety of products of different popular brands. You can browse the store by brands or by color, both options are very useful depending if you are looking for a particular model or a certain color. In my case, I was looking for a pair of grey lenses, and found what I wanted rather quickly :) There is also an option to sort by price, which is useful if you're looking for a bargain!
They also provide their customers with well written guides and recommendations how to take care of the lenses under the "Information" section. 

I "ordered" (aka chose a free pair, as this is a sponsored review) via E-Mail, the contact was very nice and understanding (I couldn't post the review sooner because I had some kind of eye infection that made my eye itch, so I didn't want tow ear lenses of course). I also got replies very quickly, so I think their customer support is really good!

The lenses took roughly three weeks to ship, but you can always chose FedEx shipping if you have a kind of "last minute" order. The package arrived save and sound at my home. It was packed in bubble wrap and contained a free lens case along with the lenses ♥

What I noted right away about the glass vials was the GEO authenticity check! These are seals that you can use to check the authenticity of the product. By rubbing off the seal a code will appear underneath that you can enter at the GEO website. So you can always make sure you have the "real" product, and no fake!

Now about the lenses...

Color & Design

I wanted a pair of grey circle lenses because with my natural eye color I thought they would blend very well. While my natural eye color is actually light blue (you can see it in some pics of my last review) the color blends just perfectly! By looking at the photos, even in higher resolution it is hard to figure out where the lenses end and my natural eye color begins!
My prefered style with all of these lenses is a strong black limbal ring that has a nice transition towards the center. These lenses are just perfect concerning this feature. The transition is very beautiful, and altogether they blend in with my natural eye color very nicely.

Can you tell the difference between the lens color and my eye color? :) I can't XD

This model comes in different colors. i can imagine that o darker eyes, the color will not show very well because it is printed on not very "opaque", which allows easy color blending on light eyes but probably does not stand out very much on dark eyes. However, I can imagine the violetblue and brown lenses to look nice on darker eye colors too. Especially the violet pair looks super intriguing and I'd really like to try them myself in the future :D

Enlargement & Effect

I really like how natural they look. Normally when I wear circle lenses I am more inclined to use lashes and heavy make up to make the eyes as a whole appear bigger, not just the pupils. Without any make up, I really look like an alien, due to my blond lashes and eye brows, and often with circle lenses that effect is even stronger and it looks really weird! So usually I wear more eyeliner and fake lashes together with circle lenses to make up for that (pun intended?). In this case... I think the lenses work quite well even with less eyeliner and without fake lashes, because they blend in so well.

While the enlargment effect is definitely there, I think it's still on the natural looking side. I can really recommend this model for a more "daily" look, because they blend in so well! However, of course you can always chose to use them for a more extravagant make up style :)


The lenses are perfectly comfortable. I wore them for several hours without problems. After such prolonged periods of time my eyes start to get a bit dry, but that's only natural and to be expected (it even happens with my regular lenses), and it's one of the reasons why you should carry eye drops with you when you're out wearing circle lenses!

So here's the final rating:





An undisputable 5/5 ! I really like these lenses and I enjoy wearing them a lot! The style is versatile, and especially nice when I just want to emphasize my own eye color without changing it too much. They look natural and  can be included in a "daily" look as well as an extravagant look easily. I definitely recommend them!


  1. Soo natürlich finde ich sie jetzt nicht (zumindest nicht natürlich als so manche anderen von dir), aber du hast Recht, die sehen absolut wundervoll aus :)

    1. Also für mich ist das Kriterium für "natürlich" ob die Farbe einen guten Übergang hat und ob sie nicht zu "krass" ist (also eben Farben die auch natürlich vorkommen). Aber klar, der Limbalring (wie auch immer der im Deutschen wirklich heißt) ist fett, aber so soll es ja sein XD Jedenfalls wurde ich auf diese Linsen bisher noch nicht angesprochen, auf andere jedoch schon ab und zu.

  2. WTF was sind denn das für geile Linsen? Ich mag es ja grün und auffallend aber die werde ich mir fürs WGT bestimmt auch mal holen vielen dank :)

    1. Freut mich dass das Review helfen konnte! :D

  3. Oooh ♡ ♡
    They fit perfectly, the lenses look so like you! :D

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  4. Wow, die sehen echt krass aus. Mag allerdings die Farbe nicht und finde, sie sehen getragen fast schon gruselig aus :D

    Liebe Grüße!


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