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Review: Montreal Rocking Horse Shoes via ebay

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Okay, now let's head on to the review!

It's been quite a while since I bought something nice for my Lolita wardrobe, and meanwhile my wish list was growing longer and longer. But after my last exams I felt like treating myself to something, after not really doing any shopping (except for furniture) for months... so here is a review of my experience with ebay seller ling_lam2005, RHS (Rocking Horse Shoes)  from Montreal and some general tips for shopping via ebay!

 I've been fascinated with these shoes for a while now, and for a long time wasn't sure if they would suit me. As I have rather *cough* muscular legs, I prefer high heels because they make my legs look slimmer - and RHS are flat platforms... Furthermore, the style I always liked best was the "ballerina" type RHS, with crossed straps. Of course I know that these do not tend to stay up for long, but that's what double sided tape is for, right? Then, when I started my search I found mostly RHS with a very pointy end, which I really did not like. I like them more round, almost flat at the front, reminiscent of real ballerina shoes. In the end, I stumbled upon a pair that I liked a lot for a more or less affordable price, and after a lot of hesitation I ended up buying them.

The Seller

I bought these RHS from Montreal on ebay. I heard a few bad things about that particular seller BUT these bad reviews are all from several years ago, and recent ebay feedback was overwhelmingly positive, so after a quick research on the sizing I decided to give it a try!

Ordering from ebay is really easy these days. Fraud is, I dare say, very rare when you buy from bigger sellers, because by checking their reviews and review numbers you can assure yourself if the seller has a high credibility and sells quality products. You can assume that if a seller has 10.000+ feedback and its 99% positive, you will likely get a pretty decent product because reviews in such high numbers are likely credible. This was one of the reasons why I trusted the seller despite the older, negative reviews and warnings!

Payment, Shipping, Packaging 

I ordered on 23rd January and payed via paypal. Paypals terms of use say that an item has to be sent via insured mail, so whenever a seller tells you they don't ship with tracking/insured mail, it is THEIR risk and not yours. Remember this, because it's really useful if your package does get missing and the seller might say they can't do anything about it, because it's your right to get your money back.

But in this case, no problems occured with the shipping anyway. The shoes themselves are pretty inexpensive, costing only 39.99$ (at the current rate that's roughly 30€), but it adds up with the shipping, which was 25$ (~18€) to Austria! With the current exchange rate, it's still an okay deal, but the shipping cost being more than half of the item's price is still a bit tough.

Anyhow, at least the package arrived much, much faster than expected!
After my order on 23rd the package arrived on 31st already! The estimated delivery was stated to be around the beginning of March, so I really didn't expect to get them so soon. I suppose it depends if your size is in stock, because if yours have to be custom made or manufactured before shipping, of course it will take longer.

They arrived in a big, rather sturdy cardboard box, but without any filling material. I think some old newspaper pages or something to stuff the empty space within the box would have protected the shoes better from potential damage, but fortunately in this case, nothing happened to them and they arrived safe and sound. The shoes are warpped in individual plastic bags within the box, to keep them from damaging each other, at least.

Sizing, Quality and Comfort

When I took the shoes out of the box, I was first surprised to see how narrow they are. Somehow on the stock image the proportions looked different - I suspect that the depicted shoes are of a smaller size. They fit me nonetheless, but I suppose it is possible that for people with bigger feet, the scaling of the width of the shoes might not be enough, so they could end up too tight!
Normally, I wear size 37 or 38, depending on the type of shoe and the type of socks I wear. I ordered 38 to be sure this time, and because I heard that Montreal RHS are rather on the smaller side of the spectrum, and I have to say it was the right decision, the fit perfectly.

The material used is faux leather and a type of foam for the sole. From afar, it looks just like wood, but they are very light (I don't dare imagining the shipping if the soles had been made of wood, haha) and soft to tread on. Generally walking in them is comfortable. The fake leather is a bit hard around the edges but that's okay because it gives them stability so they don't just fall off your feet.

The edges where a pice has been cut out at the heel are a bit frayed, but it's no damage or anything. And from afar you don't really see it.

The satin bands that came with the shoes are very short, but I knew that beforehand from other reviews. I can hardly cross them once and make a very tiny ribbon, but they can be pulled out from the strap at the back and be replaced. This was one of the reasons why I favored these above Bodyline's RHS (the other reasons being that they are too pointy for my taste and the black underside of the sole). You can just replace the straps according to your taste, for example they can be worn with longer stain straps, or short straps or no straps at all. I have to buy some satin ribbon now, though!

I can't judge the comfort of the shoes yet, as I have only worn them for a while at home, but not to a meet up or such. I do plan to wear them to the next meet though, if the weather allows it! We currently have snow and really icy or muddy sidewalks... But I'll definitely wear them in spring :) Naturally I also can't say anything about the durability of the shoes yet. The sole makes the impression of not being very resistant to water, but I read several times on EGL that people wore them in rain several times and had no problems, however the recommend the use of a 'sealing spray'.

Overall, I think the quality of the product is okay. The materials used are decent and I found no flaws. Still, considering the amount of shipping I payed, I think they are a bit on the pricey edge of the spectrum - considering 'regular' shoes in comparison, not brand or other Lolita shoes. But if you're a Lolita, you're probably used to paying what other people would likely consider "too much" for something :'D


The main reason I wanted to write this review was because while googling, I found several bad reviews about this seller, but since they are rather old I wanted to give an impression on the current state of the business they are doing - and I can only say that I am very happy with the product overall!

+ round shape
+ sturdy fake leather and wood-like printed foam sole
+ very light, due to the foam sole
+ light underside of the sole
+ satin strap is replaceable

~ sizing is a bit on the narrow side, better order a bit bigger if in doubt!

- no stuffing in the box they came in
- shipping is comparably expensive (at least to Austria)

Overall I'd rate my whole shopping experience a 4.5 out of 5 - not perfect because for the shipping price the product could have been packaged a bit more safely, but on the other hand it also arrived much faster than expected.

So in the end I can recommend these shoes from this seller. I'm really looking forward to wearing these to a meet up!!


  1. Ich liebe RHs total, deswegen hab ich im Laufe meines Lolitalebens auch schon insgesamt 5 Paar bestellt. Und ich weiß nicht warum, aber egal welche Größe ich bestellt habe, am Ende hatte ich immer welche mit einer Innenlänge von 27cm, in denen ich einfach doof rumrutsche -.-
    4 von den Paaren hab ich direkt wieder verkauft wenn ich gesehen hab dass die zu groß sind, nur eins hab ich behalten und trag es trotzdem (geht halt nur mit 2 paar Socken, was im Sommer meistens doof ist).
    Vielleicht versuch ich es nochmal, irgendwann, hätte schon so gerne welche in weiß..
    Und ich glaube, ich würde es wieder über Taobao versuchen, ich glaube ich habe da weniger gezahlt als über ebay.

    1. Das ist ja doof! Ich bin froh dass die so gut passen und hoffe sie sind auch bequem wenn ich sie längere Zeit trage. Taobao ist so eine Sache, ich finde dort irgendwie nie das was ich suche .__. Wenn es Montreal auf taobao auch gibt kommt man eventuell billiger weg (auch mit Shopping Service Gebühren) aber einer der Gründe warum ich genau die wollte war ja auch dass es die einzigen mit so einer schön runden Kuppe waren, ich mag nämlich die spitzen Modelle nicht wirklich. Aber wenn ich mir auch mal noch welche in weiß zulege werd ich dort vielleicht auch nochmal suchen.

    2. (ich misch mich da jetzt einfach kurz ein)
      hast du schon versucht, sie mit einlagen zu tragen statt der 2 paar socken?
      vielleicht funktioniert das ja! (:

  2. ich hab genau die gleichen wie du. hab meine sicher schon 4 jahre, war öfters mit denen auf konzerten etc und sie sind immer noch nicht kaputt xDD in japan is mir ein mal leider die sohle abgegangen, weil ich bei einem blindenstreifen hängen geblieben bin x.x aber sonst find ich sie recht gut eig. mich wunderts, dass es mal schlechte reviews gab. ich hab eig nur positive gefunden damals o.o
    btw ich bin auch schon öfter in den regen gekommen und hatte kein problem damit. sie sind ja eh nicht aus holz, da sollte nix passiern. mit schnee und glatteis würd ich sie dir allerdings nicht empfehlen. sehr rutschig und außerdem sind die schuhe nicht besonders warm.
    ahja und entweder war der kurs damals viel besser oda ka..ich hab für meine RHS vll 25€ bezahlt (plus shipping)*_*

    1. Vielleicht waren sie damals einfach noch günstiger XD Um den Preis hätt ich glatt zwei Paar bestellt, ich hätt auch gerne noch welche in weiß.... Aber ich bin mal froh dass ich überhaupt welche hab :(
      Bei Regenwetter hätte ich nur Angst dass sich die Sohle vielleicht irgendwie mit Wasser vollsaugt und das dann fleckig wird oder so o.o Und für Schneewetter hab ich zum Glück halbwegs Lolita-taugliche Stiefel, da ist mir meine eigene Sicherheit (und Wärme XD) wichtiger und dann muss man halt das Outfit an das Wetter anpassen ^^


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