Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baking, baking, baking!

Watch out, calorie bombs ahead! :D

It's really been a while since I last posted about my baking adventures... German speaking readers who're reading my blog for a longer time might remember how much I love baking, and that I used to post recipies from time to time too. While I suppose not too many of you are interested in this topic, I wanted to show some pics of my recent "creations" (abominations? XD). Unfortunately, while I'm pretty good at baking (according to others) I suck at taking photos of the stuff I make. Mainly because it literally gets torn out of my hands the moment I try to take a photo, haha. But anyway, here's some (calorie-rich) pics!

This is a very basic poppy seed cake that I made for my stepdad's birthday. Unfortunately the chocolate icing was too soft for room temperature so it stayed "shiny" (on the left pic it's fresh so it's still very liquid of course). I'm not very creative when it comes to decorating stuff, mostly because I'm too lazy and either use too little or too much stuff, haha.

This is a chocolate-orange cake I made for my aunt's birthday. The bottom part is a dough with cocoa and spelt flour (German "Dinkelmehl", I was specifically looking for a recipe without wheat flour), flavored with the peel of an orange and a lemon. The scent while it was in the oven was alsready mouth watering! The top half is  Crème Parisienne (basically whipped cream with chocolate). Overall the cake tasted really delicious, thecombination of chocolate and fruity flavor was amazing ♥ You can find the recipe here (in German).

Very simple cakes I made for our house warming party in January! One is an apple cake with a simple "sand dough", and some brownies. It was my first time successfully making brownies outside of the US, and I was super proud and happy I found such a good recipe, haha! I tried a few times after I came back from my trip to the US, but somehow the recipes I brought with me from there didn't seem to work with the local chocolate, the dough was always too dry, and it wouldn't get this kind of "crust" on top. With this recipe, they were exactly the way I remembered them to be ♥ Yummy!

Aaaand the most recent one - a traditional Austrian sponge cake! I was experimenting a little bit with my old recipe, and used spelt flour again. I tasted the difference a little bit, but others who tried a piece didn't seem to ming (especially my boyfriend who really loved it). I think it's a bit less "soft" and "fluffy" with this kind of flour than with the wheat flour I usually use. Anyhow, I love this recipe because it's simple and fast and kind of a no-brainer. Not much can go wrong here, except when you use chocolate morsels and don't chop them small enough. Then they will all sing to the bottom of the mold while the dough is still soft and the top half of your cake will be ruined. I suppose I have to chop them smaller still, because the still kinda "aggregated" in the top half, but yeah, it's a learning process :) Next time I think I'll make a marble cake again. For that, I prefer to use Ovomaltine (a Swiss type of cocoa with malt added) instead of regular cocoa because I really like the flavor it adds!

When you check out the tag "Backstube" on my blog you will find some recipes I posted a while ago, but I think all of them are in German. I was wondering if I should post any of the recipes (especially maybe the more traditional "Austrian" ones) in English too some day, would you be interested in that?
And would you be interested in a kind of "Tips and Tricks" post, containing some of the things I learned that might help you to improve your baked sweets? I was thinking that if you'd like you could contribute to the post and in the end, I'd post a big list with all combined tips we collected (and backlinks to your own blogs and pages). What do you think about it? :)


  1. Ohhh they look amazing <3 just so delicious!

  2. Great, now I want cake, too... :D

  3. Ooooh bei dir möchte ich auch eingeladen werden.....:D uuhmmm diese Kuchen *_*

  4. Oh. mein. Gott. Jetzt hab ich Hunger :DD Das sieht sooo lecker aus! :))

  5. BOAAAAHHH!! Du must mir auch mal so einen fetten Schokokuchen backen!
    omnomnomnom~ !

  6. mhmm I love the combination of chocolate and orange!

  7. Oh my gooood! ❤
    You know how hard it is right now try and not eat nomnoms? xD

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  8. Look so delicious! I'm hungry now. xD
    Bai, Shiki

  9. Ich hab ein Brownie Rezept aus einem 30 Jahre alten Backbuch meiner Mutter und die werden immer perfekt!
    Ich backe viel zu wenig und deine Kuchen machen mir grad so Sabber im Mund!

  10. Haha, I'm glad you all like it :D Sorry for making you hungry though ^^

  11. omg varis wieso bäckst du so gute sachen XDD sieht SOOO gut aus und schmeckt bestimmt auch so*_* (beim picknick war ich ja sehr überzeugt von deinen leckereien xD)


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