Saturday, March 8, 2014

Follow up: Shironuri Shooting!

So as promised here are the photos from our little photo shooting during the Shironuri meet up ^__^
It wasn't professional or anything, but I think the results are really good! ChiChii took the photos and I think she is a really talented photographer! And I was very surprised how much I like the outcome of the photos with myself in them ^^"

It was really freezing cold, and there was a sharp wind blowing from time to time. My hands turned red and my finger nails blue within minutes, so I had to photoshop my hands to a normal color XD

With Rin Redgrave (her facebook / her tumblr), who edited the photo in a really cool way!

I reeeeeally like this picture of me with Karin/Meatlbeauty! Also you can see my outfit a bit better on this one :3

Another one that Rin edited! I relly love the effects, it looks so cool!

I have no words for how much I love these shoes ^___^ They are so comfortable and make my legs look so slim ♥

A nice elderly couple took a group photo of all of us! So here is everyone with their amazing outfits and make up!

Every time I look at this photo I wonder "Why the hell am I saluting?" until I realize it's Taiga's ear XDD

A few of the girls who went to eat pizza afer the meet up got a request for a photo shooting by some photographer. What a chance meeting! I haven't seen the photos yet but I'm super curious :3

I'm also really motivated to do shironuri again. I was so surprised how well the photos turned out. I also think that in this case editing them to look somewhat eerie or fantastic is totally okay, because the whole look is something that reminds me of the supernatural, ghosts and spirits and other beings from stories and fairy tales. It's no wonder we were such a diverse group - fawns, fairies, witches, vampires... there are many different 'roles' to slip into and I really wanna try out different styles with shironuri. This is what i really like about this fashion, that apart from the basis of the make up there are no boundaries! Next time maybe I'll try a Lolita outfit, depending on the location, weather and time I'll have to prepare :3

Which photo do you like best? ^^


  1. Hallo!

    Dieser Blog wurde mit dem SUNSHINE AWARD Ausgezeichnet!

    Liebe Grüße, Stousn

  2. Yeah, sure. Because, without the shoes, your legs would be all over the place. Next you say the picture was taken in front of green screen, then you googled "legs" and edited them in. ^^

    You all look amazing. Really nice work, but personally I like the more detailed outfits (like yours) better.

    1. Psst don't tell them all my secrets D:
      Yeah, I'm extremely self-conscious about my legs and there are indeed many clothes and angles that make them look not so nice, but I just chose not to show these on the internet :D

  3. Ich find Rin Redgrave am coolsten!

  4. Danke, aber so gut bin ich nicht mal bei Fotos machen ;-;
    Ich mochte dein Outfit aber total! :D
    Die Fotos mit der Fotografin kommen leider erst im Mai oder so, weil sie viel zu tun hat ><
    Und ein weiteres Meet folgt fix! :D Muss nur schauen wie's sich ausgeht mit Zeit und Wetter xD


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