Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some flowers grow with love alone

Hello there!

I'm trying to update this blog more regularly again, I hope you won't mind that it means that the entries will be more mixed, thematically.... Today I have another outfit that I also uploaded on lookbook again - this page is really fun, I like the way you can use the colors of your outfit as "tags" and mark certain clothing items... it's really cool! Farther below I also wrote a bit about my 8th anniversary with my boyfriend (but it's not very exciting :'D)

Holy crap, 8th years. I somehow still can't believe it myself. That's more than 1/3 of my whole life!

Herpderp. I wore this outfit last week to university - it's comfortable and simple, but actually even more "styled" than what I usually look like (jeans + T-shirt). But I'm a bit motivated to put more effort into dressing again, especially now that I don't go to work every day and on some days only have some university courses.

I really like that floral top! It puts me in a springtime mood ^-^ Also: casual make up because I was lazy.

Last week I tried to wear shirts with a low cut backside because the spot where I got my new tattoo was still pretty raw. It's healing incredibly well though - it was much less itchy than my first one so far! The scabs have come off already but it's still a bit swollen, doesn't hurt though. I'm really super happy with it ♥

 So, now that the new semester has started and after I failed a big exam last week I was kinda depressed and thinking a lot (too much) about my future. In the end I almost forgot my boyfriend's and my anniversary on Monday! Waah!

We didn't make any special plans beforehand so it was kinda easy to forget about it... also since I already knew since Christmas or so what I wanted to get my boyfriend, and since it's like a "coupon" I didn't have to actually go and buy anything physical. We had the sudden realization about our anniversary on Sunday night, and I just really had to laugh how amazingly uncomplicated this relationship is. Nobody would have been mad at the other for forgetting about it anyway, but we more or less forgot about it both :'D

 So, without any special plans, I just took the day off from work and we spent the day being lazy at home. We made pizza in the evening and watched a movie, and didn't really do anything exciting. I was actually happy that I didn't have to leave the house, we thought about going to the cinema but there's still not a single movie that would interest us in the cinemas at the moment =/ So yeah, the day was kinda unexciting, but I liked that ^^ 

My boyfriend was a little bit sad because he was completely out of ideas what to get me. Since we're saving money for the tickets to Australia to visit his mum, "expensive" gifts were out of question, and we're both not very romantic or creative concerning self-made presents either. Also, after 8 years, it feels like we're just running out of ideas or something? XD So I got him a "coupon" for a so called "Third Man tour" in Vienna. It's a tour that takes you through part of the sewers, which sounds kinda disgusting but we both have a fascination for weird, old and creepy places so we kinda always wanted to go there. The tour got its name form a movie that takes place in post WW2 Vienna and has a famous scene playing in the sewers. Anyhow, it was just something we always thought about doing but never actually did, and I think it will be really interesting.
As for my present .... well, I recently came across the news that Bodyline currently has a free shipping campaign, but when I checked my bank account I realized that I couldn't afford to buy anything. I had payed for the train ticket and semester ticket for Vienna and had some other expenses, and now a Bodyline order was out of question. So my boyfriend seized his chance and just offered me a dress of choice ♥

The main reason why I really wanted to order now is because they also currently happen to have a restock of one of my favorite prints: Love Jewelry in black. Ever since I laid my eyes on it, I fell in love with that dress, so I've beens talking it for quite some time. And now with the free shipping campaign the opportunity was perfect, and I'm really happy that I was able to get it! I think it's funny how my boyfriend ended up getting me a Lolita dress, despite his dislike of the fashion. I honestly treasure this twice as much simple because he got me something that he doesn't like but knows that I love and enjoy a lot!  I am really looking forward to getting this dress and I already have a lot of ideas how I want to wear it ^_^ I just hope I get some opportunity before it gets too hot here!

So, that's it for now.
I have some more blabla about my current studies that I will post in a separate entry soon :)

edit: talking about Lolita in this entry: I got another Valentine this week! I'm so happy and flattered! I think I know how posted it, but in case I am mistaken I also wanted to say "thank you" here, so the OP will hopefully know how much I appreciate it ♥


  1. *saw the picture of the dresses*
    Thought, "Let it be black. Please, let it be black. Black."
    *read on*
    " ... black ... "
    Thought, "YES!" ^^

    One does not simply dislike Lolita fashion. How's that even possible? ^^
    Anyway, best of luck for the next eight years. :)

    1. Of course black ^^ Though I somehow like the pink one too, I've seen it worn on a few photos and really liked it, but I think black will suit me much better XD
      Well he just thinks it looks unflattering and most of the prints etc are too kitschy (I quote "Geschirrtuchmuster" or "Omavorhänge") or childish for his taste , haha ^^
      Thanks :D

    2. Yeah, right, and anime and manga is just for children as well. Sounds a bit like the good ol' "I don't want people to think I'm a pervert" argument to me. But never mind. As long as he respects your hobby and even supports you with such sweet gifts, it couldn't be much better. :)
      In fact, I partly agree with him regarding the patterns. A flower here and there looks really nice, but if it gets too colorful or when they're printed all over the dress then it's just too much. On the other hand, you can destroy an outfit with an overkill of practically anything. So it's not the flowers' fault. ^^

    3. Maybe... considering I was 15 when we met and we heard to "pedophile joke" about a million times too often. But I honestly just think it's not his taste :) Just like I don't like certain clothes/shoes (oh god, especially shoes!) on men or women :D But yeah, I'm just happy he finds it "okay" by now at all :)

  2. Ich find die Frisur so toll :)
    Ich wünsche euch alles Gute! Ich find ja meine 5 Jahre ja schon eine Ewigkeit, aber 8....wow!
    Ich kann das Gefühl verstehen, dass man sich total freut, wenn man Sachen bekommt, die der andere nicht mag, aber man selber damit glücklich wird :) So ging es mir damals, als ich mal HIM-Tickets von meiner Ma geschenkt bekam. :) es ist ein wirklich tolles Gefühl! Dann hoffen wir mal, dass das Kleid bald ankommt. (Und jetzt hast du mir DIE Neuigkeit verklickert, jetzt muss ich bei Bodyline gucken und überlgen und entscheiden und uaaahh ;D)

    1. Jaaa jetzt ist die perfekte Gelegenheit! :D Bin gespannt was du bestellen wirst ^__^

      Haha, mein Freund und ich hatten das aber auch mal umgekehrt, er wusste partout nicht was er sich zum Geburtstag wünschen soll, da hab ich einfach "entschieden" dass er Festivalkarten von mir bekommt und wir da gemeinsam hingehen XD Aber es waren ja auch ein, zwei Bands dort die er auch mag, also war es okay denke ich :'D

  3. Das Outfit ist toll (wenn auch ungewöhnlich), aber das Foto vom Tattoo ist einfach umwerfend! Und wenn die Mutter deines Freundes in Australien wohnt - hat er seine Wurzeln da? (Ich fänds übrigens toll, wenn die Mutter meines Freundes in Australien wohnen würde. :D)

    1. Ungewöhnlich allgemein oder für mich? :'D
      Seine Mutter ist nach Australien ausgewandert for etwa 9 Jahren :) Wir waren sie bisher noch nie besuchen (sie war ein paar Mal in Österreich in der Zeit) und sie spielt jetzt mit dem Gedanken zurückzukommen, und da müssen wir die "Gelegenheit" natürlich noch nützen ^^

  4. Ich liebe das Outfit und die Blümchen! Super schön <3

  5. Wahnsinn! Glückwunsch zu 8 Jahren :)

  6. Hallo :)

    Wow~ ich muss schon sagen, dass du echt toll aussiehst! Das Outfit steht die total gut und der Hairstyle *-* Wunderschoen!
    Ich finde dich sehr huebsch! :))

    Dein neues Tattoo ist toll!!!! <3

    Lieben Gruss,

  7. Ich mag deinen Style voll! Es steht dir so perfekt!
    Und BITTE schreib´ Regelmäßig! Ich lese deinen Blog so gerne!

    1. Ach, danke dir ♥ Ja ich versuche es, aber ich merke, je mehr ich mit Arbeit/Uni zu tun habe desto weniger Zeit habe ich was ordentliches zu posten .__. Zumal so nur-Text-Posts ohne Fotos auch meistens weniger interessant wirken und dann muss man sich erstmal zeit nehmen Fotos zu machen und blaaaa. XD Aber ich werde es weiterhin versuchen!

  8. Aaws..your bf is so cute, wish someone could by me something like that! xD
    The casual outfit looks really nice and I'm so jealous of your pelvis (don't take it the wrong way)..it's a part that have never been the way I want in my body. You said some time ago not being comfortable with your body at the time, but I guess you're feeling much better and I'm glad you have energy to put a little effort into dailywear, it makes a difference! ^__^

    Damn the tattoo looks good! <3

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Haha, my pelvis, really? Honestly, it's one of my body parts I don't really like actually, because of my bone structure I will always have "wide" hips and I'm kinda pear-shaped XD That's why I really try to avoid photos from the front, because that's when it's most visible. But thank you :)


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