Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Not my idea of fun

Yes, yes . in case you were already wondering (who am I kidding, it's unlikely anybody really noticed that I didn't post for a few days), I am still very much alive, I just haven't been around online much, recently.

One of the main reasons for my absence was definitely work. I don't wanna go into detail but I don't think I can keep this up much longer, and several things connected to my job really dragged me down.

You might know from my frequent rants and comments on things I find in the vastness of the web that I get easily upset about things I find utterly stupid. Lately, I felt like I kept coming across more and more such things (the latest example being people who sincerely believe drinking bleach is protecting them from getting cancer and can "cure" autism) and as you can imagine, being constantly upset about something didn't do much but make me utterly miserable. 

Hiding under my blanket forever seemed like a valid option at that point, but oh, society and it's stupid expectations...

Paired with the fact that I caught some nasty bit of malware on my computer that I could neither properly identify not remove without having to do a complete new set up of Windows, I honestly have to say, these past days I have really been hating the world a lot. And while I keep promising myself everything will get better and I will work harder to overcome my obstacles, I don't really feel like I'm making a lot of progress - on anything. I don't really feel like writing a bunch of negative things here once again, so I'll leave this as it is. One of the main reasons I haven't been bloggging lately - I don't wanna complain all the time, but I can't think of very many positive things to write about either.

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all of you who still come by from time to time to read the stuff I write and comment. Thank you for your comments and words of consolation on the post about my cat, and all the encouragement I get from you all the time. During these last weeks I actually got more readers, despite posting less than ever. Thanks a lot!

Nothing more to say, actually. Hope you're having a better time than me at the moment, and I hope to write some blogposts (it's not like I don't have any ideas....) with more interesting content soon!


  1. Manche Sachen so wie die Dummheit mancher Menschen kann man eben nicht ändern. Am besten ist, einfach zu akzeptieren, dass man da eben nichts dran ändern kann und keine Nerven drauf verschwenden :) Kopf hoch, Varis <3

  2. hmm, okaay, also... Ich will dir nicht zu nah treten und ich weiß ja natürlich auch nicht genau über deine Situation bescheid... ABER: ich lese oft, dass dein Job dich unglücklich macht und du schreibst ja auch selbst, dass du das nicht mehr länger so weitermachen kannst. Ich glaube, wenn es dich unglücklich macht solltest du wirklich kündigen und dir dann vielleicht was neues suchen :/ Es klingt schon ein bisschen besorgniserregend und naja... arbeite dich nicht kaputt. Das bringt dir nichts und du würdest es nur bereuen.
    Ich hoffe dir geht's bald wieder besser <3
    Meine Woche war auch echt buuuaarg und Stress, irgendwie geht es im Moment vielen so... Kopf hoch, irgendwann geht es wieder bergauf :)

  3. I'm sure that it's not just my own opinion when I say that you should feel free to write on your blog about whatever it is that concerns you. You shouldn't feel obligated to entertain everyone in the best way possible. And, even more important, you shouldn't feel guilty about complaining and ranting.
    Sometimes life just sucks, and there won't ever be any change if you or anyone else continues to hold back on telling the world about what it is exactly that upsets you.

    PS: I actually don't wanna know about that drinking bleach thing, but could you give me a link. I'm just too curious for my own good. XD
    It sounds too stupid to be real,and too real to be fiction. ^^

    1. Ich werf einfach mal diesen Link in den Raum, ich hab über GWUP davon erfahren und war ienigermaßen entsetzt. Davor hab ich allerdings schon eine Story von meinem Freund gehört, der eine Arbeitskollegin hat, die H2O2 trinkt weil sie meint das beugt gegen Krebs vor oder so -__-

      Ad feeling guilty about ranting: I just had someone tell me again I shouldn't post complaints about my work on my facebook (I only wrote about being payed 1x in 6 months) because "someone might read it and tell it to someone" etc etc. I have privacy settings that should prevent that sort of thing, and I don't think I wrote anything problematic (like talking about actual people or information regarding the research) so I don't really think about it. However, I hesitate to share this kind of stuff on my blog because it might make it easier for people to google my real life persona and find this blog. I write a little bit here and there, but I'd have a bad feeling sharing the whole story....

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Ok, that's understandable when you're looking to protect your privacy.
      Personally I don't give a damn about mine. I always wonder what would happen if someone from my family should stumble upon my stuff. But that's most likely not going to happen. Nostradamus knew more about the internet than my relatives and other people "close to me". XD

      Regarding the bleach: Darwinism. ;)
      You have to see the bigger picture. That's also a task I fail miserbly at, more often than not. ^^
      But don't you see? Stupidity and ignorance is perfectly capable of regulating itself. Right, such people have a higher birth rate because they don't care about the consequences of their behavior, but they also have a higher death rate because they don't care about the consequences of their behavior. They poison their offspring, damnit. It won't prevail, because it can't. :D
      Don't share tears for people who want to die. I mean, their obviously better off dead. They don't know what to do with their lives anyway. ^^


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