Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not quite dead yet

I've been neglecting my blog these past days, mainly because I didn't feel like talking about anything that's going on in my life right now.

But last Monday I went to see the new Captain America movie "The Winter Soldier". Interestingly, in German it has an alternate title, however it's still in English - "The Return of the First Avenger". Kinda confusing! We went to watch it in English though anyway.

I really think more cinemas should show movies in their original version. There are only two cinemas in Vienna who show English movies in original and now that we don't live in the city anymore it's always a bit annoying to go to the inner districts - and especially to get back home at night.

So anyway, this was the look!

Carp quality photos provided to you by the fact that I didn't notice a change in my camera settings or something, so despite the pretty good light in my room they turned out really shitty -__-

Anyhow, my favorite thing about super hero movies - or going to the cinema in general - is putting on some themed make up that fits the movie! In this case I tried some "US-patriotic" colors to mimic Captain America's super hero costume...

lol, why do my eyebrows look brown here? XD

If I had white eyeliner the look would have been so much cooler - I had a ton of ideas but I couldn't pull them off with eyeshadow alone :( Especially since I had to layer everything like crazy. I tried to paint a giltter star on my eye lids with white glitter, though, but naturally it doesn't really show, haha.

I really wish I could get my hands on some high pigmented colorful make up soon, but I'm currently so broke it hurts. You might remember that I have a job since last November where I spend most of my time in between studying and sleeping, especially these past three months. Now it turns out there was some mess-up with my contract and my payment got delayed and delayed... and now we have April, I haven't even got money for March. I can't really be mad at the guys in my department because it's definitely not their fault, it's some problem of the human resource department or something, yet I'm getting really, really frustrated. I had to ask my boyfriend to pay the gas and electricity bill for now, and I feel so incredibly bad for relying on his financial support -__-

But back to happier things.
I really liked the movie, I just love the current Avengers series, and in this particular movie I liked the dynamic between Steve and Natascha a lot. The fighting scenes were pretty cool too - and I'm not a big fan of action movies, normally, but with that super-hero element it just gets more interesting. Oh, and I just looooove the Falcon! He's such a likable character, I was super scared they'd let him die in that movie, haha!

Though I was first a bit hesitant of watching Guardians of the Galaxy, I now really plan on doing so. We saw Thor 2 a while ago on Blue Ray and the post credits scene got me really excited about learning more about the character of the Collector. Back in 2011 in the first Thor movie, we caught a glimpse of the Infinity Glove - and for some reason I've been expecting them to pull Thanos out of somewhere and give us an Avengers movie featuring that guy as a villain! The first Avengers movie didn't give us that, BUT it showed Thanos in a post credit scene. So when a while later I heard about "Guardians of the Galaxy" and for an instant I thought it would be the next Avengers installment featuring some epic intergalactic battle - well, I've been a little off with my guess BUT considering the Collector will make another appearance and Gamora's connection to Thanos I now think I really do have to watch this movie. I'm honestly very excited about it!

So, what have you been up to?
I spent most of my time at home doing nothing, really. I watched a ton of movies and played some video games... I feel like I'm wasting my time a lot these days but I honestly don't even care anymore.
I'm really frustrated with everything concerning my studies and job right now, and the thought of quitting entirely keeps creeping up again a lot lately. Anyhow, I hope I can find some more motivation to blog again!


  1. Es gibt in Wien echt nur zwei Kinos mit O-Ton-Filmen? Selbst in Osnabrück kenn ich mindestens eins!

  2. Cute makeup! Can you do a makeup collection post, I'd love to see yours! :)

  3. A hot, dark G.I. ^^
    And I finally found out what that outfit reminds me of, especially the pale skin, red lips and the hat: Drew Barrymore in the opening scene to "Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle". (One of my favorite trash movies. XD)

    Lately I'm trying to get myself back to guitar practice. Emphasis on trying. I think a lot about it, but ... well, you get the idea. ^.^°

  4. Awesome Outfit and your make up is gorgeous!

  5. Hi^^

    Ich liebe dein Outfit. Sehr hünsch und sexy ^_^/


  6. sooo, jetzt komm ich endlich dazu, dir mal zu schreiben :3
    Ich finde dein Outfit super gelungen. Passt richtig klasse zum Thema <3

  7. Die Strumpfhose hab ich auch noch :) Noch ein Überbleibsel meiner Emophase damals und leider mit Loch *gnah*
    Bombe siehst du aus *.*


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