Friday, May 30, 2014

Project "Midnight Rose" JSK - Part I

Hey guys!
Time for something rather different today - a post about my current DIY ideas!

Ever since I got my sewing machine (actually before that already, obviously) I wanted to start sewing, sewing, sewing. I had plans to do some accessories for a while now, like wrist cuffs and such, because they're easy and I'm confident that I can do them alone.

Today I decided to pay a visit to the local fabric store (lovingly dubbed "Fetzen Müller", "Fetzen" literally "rag" or "shred of cloth". They have basically everything but it's really hit & miss) to buy some essentials like thread and pins, and also look for nice lace and fabrics.

Initially I wanted to sew a "summer" dress with some kind of floral pattern. The aim was to find a light fabric, in light colors, and make a princess-seam OP with short chiffon sleeves, so I can wear it in hot weather. However, I couldn't find the kind of fabric I was looking for: too thin, pattern too "busy", wrong colors.... I was thinking about just dropping it and maybe ordering fabric online or something, when I came across this beauty:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Monthly Random: May

Ah, it's really been a while since I've last done one of these "random" posts, but since I didn't really have time for "proper" blogging this month, I figured it would be a nice idea. A lot of stuff happened this month, but nothing really interesting, so it was difficult to find something proper to write about. I'll just throw everything together randomly in here.

I didn't have any chance to take a photo of any of my daily outfits recently, and didn't feel very comfortable in my body anway lately. My face has been swollen a lot lately, when I get up in the morning I have a real moon face and almost no visible eye lid fold o.o I think it might have something to do with my wisdom teeth. I had some problems with one of them recently and went to the dentist and he recommended to extract the two that haven't come out yet. I'm really scared of the extraction, especially since I will probably get only local anaesthesia and never had anything "done" to me teeth before because everything was fine so far. Did you have your wisdom teeth extracted? Any experiences?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

At the border between jewel craft and art

Hey there!

Today I visited the KHM in Vienna - the "Kunsthistorisches Museum" (museum of art history) was built in the late 19th century together with its twin the "Naturhistorisches Museum" (museum of natural history). If you every come to Vienna, you should really visit at least one of them. The buildings are absolutely gorgeous and the exhibitions, especially the art collection in the KHM, breathtaking.

We went there this week end because they showed a special exhibition with some of Peter Carl Fabergé's works. He was a jeweler from Russia, most famous for the so called "Fabergé Eggs". Of the famous bejeweled eggs only three were shown, but there were lots of other pieces designed and crafted by him or his manufacture. The exhibition lasted only till this week end, and my mum and I had talked about going to see it already before easter, so I decided to invite her to the museum as a Mother's Day gift :)

I used the occasion and dress in Lolita again, and tried a new hair style with my own hair as well! I also noticed that my current petticoat fits this dress a lot better than my old one :3 I tried to balance my outfit between a princess-like style with my Dokuhime inspired hairdo and pearl jewelry, but also to keep it a bit toned down because I was out with my family. I'm not always sure how they feel about me wearing Lolita, but I think my parents liked my outfit quite a lot this time :) My mum even took some photos of me!

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Make-up Collection

I've been promising this for ages, so here it finally is: an extensive blogpost about my make up collection.

I hope I'm not gonna bore you to death - I mostly buy my make up in drug stores and when it's on sale (which is also why you see bright discount stickers on most of the stuff, haha) so I don't own any special products and for international readers most of the brands probably won't mean anything to you. I also used this occasion to throw out some unused stuff that I'll probably give away to my mum and/or friends, but I still feel like I have to much make up that I barely use :'D But in my defense: I haven't really bought anything in months, and compared to my time in Krems when I bought a little (useless) something at almost every single trip to the town center, I was working on slimming the collection down to what I really want to keep and didn't really expand - though I'd die to get my hands on another Sleek palette or something from Sugarpill for example!

Well, enough of the blabla, here's what I currently have - I hope you'll enjoy this post!

Attention! Picture Heavy! ;)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cold Chemistry

Hauska vappua!

Or is it Hauskaa vappua? I honestly don't know :'D Anyway, Happy May Day! It's a holiday in Europe so I had a day off and some time to play around a little bit. A while ago I decided to try my luck in Kami Zero's make up competition. The big price to win is a Cold Chemistry palette from Sugarpill, so I just randomly doodled a bit with those two words in mind and came up with ideas for this look. I reeeeally wanna own something by Sugarpill, so I'd just love to win, though I don't think I stand a chance ^^" Anyway, it was fun to do this, so it was definitely worth my time. I wish I could do stuff like this more often (and I wish my face was better suited for such bold looks, but I always have problems enough to cover my blemishes, so it's really difficult to pull off "fancy" stuff on my skin).

It turned out a little bit different than I had intended it but I guess it's okay. Considering my skin was horrible these last days, the "contouring" even looks halfway decent :3

 I love the effect of these lenses!