Friday, May 30, 2014

Project "Midnight Rose" JSK - Part I

Hey guys!
Time for something rather different today - a post about my current DIY ideas!

Ever since I got my sewing machine (actually before that already, obviously) I wanted to start sewing, sewing, sewing. I had plans to do some accessories for a while now, like wrist cuffs and such, because they're easy and I'm confident that I can do them alone.

Today I decided to pay a visit to the local fabric store (lovingly dubbed "Fetzen Müller", "Fetzen" literally "rag" or "shred of cloth". They have basically everything but it's really hit & miss) to buy some essentials like thread and pins, and also look for nice lace and fabrics.

Initially I wanted to sew a "summer" dress with some kind of floral pattern. The aim was to find a light fabric, in light colors, and make a princess-seam OP with short chiffon sleeves, so I can wear it in hot weather. However, I couldn't find the kind of fabric I was looking for: too thin, pattern too "busy", wrong colors.... I was thinking about just dropping it and maybe ordering fabric online or something, when I came across this beauty:

I have only one word for it: PERFECT
It's nothing like what I had originally planned but this fabric is just so much.... me.
It combines so many things I love: Fleur de Lis-like ornaments, roses, pearls. Colors that I absolutely love: black (obviously), white, my favorite color light blue and even some Moi-même-Moitié like cobalt blue.

I was so scared that whatever I do, I could end up messing the fabric and ruining it beyond being useful, that I ended up buying 4m of the fabric. Which at home turned out to be 5m because the guy at the store was very generous :) Now I have by far enough to sew the dress that I want and probably even more!

So here's a sneak peek at my current and future sewing plans....

The original plan for my "summer OP" with princess seam and back shirring

Adapted version for this fabric. Sleeves will be black ruffles. I have no idea how or with what kind of fabric to do the frills at the bottom end, I think I'll omit them for now. I did buy black and white fabric that I could use but I don't have enough and think I'll make them into wrist cuffs for now.

When I gain more confidence with sewing, I want to attempt a more complicated dress one day! This one is supposed to be a Roccocco-princess-style OP.

This is something I came up with in a dream, haha. It has layers of chiffon frills as "underskirt" underneath a heavy velvet fabric for the skirt and bodice. I really wanna try a "ruffle butt" like that one day. But I have to practice much more before I can make something like this!

Well, I have tons of ideas, but most of them are too difficult to attempt now. I will start with the "Midnight Rose JSK" (I think that's the perfect name for that fabric) for now, and see how it turns out. The pattern is not too complicated and I even found one on Dunkelsüß that I could modify and use. Additionally I own a summer dress with such a "princess seam" from which I can copy the upper par of the pattern, as it fits perfectly. The fabric is a bit stretchy, and I'll probably just make the back part a bid broader (so I can also do fittings on my dress form) and use a shirring to fit it, as originally planned.

So... now all that is left to do before I can start sewing is drafting the pattern!  Of course I'll try to keep you updated on the progress as much as possible!

Any seamstresses or seamsters among my readers?
Do you have any advice on my ideas before I start my project? I'd be very grateful ^^


  1. Den Stoff hätt ich auch gern.

  2. The patterns look gorgeous. All of them. *.*
    The fabric is just awesome and, whatever you're gonna make out of it, I think "Midnight Rose" is the perfect name.
    Can't wait to see first results. ^^

  3. If I saw the fabric somewhere else, would first thing think of you! :D MIdnight rose ♡
    It's such a find and since there's so much of it, you can easily make even two dresses and accessories of it. ;)

    So happy you're starting to sew and I'm sure it will turn out great, you have really nice ideas, woudl wear them all! khihihi xD Your plan sound good - upper part pattern copying and shirring. The more complicated dresses are not always that complicated, they have more work, like with the huge amount of ruffle making, but they are not always so hard and the feeling afterwards, ah, you have made managed to make a whole dress from a piece of fabric!! :D

    Good luck sweetie, I'm sure you'll do great! ♡

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Awww haha, thank you so much! :D
      Yep, I really hope I don't mess up the first attempt so I might be able to make two dresses out of this ^^
      It's true, I think especially the lower dress is not that difficult concerning the pattern, but just a lot of work. And probably also a bit difficult considering the materials I would like to use. But I suppose with some practice I will also be able to work with those!

      Thanks again ^^

  4. Der Stoff passt wirklich perfekt zu dir, kanns mir schon richtig gut vorstellen :)
    Bedruckte Stoffe beim Müller zu kaufen finde ich auch etwas schwierig, oft sind sehr altmodische Farben kombiniert oder das Material ist nicht das wahre.

    Die Skizzen sind echt toll geworden *-* Die erste erinnert mich an irgendeinen Disney Film... Bei der zweiten Skizze gefallen mir die Ärmel und im Rock das etwas hochgezogene richtig gut. :) Das letzte Kleid ist wirklich traumhaft! <3 Es sieht wirklich schwer zu nähen aus, ich hoffe du schafft es nach etwas Übung!
    Ich freu mich jedenfalls schon darauf das Ergebnis mit dem wunderschönen Stoff zu sehen. <3

    1. Ja, es war ein echter Glücksgriff ^__^
      Das Material ist auch nicht soo optimal... ein bisschen stretchy, aber immerhin blickdicht und schön bedruckt. Es gab zwei andere Stoffe mit rosenprints die wären auch genial gewesen aber der eine war auf grundfarbe blau, und das blau war so "lückenhaft" gedruckt dass es irgendwie wie jeans aussah >__> sonst wäre der echt hübsch gewesen!

      Mal sehen ob ich das alles so hinbekomme, bei diesem Kleid - dann traue ich mich vielleicht auch bald an etwas schwereres ^__^ Und irgendwann setzen wir dann auch unsere Cosplay Pläne um und gehen zusammen auf eine Convention! :D

  5. Der Stoff ist so 100% du *-* hab ihn schon auf Instagram bewundert, der passt einfach so perfekt zu dir :)
    Ich bewundere ja Leute, die nähen können und deine Zeichnungen sind auch soo schön. Ich bin echt gespannt auf das Ergebnis.

    1. Dankeschön! ^___^
      Ich muss mich jetzt leider erstmal auf ein paar Prüfungen konzentrieren aber ich hoffe ich kann Mitte des Monats schon mit dem Kleid beginnen X3 Ob ich das wirklich so umsetzen kann wie ich es mir vorstelle weiß ich zwar nicht, aber wir werden sehen XD

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Der Stoff sieht richtig richtig schön aus. Wenn ich genug Talent hätte um mir daraus ein Kleidungsstück zu nähen... dann hätte ich ihn mir auch geholt.
    Ich bin sehr gespannt wie das Ergebnis wird <3

    LG, Jade


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