Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summertime Madness

Hey, I'm not dead!

Just really busy lately. Or, not so much busy as rather overwhelmed with my life and everything. But before I rant on, here's an outfit I wore this week end to a family event. Keeping it casual - or rather, being too lazy to do some nice make up. And I haven't dyed my hair since May D:

Friday, June 20, 2014

~Stranded mermaid~

Hey there!

Ah, this week seems like it has been dragging on forever... coming next week I will star to have exams again so I wanted to relax a bit but in the end I feel like I just wasted my time mostly :< I don't seem to be able to get anything done lately, my motivation is absolute zero and somehow I am really unhappy about my life.

At the beginning of the week, I met my friend Mimi for dinner and chatting, it was really nice to have a good reason to get out of the house and wear some make up and such. We had a lot of fun together!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY: Customizing Bodyline, "summer bloomers" and making two out of one!

Hey guys!

I have been sewing A LOT lately, and I really think this is becoming a big new hobby of mine!
As promised I'll keep you updated about my latest proceedings, I'm really happy that I finally have something creative to blog about again, because lately I felt like my life was really boring and I really didn't know what to blog about, haha!

To "warm up" I customized my "Love Jewelry" JSK from Bodyline a little bit. I've been planning to do this every since I got the dress, and was collecting ideas for some time, and just when I wore it for the first time I finally had the "revelation" what I want to do with it!

Tadaa! XD It looks a bit awkward because I didn't take the time to properly fit the dress to the dress form.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Gypsy Vampire // Outfit, Shopping & 11 Questions answered

Hey guys! Before

I spam you with my latest sewing experiments I was thinking I'd throw in some daily outfit and make up and just some blabla so I don't flood everything with Lolita related content, haha! Actually, not much is happening right now in my life. I'm not obliged to attend my courses at university and since I only have 1 course per day, I don't bother to take the 1h trip by train to the city for 90min of lecture. In the 3.5h I waste that way I can easily study the content of the lectures myself. Oh the joys of university, where nobody gives a F if you're there or not!

It's getting reeeeally hot in Austria these days, we're having about 30°C in the shade most of the time, but at least it's still quite cool at night! I dread the coming months, when we will probably reach a point where it won't have any less than 25°C at night as well. I sleep so badly already, and the heat is really taking it's toll on my body D:

I try to dress as lightly as possible, but I don't wanna show so much skin because I don't really feel comfortable in my body at the moment. Recently I was sorting through the clothes in my closet when I found this skirt again, I almost forgot that I had it!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

International Lolita Day 2014 - Summer Edition

Whoa, I can hardly believe it's been half a year since the last ILD! This time once again I asked around in out community if anybody was interested in doing something together so I organized I little meet up :3

Everyone was super pretty! Click for enlarged view ♥

It's very hot again in Austria, so dressing up in full frills was a challenge! One person who had wanted to come couldn't make it because the heat was too much for her :( I was also in a pretty bad shape and I suppose I could or should have worn something more "airy" but I really, really wanted to wear this dress before it just gets too hot ♥

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Hey, I think I'm getting better at regularly taking photos of my outfits, haha!
I plan to get a full body mirror soon too, so I can also take more spontaneous pics if I'm on the run to uni or such, in case I wear anything more exciting than jeans and a random shirt :D

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I went to watch Godzilla (hence the very creative title of this blogpost, also: atention, some spoilers below the cut!). I wanted to try this outfit for a while now, and thought the gray wig would match it quite nicely. I thought about the rokku gyaru style here mainly. I think a pair of spiked Litas would have been the perfect eye catcher... but I can't even afford to buy replicates at the moment, have to save my money for Australia ^^" (Also I'm not even sure I could walk in Litas).

Sunday, June 1, 2014

DIY Tutorial: Wrist Cuffs

Yep, I'm on a "sewing spree" !
(Eine deutsche Version dieses Tutorials findet ihr auf Dunkelsüß!)

I decided to try my sewing machine (and myself) at something smaller than an entire dress so I started with simple wrist cuffs. My last attempt like two years ago was slightly embarrassing and the result looked very "old school".... this time, I think I already did much better and they look a lot more like they're supposed to, haha. It was pretty easy actually - even I could do it and I'm not very experienced :) So I'm gonna provide you with a short and easy tutorial on how to sew such wrist cuffs, with lots of room for customization and improvement according to your taste and skill.