Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIY: Customizing Bodyline, "summer bloomers" and making two out of one!

Hey guys!

I have been sewing A LOT lately, and I really think this is becoming a big new hobby of mine!
As promised I'll keep you updated about my latest proceedings, I'm really happy that I finally have something creative to blog about again, because lately I felt like my life was really boring and I really didn't know what to blog about, haha!

To "warm up" I customized my "Love Jewelry" JSK from Bodyline a little bit. I've been planning to do this every since I got the dress, and was collecting ideas for some time, and just when I wore it for the first time I finally had the "revelation" what I want to do with it!

Tadaa! XD It looks a bit awkward because I didn't take the time to properly fit the dress to the dress form.

This is how the dress looked like originally.

I used an old pearl necklace and two sets of hook and eye, because I wanted to make the pearl chain detachable. 

So why make the pearl chain detachable? There are several simple reasons: First, I can now use the chain for a different dress too or wear it as hair accessory etc. Secondly, when I want to wash the dress, I can remove the chain so it won't get damaged in the washing machine! Thirdly, perhaps I want to wear the dress with some big jewelry one day, in that case I can remove the chain easily.

I really love the result, it's amazing how such a simple modification can change the appearance of a dress so much. I think it looks a lot more elegant now and I'm looking forward to wearing it again soon :3

So, before I stared to work on my "Midnight Rose" project, I wanted to sew a pair of bloomers, thinking it would be a nice and easy piece for practice. In Lolita fashion, some people see it as a must to wear them. Personally, I don't have any "real" bloomers, I have a pair of lacey shorts that I wear under my dresses most of the time, but they're made from synthetic material and thus too warm for summer! We're gonna have a meet up in July in Vienna again, and so I thought about what I could wear... and I also had the idea to sew myself a nice pair of "summer bloomers"!

I found a cute and very light fabric at the local fabric store when I was looking for something to turn into a summer dress. I love the print and fabric but it's just really not suited for a whole dress, but I thought for bloomers it could work out... I used the general measurements from this tutorial on Dunkelsüß but made them much more simple. I used the patterns for the "legs", then cut out an additional wide rectangle of fabric that I attached to the legs and used to attach the rubber band. I also added some ruffles to the seam at the legs, mainly because it looked a bit boring without. It was tough to work with them because the fabric was too elastic and soft for machine sewing (it would always get caught up and stuck in the machine) so I sewed them to the bloomers by hand. Anyway, here's the result:

I think they turned out pretty cute ^__^ I still wish I could find a nice and light fabric for a floral summer dress, but I guess I'll have to keep looking. I don't wanna buy expensive fabric so I have to wait until our local fabric store restocks something nice.... Until then I still have my Midnight Rose JSK to work on anyway, though I probably won't wear it in summer because the fabric is so heavy D:

Now that I felt a bit more comfortable with my sewing machine, I finally altered my pink Bodyline skirt - something I wanted to do every since I bought it in February! I think the design is absolutely lovely, it simply was too long! So I just opened a seam between the rubber band and the skirt, made a fold of about 10cm and sewed it together again. The first time, I messed up because the fabric got folds in the wrong places, but I was able to correct it mostly. Now I think I'll just be wearing a blouse or cutsew over it anyway!

As you can see, the skirt also ended up too short - thought when I wear it myself the petticoat doesn't show as much as on the dress form. I'm not too happy about that but I keep thinking that as long as the petticoat is white it shouldn't bother me too much. Maybe I'll attach some broad lace at the bottom of the skirt if I can find some one day. In the mean time, I'm happy that my Classical Puppets petti has such nice white lace at the bottom, so it doesn't look too terrible.

I'm thinking about wearing this skirt and a cutsew to the next Lolita meet up in summer! If it gets as hot as I fear it will, I'll happily go for a "casual" coord this time!

Last but not least, when I re-organized my clothes a while ago, I came across this dress and thought about selling it.... I bought it years ago for a "fête blanche" and while I really like it it just doesn't suit me at all! I bought it on a sale and they only had a single piece left that was about 2 sizes too big. So first my grandma made it tighter by sewing in some cm in the back, but the bodice was simply too long. The bodice would always move downward toward the skirt, and the skirt would always move upward along my hips >__< I tried to wear it several times but always felt uncomfortable as hell!

It's rather wrinkled :'D Ooops...

But I really like the design and style - so I decided to give it a try and make something different out of it....

Tadaa! I also added some lace to the top because I thought it would look quite nice :3

At that point I hadn't cut and re-laced that ribbon-thingie on the two pieces so it looks rather loose, but after I did that both fitted perfectly! Especially the top is now fitting surprisingly well and doesn't move "southward" anymore XD It's much more comfortable to wear it like that! I love it ^__^

So, that's it!
I also started to work on "Midnight Rose" by now, but I'll show you pictures of it another update soon! :)


  1. The first dress is so beautiful! The top is a bit too frilly for my taste, but I absolutely love the full skirt.

    1. Yeah, I do love the print especially, but I agree that the top is VERY frilly - I thought about removing some of the lace but when worn I realized I actually kinda like it :) The lace is not the best but it's only noticeable up close, and I like to wear this dress with dark colors anyway so I welcome a bit of "contrast" :3

  2. Wow, you've been a busy bee! I love that pearl accent, so delicate.

  3. so viele schöne Sachen *-* du kannst das echt richtig gut :) bin auf dein Kleid gespannt.

    1. Dankeschön ^__^ Vielleicht werd ich noch vor dem Sommer-Meet-up fertig und trage es doch schon dort... mal sehen ^^

  4. Wow the first dress looks a lot more elegant now, I like it a lot!
    And the baby pink skirt, I aactually think it looks really cute with the lace ppeping out at the bottom, if you combine it with a white cutsew or whichever top you chose it will pull the top and bottom together really well.

    The last outfit looks great as a two-piece set, much nicher that as a dress! I really admire people who have a sewing talent, I never would have thought of making a dress into a skirt and top.

    1. Thank you ^///^
      I don#t actually think I have real "talent" :'D I made so many mistakes (like sewing pieces together the wrong way, and realizing it only after I was almost finished XD) all the time... but I love to plan and think about how I want to do these things and I look a lot at the clothes I already have to figure out little tricks and such. And recently I'm also sometimes lying awake at night, thinking about the seams, how I should do them etc etc XD
      I guess I'm just good at planning ahead. If I don't screw it up by mixing up the right and left side of a fabric and such, haha

  5. Ahh, finally. The pink ribbon overkill is gone. ^^
    And the detachable pearl necklace is just brilliant. :D

    I think the lace at the bottom of the pink bodyline skirt doesn't look terrible at all. Ok, it's too white, but it's not like you couldn't match it with some other accessories when you're wearing it so the lace won't stand out too much.

    And I'm NOT gonna say anything about the white dress because even just looking at it feels forbidden. *.*
    Really cute. ^^


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