Friday, June 13, 2014

Gypsy Vampire // Outfit, Shopping & 11 Questions answered

Hey guys! Before

I spam you with my latest sewing experiments I was thinking I'd throw in some daily outfit and make up and just some blabla so I don't flood everything with Lolita related content, haha! Actually, not much is happening right now in my life. I'm not obliged to attend my courses at university and since I only have 1 course per day, I don't bother to take the 1h trip by train to the city for 90min of lecture. In the 3.5h I waste that way I can easily study the content of the lectures myself. Oh the joys of university, where nobody gives a F if you're there or not!

It's getting reeeeally hot in Austria these days, we're having about 30°C in the shade most of the time, but at least it's still quite cool at night! I dread the coming months, when we will probably reach a point where it won't have any less than 25°C at night as well. I sleep so badly already, and the heat is really taking it's toll on my body D:

I try to dress as lightly as possible, but I don't wanna show so much skin because I don't really feel comfortable in my body at the moment. Recently I was sorting through the clothes in my closet when I found this skirt again, I almost forgot that I had it!

I bought it second hand some years ago, and it looks pretty old but is still in awesome condition. I love the cut so much! And the fabric is very light and perfect for summer, so I plan to wear it more often from now on :3 I also tried to do a new kind of make up for a change - I tried colors I have never combined before, I saw a photo of such a look a while ago but it had no source, but it was really inspiring. The colors reminded me of a soap bubble, so soft an shimmering! So I raided my make up table for colors that look similar and tried it for myself :3

So, that day I went shopping with my boyfriend because we really need some clothes for summer... I got some loose shirts and tops and a white dress!

So much white XD I got the shirt on the right in white and black, you can see the black one in the outfit photo :3

My boyfriend liked the shirts so much that he bought them for me X3 And I also bought a pair of white sandals. Every since my Espadrilles disintegrated about two years ago I wanted to have a nice and comfortable pair of summer shoes. Ideally in a light color so I can match them to my light summer clothes! Aaaand I found the perfect pair! I usually don't like these very delicate sandals because I have somewhat narrow feet and in most of those shoes I end up slipping around a lot, even if I pick a smaller size. These are okay in that matter, and I also bought some kind of anti-slip-pads to put into your shoes. I'll put them to the test soon! Ahh, I'm really looking forward tow earing my new stuff, haha!


I also got a blog award - Ryo van Grotesque tagged me with the "Liebster award"! Thank you very much, Ryo ♥

The rules are to link to the person who tagged you, answer the 11 questions they asked, tagg some new people and think about your own 11 questions. But I'm a lazy bastard and really can't think of neither any questions nor of anyone to tag. Sorry! I'll blame it on the heat that has fried my brain! However, here are my answers....

1. Was ist derzeit dein größter Wunsch? // What is your biggest wish?
As boring as it sounds, I wish I had financial security. For once, I just wish I had a job that gets paid as promised, so I don't have to constantly fear that every cent I spent might be result in me not being able to pay the bills at the end of the year. My whole future worries me a lot recently. I don't wanna move abroad in the next years, yet it is likely that I won't find a good job here...

2. Wo findest du deine Inspiration (Mode/Zeichnen..usw)? // Where do you get your inspiration from?
That's really hard to say because I try to come up with most things by myself (as for fashion), but of course I'm influenced by the things I see everyday. I follow people who inspire me on lookbook, facebook or twitter, and especially with make up I often save pictures

3. Für was bist du in deinem Leben am dankbarsten? // What are you most grateful for in your life?
The place, time and family I was born into. I think I couldn't have had it any better. My family loves and supports me always and forever, and I am very happy that I was born in the late 20th century, in a time and age where I have pretty much all the freedom I could wish for. Austria is far from perfect but in my opinion, it's still a pretty decent country to live in, and I am super happy that I got to grow up in a rural area surounded by nature, yet only 20min away from the captial city.

4. Du hast die Wahl: Du hast entweder nur einen sehr guten Freund. Oder viele oberflächliche Freunde und keinen Seelenverwandten. Wie entscheidest du? // If you had to chose between a single very good friend or many "superficial" friendships but not "soul mate", how would you chose?
I kinda made that decision a long time ago. I pretty much only have one very good friend, my boyfriend. I had superficial friendships for some time but they never really made me happy. Of course I still have a lot of friends that I don't see very often or never at all because I only know them via internet. I love these people nonetheless, but when it comes to very personal things, I would probably not talk about them with those people. My boyfriend knows pretty much everything about me, so I guess option 1 is true for me already.

5. Welcher Song geht dir sehr nahe und wieso? // Which song touches you deeply and why?

I can't really say why this song touches me so deeply and I feel so strong for it, despite it not having any lyrics. Yet I feel like it expresses more than words could ever say. When I first heard it on the album when it was brand new, my first thought was literally "beautiful" in an absolutely perfect way, aesthetically pleasing not only because it sounds amazing but because it brings images to my mind that are so heartbreakingly beautiful that it makes me wanna laugh and cry at the same time.

6. Was ist das schlimmste was man dir in einer Freundschaft angetan hat? // What was the worst thing that was ever done to you in a friendship?
Oh, that's difficult to answer. I never had this kind of experience where a friend goes behind your back or something like that. I think the worst experience I had was losing my best friend in high school, she went abroad for a year and after she came back our friendship just didn't work anymore. It really broke my heart because the time without her was hard for me as it was, but when she came back and all my hope of our friendship continuing was shattered, I was deeply disappointed. But I can't blame her, we didn't see each other for a year and I supposed we both changed a lot during that time...

7. Was ist das schlimmste was du in einer Freundschaft verbrochen hast? // What was the worst you did in a friendship?
Equally hard to answer. I'd say, not seeing how much was wrong with somebody who was always happy, when in truth they were very sad.

8. Wenn du eine Band treffen könntest, welche wäre es? // If you had the chance to meet a band, which would you like to meet?
HIM or Apocalyptica! Either would be amazing :)

9. Was ist dein Traumberuf? // What's your dream job?
Scientist :) Sometimes I think I'd like to go into science communication most, but it's hard to find a job in that field and probably I wouldn't be very suited for it. But I can dream, right? :D
Being an artist would be cool too and was my "Plan B" for a long time, but by now I feel I'm to old to change my path.

10. Wo bist du bis jetzt schon überall hingereist? // What places have you traveled to?
Phew, I actually traveled a lot when I was a kid because my mum is in aviation business. I'll just try to remember everything by country!
I've been to Spain: Barcelona, Menorca (or was it Mallorca? I was only 2 1/2 years old so I don't remember XD), Grand Canaria. I've been to Paris and Cannes, London (several times by now, actually), Rome, Venice and Grosseto (my aunt lives there). Of the more northern cities, I've seen Helsinki, Turku of course, and Saariselkä in Lapland, and Stockholm. Oh and I almost forgot Amsterdam! I've been to Prague and Český Krumlov once, respectively. In Hungary, I've been to Sopron (several times) and Budapest (though I don't remember either very well because I was rather young). I've been to Maribor once, but only for a very short trip, back when I was still rowing there was some regatta there. I've been to Croatia once when my grandma was still alive, but I don't remember it very well. I've been to Crete and Cyprus, and several times to some place in Turkey, but it was so long ago I have no idea where it was. I was in Tunisia and saw the Sahara desert, and in Dubai once.
Overseas, I've been to the Dominican Republic twice or three times with my mum. I've been to New York and Bozeman, Montana in the US. While Bozeman does not sound overly exiting, during that trip we also visited the famous Yellowstone National Park.
I think... that's it! Wow, I never realized how much I've traveled in my life already o.o 

11. Zähle 6 Eigenschaften auf die dich beschreiben. // List six of your character traits!
~ perfectionist
~ egoist
~ procrastinator
~ too creative for my own good
~ sniveling
~ very critical of myself (and it's so funny how, no matter what I list before that and how bad it sounds and how much truth there is in it, by saying this I must sound like the most self-absorbed, ignorant and narcissistic person ever)

So, how's the weather like where you live?
Is it hot already? I'm kinda scared of how it will be like in July and August when it's so hot already!


  1. Das weiße Kleid ist schön. Und durch die ganzen Orte, an denen du schon warst, wurde mein Fernweh wieder geweckt.

    1. meines irgendwie auch :'D es ist so seltsam wenn ich bedenke dass ich einen großteil dieser orte ca in den ersten 2/3 meines lebens besucht habe. leider kann ich mich daher auch an vieles nicht so gut erinnern :(

  2. Aaaah, ich mag das Outfit :3 Kann mich gar nicht entscheiden ob ich den Rock oder das Shirt lieber mag :D

    1. haha dankeschön ^///^ ich lieeebe solche shirs, habe eines in offwhite aber das ist leider schon total verzogen und verwaschen, deswegen bin ich sehr froh dass ich ersatz gefunden habe :3

  3. schönes Outfit :3 ich muss meinen Maxirock auch mal anziehen ^^ Und das Top hab ich auch ^^
    Die Schuhe sind schön, ich drück dir die Daumen mit dem Rutschen.. kenn ich leider auch nur zu gut :/

    1. sie sind echt perfekt für jetzt im sommer ^___^
      Ich hoffe auch dass sie nicht zuu unbequem sein werden :< naja ich werde schon sehen, im moment ist es mir fast etwas zu kühl für offene schuhe!

  4. Es ist ein schönes Outfit :) schön luftig :)
    Schöne Sachen hast du dir gekauft..sooo weiß :D
    Ich habe das gefühl in Österreich ist immer viel schöneres Wetter als hier bei uns XD bei uns ist schon wieder recht kalt mit um die 20°C nur und morgens noch weniger...
    Finanzielle Sicherheit würde ich mir auch wünschen. Und dabei habe ich viel weniger Ausgaben und sonstige Sachen, die an mir hängen...
    Du bist echt ganz schön rumgekommen :) das ist ja wirklich toll ^^

  5. Dein Outfit ist wie immer - PERFEKT.
    Ich liebe deinen Style und sehe mir immer wieder gerne deine Fotos an.

    Zu den Fragen: NATÜRLICH super beantwortet! haha
    Es hat mich sehr gefreut dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast um sie zu beantworten ♥



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