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International Lolita Day 2014 - Summer Edition

Whoa, I can hardly believe it's been half a year since the last ILD! This time once again I asked around in out community if anybody was interested in doing something together so I organized I little meet up :3

Everyone was super pretty! Click for enlarged view ♥

It's very hot again in Austria, so dressing up in full frills was a challenge! One person who had wanted to come couldn't make it because the heat was too much for her :( I was also in a pretty bad shape and I suppose I could or should have worn something more "airy" but I really, really wanted to wear this dress before it just gets too hot ♥

We met in Vienna near the Hofburg - I actually was 30min late because I had a little accident with my hair. I washed it last night and wanted to make curls so I could wear my hair open underneath those curly clip ins and it would blend. But it didn't work AT ALL! I ended up with my hair looking more straight than ever. I was pretty frustrated and tried to improvise... I felt so embarrassed about being late for the meet up I organized myself!

But anyway, after I arrived, we took some photos in a nearby, shady archway. I think the place we picked provided quite a nice background and the photos turned out quite good! (More photos will probably be uploaded on our community facebook fan page in a few days)
We took the group photo using automatic release and putting the camera on one of those stone steps, haha :D

So, here's a better view of my outfit!

I guess "My hair is too long" is probably one of the most ridiculous First World Lolita Problems :'D

I tried a slightly different make up style. I got new lashes from ebay, my first "brand" lashes from Diamond lash, since I grew really fond of the style. I had hoped that for the price, they would also be more durable... but when I removed them back at home one of them suddenly lost a lot of "hair" and I had to throw it away :(

Details from the print and my jewelry! I wore my self sewn wrist cuffs. The bracelet has several charms, one is a bird cage which I thought suits the print pretty well! There's also a little tea pot, haha

After taking photos we went to the Hofburg to visit the Sisi Museum. The guy at the ticket counter was so nice, he politely asked me what kind of group we were and when I told him about Lolita fashion he said "Ohh Lolita! That's what my colleague said too, so she was right! You all look really pretty!". I then handed him my student ID and asked if he's able to recognize me despite all the make up, haha.

The ticket for the Sisi Museum costs about 10€ which I at first thought to be rather expensive, but that's because I didn't realize that the "Silberkammer" is included too! Most of the former imperial silverware (and goldware and even some ivory-ware and what have you) and porcelain is shown there, it was actually pretty impressive.

That was my absolute favorite piece! There were dozens of these detailed and realistically painted plates, this one shows one of my favorite flowers, an iris. I was thinking "We should invite some Lolita Fashion brand designer and lead through here and hope they make some really nice prints out of it!" I'm such a sucker for everything floral, I was totally overwhelmed by all the pretty plates ♥

Countless chandeliers, platters, identical sets of what must have been a hundred or more - it's weird to imagine that back in those days, this was the only way to have a well-lit table. Also, try to imagine a huge banquet with so many chandeliers required to light a long table for probably several hundred people. Wow!

Bibi and Sarah examining a peculiar set of cutlery that was made half from gold and half from what looked like ivory.

I really like this set because it reminds me of a set of plates my grandmother used to have. Though not as delicately painted and with a different motive, the color was just the same. 

After we had passed through the Silverkammer, we found ourselves in a tourist shop and had lost a part of the group. My first thought was "Now where was the Sisi part of the exhibition?" and that was when I realized that these are two separate exhibitions, and our ticket was valid for both :) That's why I really think the ticket is worth the money! There really was a lot to see over all and I could have spent even more time easily. Sarah, Bibi and I waited a while at the shop because we thought we had past them, and I bought the black fan you can see in the upper picture! In the end we went on and it later turned out the other girls had somehow sneaked past us without us noticing so in the end they had to wait for us :'D 

Unfortunately it was forbidden to take photos in the Sisi museum. If you ever come to Vienna, I would recommend you check it out if you're interested in such things. It was very well made, with a lot of additional information about Sisi's daily life and public image. For example, dentist tolls and letters to and from her dentist were displayed, effectively disproving the popular rumor that the Empress had bad teeth! They also showed her death mask - it looked so lifelike and so beautiful. Sisi must really have been a stunning lady.

The most impressive part of the exhibition where her clothes (or replications of them). A special short-term exhibition featured some never before seen garments of hers, like fur coats and casual "home wear". Also on display was her coronation dress from when she was crowned queen of Hungary. It was absolutely breathtaking. The bodice was made from dark black velvet, decorated with pears, the dress itself was made with lots of ruffles and lace and incredibly long and beautiful. It must have weighed a ton, but it was definitely gorgeous to look at!

Later on, the tour leads you through several rooms of the royal apartments. I always find it very interesting to see how people lived decades or centuries ago, being it poor or rich people. The rooms ranged from the Emperor's office, where he lovingly displayed a collection of photographs of his children, to the couple's separate bed rooms, and also led through Sisi's bath room. It is said that she was the one who let a plumbing system be introduced into the Hofburg, and she took baths regularly and often - which was something rather unusual back in those days.

After we met up again outside of the museum, we went to an Italian restaurant close by - the one we had already been to at the meet up in Ferbuary. Federica was so kind to make a reservation, because she speaks Italian and last time there was some confusion with the staff. I think if we go there another time we'll already be recognized, haha :'D

I wasn't really hungry because it was so hot, but the food there is really good and for a restaurant in the 1st district the prices are absolutely great. Federica ordered a Tiramisu for dessert, and the portion she got was so huge, at first glance I thought it's a Germknödel XD We ended up sharing it a bit because it was so much!

I think this "tradition" that we most often do some "culture" program and than go for dinner at meet ups is really cool :) But I really wanna go to a picnic or something like that again some time soon as well, because then you get to chat1 more! Actually, when I think about it, I'm amazed how well I manage my social awkwardness in Lolita and in our community. Sometimes I am afraid I talk too much or too loud or I'm being rude but the people always make me feel I'm welcome, and I really appreciate that ♥

So, after dinner we took a short stroll to a vegan ice shop at Rothenturmstraße but the queue was so long that we split up there before everyone went on their way home. I was really glad that I had come to town by car, because I didn't want to have to wait for a train! Also, it meant that I could take off my petticoat, haha! It was really hot, and I'm filled with dread when I start to imagine what it will be like at the next meet up in July....

Thanks for reading ♥
Did you do something for ILD? Or anything else this week end? :3


  1. Ich finde dein Kostüm am schönsten!
    Danke auch für die Wien-Tipps. Ich werde irgendwann im Verlaufe der nächsten drei Monate hinfahren. Hast du noch mehr Tipps für mich? :D

    1. Dankeschön ^^

      Also im ersten Bezirk sind so die Touristen-Hotspots, da ist eigentlich wirklich alles sehenswert. Mit der D Linie (Straßenbahn) kann man den Ring entlang fahren der im Grunde komplett von historischen Gebäuden gesäumt ist. Es lohnt sich deifnitiv da mal entlang zu spazieren und einfach von Außen einen Blick auf das Parlamentsgebäude, Burgtheater, Rathaus und Oper zu werfen, wenn man was für Architektur übrig hat. an tollen Kirchen gäbe es zB die Votivkirche und den bekannten Stephansdom. Auch sehenswert ist das Schloss Schönbrunn am Rande der Stadt. In der Hofburg gibt es diverse Sehenswürdigkeiten, wie das oben genannte Museum, ganz in der Nähe die Nationalbibliothek und gegenüber das Natur- und Kunsthistorische Museum - wobei die beiden Museen zwar toll sind, aber nicht gerade "typisch Wien" sondern eben Objekte aus aller Welt austellen. Bei einem Kurztripp in eine neue Stadt kann man da finde ich Abstriche machen. Was auch nicht unbedingt ein "Must see" ist meiner Meinung nach, ist der Prater. Das Riesenrad ist zwar auch so ein Wahrzeichen Wiens, aber damit fahren ist nicht unbedingt was besonderes. Vielleicht eher durch den Prater spazieren und sich umsehen.
      Es gibt einen Aquazoo, das Haus des Meeres, die auch zwei kleine Tropenhäuser haben, und natürlich den relativ bekannten Schönbrunner Tiergarten, wo sie gerade Wolfsjunge und ich glaub Gepardenjunge haben :)
      Und für eine schöne Aussicht über die Stadt kann man zum Beispiel im Donaturm Abendessen - dort ist ganz Oben ein Panoramarestaurant. Es gibt auch Donaukanalrundfahrten, in unterschiedlicher Länge, wo man ein bisschen was von der Stadtgeschichte erzählt bekommt und einen schönen Blick auf die Bauten an den Ufern hat. Und so eine City-Bus-Tour gibts natürlich auch.

      Puh, das ist jetzt mal alles was mir auf die Schnelle so einfällt ^^

    2. Danke für deine vielen Anregungen! Der Tiergarten steht auf alle Fälle auf meiner Liste wegen den Pandas, dies ja nur in ganz wenigen Zoos in Europa gibt.

  2. Ich finde du sahst absolut bezaubernd aus! Ich liebe die ganzen Details in dem Outfit :) und der Kontrast zwischen den weißen Schuhen und dem Rest ist wunderbar!
    Und es scheint, als hätte Wien nur so tolle Hintergründe für Lolita Bilder :D
    Und das Problem mit den Haaren habe ich auch...wenn ich es nicht brauche, dann sieht meine Naturwelle schon fast Lolita-Wallehaar-mäßig aus....versucht man ein wenig nachzuhelfen werden sie super glatt >_<

  3. So tolle Lolitas :D
    Ich finde dein Outfit voll schön! Es steht dir richtig gut. Aber das ist echt ärgerlich mit Wimpern... Da kauft man sich ein gutes Paar und dann muss man es wegwerfen... :/ Aber sie sahen wirklich gut an dir aus!

    LG, Jade

  4. dein Outfit war so schön <3 wie eine Puppe - postiv gemeint! :) ich mag den Mix von Rosa und Schwarz. Achsoo und dein neues Profilbild ist toll. Uuund ich mag deine Einträge über Treffen in Museen, da lernt man sogar noch was :D

  5. Hallo!!
    Ich habe dir einen Blog-Award verliehen!
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du mal rein schnupperst~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

    R Y O


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