Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Hey, I think I'm getting better at regularly taking photos of my outfits, haha!
I plan to get a full body mirror soon too, so I can also take more spontaneous pics if I'm on the run to uni or such, in case I wear anything more exciting than jeans and a random shirt :D

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I went to watch Godzilla (hence the very creative title of this blogpost, also: atention, some spoilers below the cut!). I wanted to try this outfit for a while now, and thought the gray wig would match it quite nicely. I thought about the rokku gyaru style here mainly. I think a pair of spiked Litas would have been the perfect eye catcher... but I can't even afford to buy replicates at the moment, have to save my money for Australia ^^" (Also I'm not even sure I could walk in Litas).

As for the movie, I didn't really wanna go at first because I don't particularly like monster films or "catastrophe" films in general. In German TV the latter is its own weird genre and certain private TV channels spawn them at varying degrees of atrocity more or less every year. Imagine something like Sharknado, but taking itself very seriously. But anyway, my general problem with those films is just that I don't like their "real-ness". I just like fantasy or Sci-Fi movies more, and don't really wanna see a kind of catastrophe that could happen to the real world any day (not that I expect Godzilla to come around any second of course, haha). That's also why I don't like movies about war in particular.

As for monster films or Godzilla specifically, I was traumatized by the 90s US version of Godzilla that I saw as a kid and considered about as stupid and boring as the Jurassic Park movies (yep, I don't like those either, haha). But I do remember that I saw some Godzilla vs Mothra movie at some point during my childhood and thought it was pretty cool. So I really had some mixed feelings. But in the end, the movie was surprisingly goods, despite having its flaws.

I didn't wear the gray wig in the end but I really wanted to take some photos with it! I'm just not very convinced if it suits me and my boyfriend didn't really like it either ^^" 

Close up of my make up that day - Lenses are GEO Xtra Bella Grey

(just some random thoughts about the movie)

I really liked the beginning of the movie - the first few minutes where they provide you with a glimpse of "Project Monarch" and establish some background of the story. Before I studied Molecular Biology I actually wanted to study Physics and become a nuclear physicist, due to a big fascination with atom and quantum physics. The idea that the atomic bomb tests at the Bikini atoll were actually just targeted tries to exterminate Godzilla is interesting - I like it when fiction films mix in some real life events of the past that I can relate to and thus make a connection between the fictional world and the real one!

As for the nuclear disaster at the power plant in Japan, I was surprised how well I took it. Actually, this is a point of criticism for the movie because what happened there simply happened too fast. Personally, I just had no connection to the characters at that point, so when disaster struck I shrugged it off as a "meh". The disaster itself and its effect on the surrounding city concerned me much more than the story of the briefly introduced characters that would drag the plot along for the rest of the movie.

In general, the characters were excruciatingly boring. The killed of Bryan Cranston, the crazy scientist "who was right all along" and leave us with his boring son instead. They show him among other random people first-hand experiencing the damage caused by the M.U.T.O. in Hawaii, his boring family in San Francisco as the city breaks into chaos, but at no point in the movie did I feel any connection to these characters. I really liked the two scientists, especially Ken Watanabe. That moment when he showed the military commander his father's pocket watch had a profound effect on me. I really wish the story had focused more on him!

The whole movie I was wondering why the fuck they show us the story of this boring guy. On one hand, it feels like a typical "every day guy saves the world" story, though as a bomb specialist he isn't so much "every day" either. There is this moment where his dad tells him to "protect his family at all costs" but in fact he does the exact opposite of what you would expect him to do now - he joins the military operation and plays a crucial role in it, instead of getting to his family as fast as possible to evacuate them from the city. It makes sense of course, because in the long run he saved many more people, but it still feels like a slightly weird decision. Especially since they could have cut out his whole family backstory altogether and simply make the story about a heroic soilder bomb specialist guy who saved the day, and it would have been fine. The family as a plot device only gets in the way and makes his choices somehow weird.
In general, I didn't like how the movie attempted and failed to use children to dramatize the story. The little girl who watches the waves recede at the beach in Hawaii? Of course she has to be a little girl, so we as an audience feel more compassion towards her...? Or the boy who gets separated from his parents at the airport? Of course the super cool hero guy has to protect a little kid on the train so we not only see that he is good with kids (which wasn't obvious enough from the fact that he has a kid at home) in addition to being super cool, we also can feel a certain relief when a whole family complete with father, mother and child falls out of the wrecked train into the dark depths, AT LEAST it wasn't our super cool hero guy and the random kid he protects...?

My point is, the whole movie would essentially have been much more interesting without its "main character". At least the movie would have been totally able to get its "point" across without boring family of the super cool heroic dude, or by putting the heroic dude together with the sciency dudes so we can save the world with science and firepower combined, yeah!

There were so many "unused" moments in this movie, things that were said where you think "Oh I suppose this has a meaning and will be important at some point!" yet it didn't happen - to an extent where it actually got frustrating! First, we have the hero guy leaving the plane afer his two-year-or-something mission in god knows who and the military guy telling him to "Take it easy" with his family re-union because it might not be what he expects etc. But we don't get the implied reunion-conflict. Not even when he has to leave that very same night to pick up his dad from a police station in Japan (wth in fact).
There's that moment where the dying scientist tells his son to protect his family at all costs, consider he lost his wife in the nuclear power plant disaster, yet he does not seem to give a fuck about his father's last words and joins a military operation instead (first in order to get to San Francisco but later as a bomb specialist). Don't get me wrong, it's cool that this guy was willing to break his important promise to his family to save the day but again, why was it not more emphasized? Why was there no struggle? Why ma I left to wonder "What was he really thinking?" all the time when he is in fact the main character that I am supposed to form a bond with and supposed to understand his actions?
Or that moment where the female  M.U.T.O. strides right above our hero and he sees glowing orange eggs jiggling around in its belly. This feels like some serious "HOLY SHIT KILL IT WITH FIRE BEFORE IT LAYS THOSE EGGS!" moment, yet he doesn't even bother to tell the other military guys or scientists about his discovery before he joins the mission in San Francisco. The other soldiers don't even bat an eyelash as they see the nuclear warhead in the nest literally covered in glowing orange eggs, they just completely ignore it. (In contrast, after he sets the nest on fire and hides in the vicinity, the female  M.U.T.O. looks around for a few milliseconds and immediately notices our little hero - who is approximately less than 100th of its size, in hiding between a ton of debris in the middle of ruins, at night, and not moving. What.)
Then there is the second M.U.T.O. Ken Watanabe and the other scientist mention that the "dormant" spore was subject to extensive research, they even performed vivisections (?) and ultimately put it into a nuclear waste storage facility because they didn't know what else to do. But it is never, ever elaborated just what kind of information they gained from these studies. Generally, it seems that the scientists were only there to balance the military presence in the movie. The military says "We blow it up!", the scientist says "Oh no, don't do that!" but no why, no alternatives, no discussion, just "Leave it to Godzilla!" Okay. Whatever.
Also, just when did the female  M.U.T.O. grow into a hundred-something-meters-mountain-breaking monstrosity from the rather small spore that they supposedly shoved through the door of that storage facility at some point in the past? Obviously it fed on the radioactive waste in the vicinity and grew, but did nobody ever notice that something in there was growing so big it literally must have burst through several floors of the facility? Did they not notice a decrease in radioactivity? Ground motions? Anything?!

In general, while I liked the idea of Godzilla vs. the  M.U.T.O.s and found the battles really cool to watch, I would have loved for the scientists to elaborate a bit more on the  M.U.T.O.s, where they come from, how they live. Initially they were found in a dormant state enclosed in "spores", but as the female was about to lay eggs there seems to be a two-step life cycle. The spores were found within a enormous fossil that was, according to the scientists, "much older" than Godzilla. So assuming "our" Godzilla is a "living fossil", a single individual of a species that is otherwise long extinct and who has survived for some reason until today, then the question is, what relation does Godzilla have to the  M.U.T.O.s? How does Godzilla "know" it has to fight them, why does he even give a fuck? Is it because in the second part of their life cycle they might infect his body like the creature that was found at the beginning of the movie? If so, how did he know if the spores and the fossil are supposedly older than him? 

The  M.U.T.O.s evolved to feed on nuclear energy (as some versions of Godzilla seem to do to, others seem to feed on fish - but I'm not an expert on Godzilla so if you know better then me please don't hesitate to correct me!) and feed on it. It makes sense that they can absorb radiation through their skin and evolved to not only survive but thrive on it. But how could they have evolved to sustain effectively eating radioactive material? Suppose they evolved during a time where background radiation was much higher than today. It makes sense that they rely on radioactivity from their environment much like cold blooded species like snakes need a certain temperature (infrared electromagnetic waves) to keep moving. But it's hard to imagine that even back in those times, radioactive material was so abundant that they literally ate it. Even if they live mostly subterranean in tunnels and burrows, I don't know if there was actually enough radioactive material in the ground back then that they could efficiently survive on eating it. So it would make much more sense if they collected the radioactive material from all the bombs etc. and just put it on their nest to promote the growth of their babies.
But maybe they eat it to regurgitate it later and do just that, who knows? I just think it's interesting to come up with ideas and theories, as there wasn't much about these organisms explained during the movie.

Anyhow. All in all I think it was much more fun discussing the movie with my boyfriend after watching it, than actually watching the movie. It just feels like there was plenty of potential wasted, and on the other hand plenty of unimportant content added. I, for once, would have liked the main character just as much if not more if they had just omitted his boring family.But it wasn't bad. It was entertaining. I liked the CGI - in fact it was extremely good in my opinion - and the monster design especially. The contrast of blue and red light between the monsters and also the noises they make (old school Godzilla scream vs. Dubstep  M.U.T.O.s - pretty cool) and I like it that they used that "song" from Stanley Kubrick's 2001 at one point in the movie. So in general, I could say the movie was nice to look at but not really fun to watch.


Oh yeah, I ran out of BB Cream so I have no matching make up at the moment >__< sucks!

So, have you seen the movie?
How did you like it? What did you think about the  M.U.T.O.s?
Let me know! :D


  1. Steht dir voll gut!
    Ich muss sagen, dass ich mich mit meinen Wechselhaaren iwie doch nicht raustraue xD

  2. Ich habe den Film nicht gesehen und kann dazu nicht so viel sagen, aber ich finde das Outfit toll. Auch die Perücke passt gut dazu. Andere Schuhe wie z.B. Stiefeletten, etwas filigraneres auf jeden Fall, hätten das Outfit wirklich perfekt gemacht.
    Ich muss mich auch überwinden, mir eine Wig kaufen und mich damit auch raustrauen :D Das ist irgendwie viel komplizierter, als ausgefallene Klamotten, da habe ich gar kein Problem mit :D

  3. I like the outfit!! Looks good on you! ♡
    The grey wig is nice, even though I read you had some doubts about it. The outfit details are nice..I looove rock-ish style. ^__^
    You look really gorgeus with that makeup and the lenses fit perfectly!

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  4. Ich stimme hier auch zu: Das Outfit steht dir super und ich finde du kannst die Wig sehr gut tragen! Bei mir sähe das sicher nicht so gut aus ^^

    Ich staune auch immer wieder über dein tolles Make up! Ich krieg das nie nie niiiiiie so gut hin ><

    lg, Jade

  5. WOW! Ich finde das Outfit steht dir (mit dieser Perücke) unheimlich gut. ^_^

  6. Cool outfit! Love the makeup. ^__^


  7. Tolles Outfit. Das hat heute morgen meine Outfitplanung voll umgeworfen und ich hab mich von dir inspirieren lassen :D
    Ich find die Perücke steht dir, auch wenn die Farbe natürlich unüblich und ungewohnt ist.

  8. Das Outfit mit der grauen Perücke sieht so geil aus. ich würde mich mit Perücke gar nicht raus tragen, hatte aber auch noch nie eine echte auf.

  9. erstmaal: du warst super hübsch! Die Perücke sieht wundervoll aus, du musst die unbedingt mal so tragen!

    Zum Film: warum zur Hölle stirbt "Walter White" direkt am Anfang? Ich hab mich so verarscht gefühlt ^^; Und ja, der Sohn war super öde, die Kinder haben in mir auch keine Emotionen geweckt und hm ja... also mir fehlte ein sympatischer Hauptdarsteller (wie Brain Cranston es gewesen wäre... grrr)

    Ja, manche Teile waren ziemlich unlogisch. die ganze Entwicklung.. und warum hat das Weibchen eigentlich nicht die Lagerstätte in Nevada leer gefressen? Da war ja anscheinend alles intakt, bis auf dieser eine Lagerraum. Und wird sowas nicht überwacht? Sehr sicher, ist ja nur radioaktiver Müll :D
    Und woher Godzilla weiß, warum er dagegen kämpfen muss... und wie die Godzilla überhaupt schaden, als Parasit... vielleicht die Jungen, bevor sie sich verpuppen und Flügel bekommen..?

    Insgesamt fand ich den Film schon unterhalsam, aber es wäre jetzt kein Film, den ich unbedingt auf DVD haben muss, oder so^^


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