Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Ahoi guys! :D

Before the month is over, I wanted to show you a recent outfit of mine. I'm getting really lazy with those outfit posts lately, mainly because I don't wear nice clothes very often recently :'D And if I do (or have to) I'm in such a hurry that I don't get any good photos. But anway, lately we went to the cinema and I decided to wear a casual Lolita outfit and my new Innocent World Sailor OP!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Shop Review: + Dolly Wink eyeshadow and eyeliner

Hey guys!

How are you?
I've been quite busy over the week end, so I didn't find proper time to do this review but now here it is!

Recently, approached me and invited me to try their shop, offering a gift voucher. Hanavillage is a "sister-shop" to Lensvillage, with which I have collaborated before, so I didn't really hesitate :)

Hanavillage offers mostly cosmetics and a small selection of circle lenses - you will find Asian cosmetics for a fair price, like BB & CC cream (they also have the one I use, Skin 79 Hot Pink!) and they have circle lens brands like EOS, Geo and Dueba in stock. Curiously, they also offer Instax photo cameras for sale. It's definitely a good place to shop for all the beauty-addicts out there!

With my gift voucher, I decided to take this opportunity and try some Dolly Wink make up products. I've heard a lot about those products but I always kinda hesitated because of the price. I buy most of my make up really cheap from the drug store :'D I ordered some bottom lashes from ebay once, and they didn't really live up to their reputation, they are super flimsy and when I took them off they completely fell apart. I was especially careful with the second pair, but still they lost quite some hair :( So obviously, I was kinda disappointed, but I wanted to try other products from the brand too before I make up my mind!

KOJI Dolly Wink Eyeshadow II #02 Pink Brown & KOJI Dolly Wink Eyeliner Deep Black

Thursday, July 24, 2014

19th Lolita Meet Up in Vienna & MAK collection Asia

Hey guys!

As promised, I wanted to talk a bit about our comm's last meet up in Vienna. Like I mentioned before, I worked hard to finish my self-sewn dress in time before the meet up, because it wasn't nearly as hot as at our last  summer meet up, and so I changed my plans from casual Sweet to a Gothic outfit.

The weather was really nice, it could have been a bit cooler for my taste, in the sun it was really hot and stupid me forgot to bring a fan :< I don't have a parasol either, so with my rather dark outfit I was feeling a bit uncomfortable and tried to stick to the shades while we took some photos.

We first took photos in the Stadtpark, and oh my gosh, there were so many people! I was amazed! I knew most of them already from previous meets, but there were new faces as well (at least for me :'D) and as always, I felt like I didn't get to talk to everyone enough!!

I think the meet up is best described with this awesome video that Mimi took:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Innocent World order & big news

Hey guys!

How are you? I'm really great but I was a bit busy these last days, so I couldn't focus on writing a new blog entry - I will tell you what it's all about at the end of the entry!

But first, I'd like to show you my new Lolita dress! I bought my very first brand dress in Innocent World's summer sale, and I'm just super happy with it. I agree with basically everyone who says while Bodyline is "okay" for Lolita, once you own brand, you probably won't like most of the stuff there anymore because you really see a difference. The living proof is my boyfriend who - lo and behold - really likes this dress. Of course there's also a difference between this type/style of dress and my other dresses but he told me before he likes IW's designs and prints much more than my other stuff. It basically came down to a "How about you don't buy Lolita anymore, except for brand?" discussion XD

The other two goodies are form HanaVillage but I'll write a detailes review on that soon anyway!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: EOS Ice Pink

Hello guys!

Today I have a review of my newest pair of circle lenses - EOS Ice Pink! They were kindly sponsored by MapleLens and I will show you how they look like on my light colores eyes.

Filters to the rescue! The lenses are really very subtle, so I just used this photo to play around with some effects :3

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Midnight Rose

Hello there!

Today was a big Lolita meet up in Vienna! We were almost 30 people, and it was so much fun! However, I didn't take any good photos except for some cell phone shots, so until I get my hands on some, and a group pic, I'll postpone the entry about the meet up for a while.

But there is something I really, really wanted to show you, because I am so happy about it, and actually kinda proud! Do you remember the sewing plans I talked about in this entry ? Well, I finished the "Midnight Rose JSK" and wore it to the meet up today! 

Positive that I would keep you updated about the creative process concerning my little sewing "project" I had termed the first entry about it "Part I". But as it turns out, I finished the whole dress in more or less two consecutive sessions of intensive sewing and didn't really take any pictures of it in between... I was concentrating so much on doing everything correctly that I barely thought about taking photos, also, I was mostly sewing at night and the light was really bad...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Moon Prism Power, Make Up!

So, I bet everyone and their dog already knows about the new Sailor Moon anime - Sailor Moon Crystal!

 I've been waiting for the first episode to be released ever since the rumors stared and the final announcement was made. After all, it was said that the anime would be more faithful to the original manga, and personally, I've always preferred the manga. I always felt that in the anime, Usagi was just too exaggeratedly clumsy and a real klutz, whereas in the manga, I felt that she is like that in the beginning but fighting as a Sailor Senshi makes her stronger and more self-confident and changes her character. In the manga, I also liked Rei a lot, wheras in the anime I felt she was pretty bitchy and mean. Maybe these differences are just in my memory, after all I read the manga when I was like, 8 years old or something, but I just liked it much more (also, the German dubber for Luna was unbearable. Her voice was horrible...).

So now that I've seen the first episode, I'm pretty excited about the series again! Watching it felt like "coming home", haha! Personally I really like the new style, and judging from the fact that less episodes were announced for the first season than the old anime had, I hope there will be less fillers and they really try to adapt the manga.

When I was a kid I was a huge fan, me and my best friend in primary school were collecting Sailor Moon related stuff, roleplaying as Sailor Moon characters and drawing Sailor Moon fanart! I think ultimately it was Sailor Moon that got me into anime and manga and influenced me as an artist (because it changed my style from "realistic" to more manga-like).

I've come a long way since then, and even if I don't draw a lot these days, a sudden wave of inspiration overcame me yesterday and I just had to draw a fanart. It was all based on the idea that I wanted to make her skirt look like a starry galaxy. This is the result!

I know there's a lot of mistakes, but in this case, for the first time in a looong while, I feel like I managed to create something more "alive" than usual. I hate my usual pictures because they all seem so dead and expressionless to me. With this one, I don't know why, but it just feels more lively. Maybe because I tried to be a bit more bold with the shadows this time. And oh, I even managed to do a background, which is pretty rare for me! Overall, it took me more or less a day to finish it from sketch on, so I guess this is setting a new record for myself, haha.

I wanted to draw Sailor Moon in "my" style for a while now, and I'm happy I was able to finish this (despite cramps and my problems with my shaky hand).
What do you think of it? ^__^
Have you seen the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal? Do you like the new art style of the anime?

Monday, July 7, 2014

The long awaited room tour - finally!

Guys, I did it!
I finally took some photos of my apartment that I can show you!

It's been a year since we stared to renovate this place, last September when we moved in it was still only half-finished, lacking a kitchen and lots of details that made it more "homely". But by now, I think it turned out pretty nice. We still don't have a single curtain and need some more lamps, but overall I'm happy how it turned out. Who would have thought it could be this nice after the chaos and mayhem that we faced during renovation?

Initially I wanted to do a video, I even managed to record one, but unfortunately I have no editing software and I couldn't do what I wanted to with freeware. But one day, I want to give you a full room tour video as well! Maybe when we have some more decoration at some point :) For now - please enjoy a little tour through my home....

Out apartment is on the second floor in a nice and rather quiet village. When you enter, you find yourself in a hallway. The kitchen and small bathroom are to the right, to the left you find a niche with a place for jackets and shoes and such, and a door to a storage cabinet. 

So, if you read this post from last year and remember the pictures from back then (if you haven't - do it now! It's a crazy change!) , the next images might be the most impressive of this whole entry. After all, the kitchen is my "baby", I actually spent all of my life time savings on it, and I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect.  Anyway, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Still missing: two board shelves on the left and right hand side of the window, where we want to put our herbs in winter (now they're on the balcony). We haven't thought of a way to mount them yet (due to the glass panels). The room is narrow, so I wanted the tiling and arrangement of the kitchen furniture make it appear "longer" and a bit more open.