Thursday, July 24, 2014

19th Lolita Meet Up in Vienna & MAK collection Asia

Hey guys!

As promised, I wanted to talk a bit about our comm's last meet up in Vienna. Like I mentioned before, I worked hard to finish my self-sewn dress in time before the meet up, because it wasn't nearly as hot as at our last  summer meet up, and so I changed my plans from casual Sweet to a Gothic outfit.

The weather was really nice, it could have been a bit cooler for my taste, in the sun it was really hot and stupid me forgot to bring a fan :< I don't have a parasol either, so with my rather dark outfit I was feeling a bit uncomfortable and tried to stick to the shades while we took some photos.

We first took photos in the Stadtpark, and oh my gosh, there were so many people! I was amazed! I knew most of them already from previous meets, but there were new faces as well (at least for me :'D) and as always, I felt like I didn't get to talk to everyone enough!!

I think the meet up is best described with this awesome video that Mimi took:

I guess you can see that we were having lots of fun, haha ^^

Also, the Austrian online magazine visited out meet up and interviewed some of the people. The article is very well written and quite informative, it's really making me happy to seek how people make an effort to present such an "eccentric" scene by meeting the people, interviewing them and getting a real impression before judging based on what they heard or read elsewhere, like some other journalists often do when it comes to Lolita...(no names will be dropped).

A selfie with Bibi and Aurîs :3

Since you already know my dress from the previous entry, here's a closeup of my make up when it was still looking good :'D i.e. before one of my lashes came loose because my eyes were tearing once again :< I had a bottle of water with me and really tried to stay hydrated, but my lips are always in such a bad state, apologies!

Photo taken by Joey /// Spring Raindrops
One of my favorite outfits from the meet up - Isabella looks like a vampire princess in this outfit ♥_♥

Photo by Dani /// Lolita Fashion Austria
Mila and Ruka were twinning with their Romantic Rose Letter JSKs ♥ They both look so cute!

Photo by Dani /// Lolita Fashion Austria
Also Sachi and Joey were twinning! The little straw hats are self made by Sachi, from what I heard, they match so well ^__^
Aww I wanna have a cute twin too, haha X3

So, after taking lots of photos we went to MAK, the "Museum für angewandte Kunst" (Museum of applied arts) nearby. When I organized the meet up in June, this was voted in second place for a culture program, so Dani decided it would be nice to go there this time! The MAK has big collections of all kinds of art - paintings, sculptures, even furniture from the Baroque and Rococo times, so there was quite a lot to see. Also, we were so many people we got a group discount, yey! The Asia collection itself wasn't so exciting so I was glad to see some more. Especially the old furniture was really cool.

Whoooo lives in pineapple under the.... bedside table?!

Everyone was starting to feel pretty exhausted quickly because it was so warm and the museum had no real air condition, so slowly everyone gathered in the courtyard at a café, and we had some drinks to pass the time till our reservation at the restaurant.

Mary was wearing "Hydrangeas and Butterflies" from Innocent World, such a beautiful print - especially close up! I never met the other two girls before (I think?) and I didn't catch their names unfortunately, but it was so nice to meet new people!

Afer the museum, it was finally time for dinner, and we went to an amazing Italian restaurant nearby. The prices were more expensive than in the restaurant in the 1st district where we went at the meet up in winter and on ILD, but it was soooo delicious! Also, the atmosphere was really beautiful. I definitely wanna go there again to have dinner with my boyfriend some time :3

I had Ceasar salad and Rosemary bread, yum!

I head to leave a bit early, as usual, because on week ends my boyfriend usually works night shifts so he needs the car to go to work. Also, I had to go grocery shopping before the stores closed, haha! It was a bit weird to go to a grocery store with that outfit and umbrella and everything (yes, I had no parasol but an umbrella... because when I left the house it looked like it was going to rain :( ), but I apart from some surprised looks I didn't get any comments or anything ^^

We were such a big crowd this time, I am truly happy to be part of such a big and nice community X3
I am already looking forward to the next meet up - there is a J-fashion meet up this Sunday but unfortunately I can't attend this time, but maybe we'll have a small Lolita meet up in Vienna again this summer, so I can wear my new Innocent World dress, or the outfit I had originally planned for this meet up! :D

Thanks for reading!

Have you watched the video of our meet up? ^___^


  1. Es hat sich sooo gelohnt dein Kleid fertig zu nähen, du sahst einfach sooo zucker aus mit dem Kleid! ♥
    Man hat sofort in dem Video gesehen, dass es nichts von der Stange war, das ist ein netter Nebeneffekt :D

    Ein großer Vorteil von Lolita: Wenn ihr euch alle im Museum verstreut und danach nacheinander wieder sammelt, weißt du wenigstens sofort wer zur Truppe gehört xD Die meisten Mädel würd ich ohne wahrscheinlich sonst gar nicht mehr erkennen, ich kann mir Gesichter nur so schlecht merken :'D

    1. Hihi, dankeschön ^^
      Ja, das ist echt von vorteil! Wobei, ich merke mir Gesichter zwar auch schlecht, aber Prints dafür eher. Wenn man mir dann zB sagt "Wir kennen uns vom letzten Treffen!" dann würde ich wahrscheinlich fragen "welches Kleid?!" XD Aber es hilft mir auch, mir zu merken wer wer ist :'D Bin auch echt ganz schlecht darin... Zum Glück kenne ich mittlerweile die meisten Leute ^^"

  2. Großartige Fotos!
    Und die Orte für die Meetings sind auch immer so schön!

    1. Dankeschön ^^ Ja, wir haben echt Glück hier in Wien :3 Wobei ich schon auch gerne mal ein Picknick-Meet up oder so machen würde, oder generell Fotos in der Natur! :D

  3. Dein Augen Make up ist so wunderschön! Wirklich <3
    Und ich finde die Location toll. Ihr seid alle so schön!

    1. Awww dankeschön ♥ Ich hab immer so Probleme damit das es bei meinen lidern auch wirklich hübsch aussieht .___. Aber mit fetten falschen Wimpern geht es einigermaßen XD

  4. Euer Video ist einfach Zucker und ich liebe dein Make-up :) Wien ist aber wie geschaffen für Lolitas, überall so passende Fotohintergründe und Orte :D
    Das Kleid passt toll zu dir :)

    1. Dankeschön ^___^
      In der Innenstadt gibt es wirklich viele solche Orte, ich könnte es mir anders auch gar nicht vorstellen eigentlich! Ich kenne allerdings auch keine einzige deutsche Stadt *hüstel* Nur den Flughafen Frankfurt :'DD

  5. eure Fotos sind immer so unheimlich schön :) hübsch warst du! :)

  6. Dein Kleid war super, ich würde auch so gerne nähen können :3 oder mich ordentlich schminken können...
    Ich wünsche mir auch Mal ein Picknick Treffen oder so, da ich auch nach jedem Treffen das Gefühl habe zu wenig mit allen geredet zu haben xD' Freu mich schon auf das nächste Treffen :)


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