Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Innocent World order & big news

Hey guys!

How are you? I'm really great but I was a bit busy these last days, so I couldn't focus on writing a new blog entry - I will tell you what it's all about at the end of the entry!

But first, I'd like to show you my new Lolita dress! I bought my very first brand dress in Innocent World's summer sale, and I'm just super happy with it. I agree with basically everyone who says while Bodyline is "okay" for Lolita, once you own brand, you probably won't like most of the stuff there anymore because you really see a difference. The living proof is my boyfriend who - lo and behold - really likes this dress. Of course there's also a difference between this type/style of dress and my other dresses but he told me before he likes IW's designs and prints much more than my other stuff. It basically came down to a "How about you don't buy Lolita anymore, except for brand?" discussion XD

The other two goodies are form HanaVillage but I'll write a detailes review on that soon anyway!

Well, I don't disagree. I really see the difference and even feel it, now that I can wear it myself. I actually already saw it when I wore Innocent World clothes for the fashion show at the tea party. What also really speaks for IW is their great order service for oversea customers! You can really order directly at their website, no translation (the English is really good actually), no shopping service, no elevated prices (except for shipping of course). After a short and anxious wait for a reply if the dress is still available, I paid via paypal and got my package super fast. It was shipped on Friday and I could pick it up today! Unfortunately I had to pay 26€ in taxes, but this is due to the fact that our local post services charge 10€ "handling fee" whenever something enters customs -_- Also, the customs people ripped open the Innocent World bag that the dress was in, and didn't place it back inside properly :< I was pretty mad when I unpacked it! I'm always scared and super careful when opening a package with scissors, because of course I know that there's a dress inside and I don't wanna damage it. Seeing how they treat other people's stuff.... Oh well, at least the valueof the item was in this case calculated fairly, based on the real price, and not some made-up value because they couldn't be bothered to look on the bill or something!

The question that has bothered me immensely - and I really tried to find pictures of it, but there are no pictures of this particular dress online - was whether stripes and bow would be really dark blue or already black. The thing is, I have absolutely nothing in dark blue. I hope black will match close enough when I wear it!

Some more info on the dress, or a little review so to say: The dress is called UV-cut Stripe Sailor One Piece and currently it's 50% off due to the sale. I was thinking about getting a Sailor OP ever since I saw Bibi looking super cute at last June's International Lolita Day meet up, and I really liked the simplicity of that style. It's definitely something that looks good when worn in summer, in warm weather! Also, I wanted an OP because it's just more comfortable to wear when we get 30°C and more here in Austria in the summer! So I was on the lookout, already thinking about ordering the same dress as Bibi for twinning purposes... but then I learned about the sale, two days before it started or so and thought, well, if this dress is on sale I'll go and get it... and it was! 50% off is a really good deal in my opinion, I'm more of a miser when it comes to clothes (yeah, I know what you're thinking, why are you even wearing Lolita then? ^^") mainly because I'm scared that something happens to them, like I get them stained with food or they rip and I ruin them. It never really happens with my normal clothes but of course when wearing something expensive, especially when it's brand new, the fear is bigger...

I love the material - it's very light and perfect for summer! The sleeves have buttons and the lace is beautiful and very soft. As for getting into the dress, all buttons can be opened and the white V-part at the collar can be opened at one side as well, so it's easy to get in and out :) It has no zippers! There's a shirring in the back so it suits me perfectly when I'm "tied in" :D

I think in the future, I'll really do what my boyfriend suggested in the end - buying less individual items and less often, but save my money for one brand piece a year or something, maybe for my birthday or such. Second hand is a real problem though, because some items, especially without print, really do get cheaper. Most really popular prints however only get incredibly highly overpriced. But how to know beforehand if a dress will be available at an okay price second hand? Like, my absolutely dream dress, Angelic Pretty's Sugar Pansy was on lacemarket a while ago, even in my favorite color way, and it was used and in not-perfect condition but the price was about as high as the original price... that does not even account for the postage and taxes one would have to pay. That's no bargain anymore at that point. I guess the best idea would be to save some 200€ or so up to a certain point and then start to hunt for a somewhat decent second hand deal of one of the dresses you like.

How do you handle your Lolita expanses? Have you every bought something horrendously overpriced considering it's condition and later regretted it? Or do you feel your "dream dresses" were/are worth it?

So - as I mentioned before I have some pretty big news at this point to share before I end this entry. My friends on facebook and twitter already know, and I guess it's not that big of a deal but I'm really happy and proud to say that I found a position for my Master thesis and a really cool and awesome research project. If you're curious what it's about, feel free to message me on facebook or privately on twitter and we can talk about it. The thing is, I don't feel comfortable anymore to share specifics about my professional career here. While I do feel like my personal life is very much separate from my professional life, I don't want people who look for the "professional me" to stumble upon this very personal blog by accident. As the research project I will work on is pretty specific in terms of keywords, I will avoid writing anything specific here altogether. That does not mean there will be no science content at all anymore - I was just considering of starting a second blog, maybe on scienceblogs, where I would write about that part of my life separate from this one, perhaps under my real name. The question is simply, will there be time for it left, once I start my job?

So, the main message here is: starting with October, I will work full time, and very likely this time it will be much more work than during my Bachelor thesis work. Also, I still have 5 exams to take until the end of October, the last one being really big. I haven't got the results of two exams I already had, and while I think I probably passed, there's the chance I might have to take them again. And in the next semester, in parallel to working, I will have to take some more courses to be able to really finish with my studies by next summer. So it's probably going to be a bit stressful, BUT I will definitely keep writing here about the occasional Lolita meet up or non-casual lab-day outfit and make up :)

Basically, I don't think that for you, as my readers, a lot will change. I already don't write very often anymore due to lack of motivation, often I feel that the things I could share aren't even that interesting (neither for you to read nor for me to remember - after all, this is a diary of sorts, was and probably always will be). My posting frequency probably won't go down much more from this point, I will definitely try to keep this up. Maybe I'll write more shorer and casual posts again, about random every day things, because somehow looking back these always are the ones that make me most nostalgic when reading again after a while :)

Anyhow, that's it for now, I hope you're having a good time and are happy at the moment?
I still have to hunt down some photos from our last Lolita meet up so show you, That entry will probably follow in a few days!

Until then - see you!


  1. Ich freu mich grade so für dich :3 Erstmal, dass dein Freund das Kleid mag (sowas fühlt sich ja immer gut an, haben wir ja schon geklärt) und zweitens, dass du das Kleid überhaupt bekommen hast!

    Ich kann dich voll verstehen, wenn du Angst hast dass das Kleid schnell kaputt geht. Hab da meistens auch total Angst, bin auch nicht der Mensch der für Klamotten viel Geld ausgibt, aber wenn ich das dann mal tu, bin ich da echt paranoid xD

    Arbeitest du dann Vollzeit daran und studierst noch nebenbei nochmal weiter? Respekt .___. Ich hab so einen Höllenrespekt vor dir und wie du einfach darum kämpfst dass du eine gute Karriere hast und wirklich dafür arbeitest. In meinen Augen hast du es echt total verdient, dass du so einen tollen Job gefunden hast. Fühl dich gedrückt, wenn du magst <3

    1. Ich muss ja nicht mehr in die Vorlesungen gehen, und als alter Prokrastinierer ist es eh besser wenn ich viel beschäftigt bin als wenn ich wenig zu tun habe :'D Besser wenig gelernt weil zu viel zu tun als wenig gelernt weil zu faul XD
      Dankeschön ♥

  2. Herzlichen Glücklich zu den tollen Neuigkeiten =) Ist bestimmt nicht leicht, so eine Stelle zu finden. Und das Kleid ist auch wirklich süß!

    Ich habe nur ein wirklich teures Brandstück, ein Kleid von AP, für das ich quasi einen Kredit bei einer Freundin aufgenommen habe um es mir leisten zu können - und ich liebe es heute noch genauso wie damals, als ich es das erste Mal gesehen habe^^ Würde es sofort wieder kaufen, wenn ich in die Situation käme =) Lustigerweise hat das Kleid mittlerweile einen Fleck, von dem ich nicht weiß woher er kommt, und bisher ging er auch nicht raus - aber da man ihn nich sieht, stört es mich gar nicht so sehr wie ich immer dachte. Hauptsache, es bleibt meins und ich kann es weiter tragen!

    1. Ich finde auf Kleidern mit Print sieht man Flecken ohnehin nicht so wirklich. Ich hab einem Rock eine Stelle wo ein Faden so ein bisschen gezogen ist, ich wette außer mir sieht das niemand XD
      Ich hoffe ja, wenn ich dann bald ein bisschen was verdiene kann ich mir bald eins meiner "Traumkleider" leisten :3

  3. Glückwunsch nochmal zu der Master-Stelle :) jetzt bin ich auch verdammt neugierig :) Vollzeitjob und Uni ist bestimmt hart, da beneide ich dich nicht drum. Aber so eine Chance lässt man sich besser nicht entgehen :)
    Das Kleid finde ich ganz süß, ich bin schon gespannt, wie es an dir aussieht ^^

    1. Wenn du wissen magst worum genau es geht können wir gerne auf facebook schreiben ^^

  4. Glückwunsch für die Master Stelle <3 freut mich sehr für dich - muss dir unbedingt noch schreiben später!

    Übrigens sieht das Kleid wirklich wunderschön aus *_* bin gespannt, wie es getragen aussieht.

    1. Dankeschön!! Fotos kommen bald, ich bin leider echt hinten nach mit bloggen weil ich so schreibfaul bin in letzter Zeit X'D

  5. I really love your new dress. My style is totally different from yours but I really love the color and the style of that dress. :3
    Bai, Shiki

    1. Thank you! ^^ I also like so many different styles, I wish I could have a complete wardrobe for each single one, hehe :D


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