Thursday, July 10, 2014

Moon Prism Power, Make Up!

So, I bet everyone and their dog already knows about the new Sailor Moon anime - Sailor Moon Crystal!

 I've been waiting for the first episode to be released ever since the rumors stared and the final announcement was made. After all, it was said that the anime would be more faithful to the original manga, and personally, I've always preferred the manga. I always felt that in the anime, Usagi was just too exaggeratedly clumsy and a real klutz, whereas in the manga, I felt that she is like that in the beginning but fighting as a Sailor Senshi makes her stronger and more self-confident and changes her character. In the manga, I also liked Rei a lot, wheras in the anime I felt she was pretty bitchy and mean. Maybe these differences are just in my memory, after all I read the manga when I was like, 8 years old or something, but I just liked it much more (also, the German dubber for Luna was unbearable. Her voice was horrible...).

So now that I've seen the first episode, I'm pretty excited about the series again! Watching it felt like "coming home", haha! Personally I really like the new style, and judging from the fact that less episodes were announced for the first season than the old anime had, I hope there will be less fillers and they really try to adapt the manga.

When I was a kid I was a huge fan, me and my best friend in primary school were collecting Sailor Moon related stuff, roleplaying as Sailor Moon characters and drawing Sailor Moon fanart! I think ultimately it was Sailor Moon that got me into anime and manga and influenced me as an artist (because it changed my style from "realistic" to more manga-like).

I've come a long way since then, and even if I don't draw a lot these days, a sudden wave of inspiration overcame me yesterday and I just had to draw a fanart. It was all based on the idea that I wanted to make her skirt look like a starry galaxy. This is the result!

I know there's a lot of mistakes, but in this case, for the first time in a looong while, I feel like I managed to create something more "alive" than usual. I hate my usual pictures because they all seem so dead and expressionless to me. With this one, I don't know why, but it just feels more lively. Maybe because I tried to be a bit more bold with the shadows this time. And oh, I even managed to do a background, which is pretty rare for me! Overall, it took me more or less a day to finish it from sketch on, so I guess this is setting a new record for myself, haha.

I wanted to draw Sailor Moon in "my" style for a while now, and I'm happy I was able to finish this (despite cramps and my problems with my shaky hand).
What do you think of it? ^__^
Have you seen the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal? Do you like the new art style of the anime?


  1. Ich bin ganz schrecklich verliebt in die Art wie du ihr Haar gezeichnet hast...wahnsinnig schön :3
    und ihren Mund starre ich jetzt auch schon etwas zu lange an, weil ich ihn super sinnlich finde ♥
    Auch die Pose finde ich sehr schön, das ganze Bild wirkt total stimmig und irgendwie gleichzeitig ruhig und anmutig, aber auch kräftig und kampfbereit, energiegeladen. Weiß gar nicht wie ich es beschreiben soll, aber ich glaube das trifft es.
    Ich finde es toll ♥

    Haaach, SM-C...ich saß letzten Samstag total hektisch am PC weil nichts laufen wollte und war heilfroh, dass Marcel den Stream irgendwie auf seinem Tablet zum laufen gekriegt hat. Letztendlich lagen wir beide mit dem Tablet im Bett, ich heulte wie ein Schloßhund, hatte die lustigste Schnappatmung ever und er verstand vermutlich die Welt nicht mehr :D
    Der Anime kriegt so viel Kritik für die Optik, ich hingegen bin total begeistert, einfach weil es viel näher an den Manga angelehnt ist und ich so einen Stil eh sehr mag in Animes. Und diese Farben erstmal! Alles leuchtet und strahlt so *-* ich freue mich schon irre auf die nächste Folge :)

    1. Woah, dankeschön! Es freut mich total dass es dir so gut gefällt, gerade bei der Pose war ich etwas unsicher aber wenn es so rüberkommt wie du es beschreibst dann ist mir wohl gelungen was ich wollte, das freut mich ^__^

      Ich habs auch letztes Wochenende geguckt und ich find das Remake auch super toll, gerade den Art Style, ich glaube viele die den kritisieren kennen die regelrecht anorektischen Figuren im Manga gar nicht XD Mein Freund war früher auch Sailor Moon Fan, und mochte den Anime, er meinte auch ihm gefällt der neue Stil nicht...
      Aber ich finde schon dass es schön gezeichnet ist ^^ so schön dynamisch und wie du sagst, bunt!

  2. I used to watch Sailor Moon all the time in my childhood. I heard rumors about the new one but I haven't gotten around to looking into it. Re-watching the original anime isn't the same as when I was little, sometimes it's cutely nostalgic but other times it's sort of boring and repetitive. It was better to watch the original Japanese episodes rather than the dubbed American ones. I never read the manga but we didn't have access to it in my city at the time, so I can't compare the show to the books. I hope that the new episodes make up for where the original show lacked. I'm interested in seeing different takes on the characters. I hated Rei lol, sometimes she was catty but other times she was downright cruel and manipulative.

    1. I agree, I don't think I could stand to re-watch theold one, but I re-read the manga a while ago and it made me feel really nostalgic, hehe. If the new anime is really closer to the manga, I think it will be a lot better! The characters just have more depth, there is more going on between them, the whole anime just had so many pointless fillers and boring stuff going on. As for Rei, I agree, that's really how she is shown in the old anime (also brutal, I remember her hitting others, I think?) but in the manga she is much more likeable, same goes for Usagi.
      I hope you get a chance to check out the new series, I think it's great! :D

  3. I haven't seen anything of the remake yet (well, some gifs on Tumblr comparing it to the "old" version, and I realy like it so far :D ), but I'm definitely going to watch it some time soon.
    Sailor Moon is a huge part of my youth. It was because of that show that I made my way from "nerd" to "officially weird" and learned to be proud of it, because I loved it way too much than to worry about what others were thinking of me. ^^ I even taped all the episodes with my VCR (quality ranging from "Nice! :D" to "Is that even a picture or just static interferences?"). And that easter weekend, on which they showed all three movies back to back with NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS, is one of my favorite teenage memories. *.*
    (As a reminder: Yes, I'm a 30-year old guy now, I still remember, I still like it and still wouldn't like to have missed it for anything in the world! :D )
    I think their decision to remake the old series, and not continue it in some way, while trying to make it even more true to the source material is the best the they could've made. Isn't that the kind of remakes we'd wish for a lot more of some of our beloved franchises? (I'm still looking at you, SquareEnix. Don't you ever dare to think that we're not watching you. And if you ever do a remake of FFVII and fuck it up, you will burn ... and you know that. That's why you don't do it ... because you're too scared of the fans. Yeah, you better be. ò_,ó )
    But enough of that. (Sorry. Can't get around remakes without at least mentioning it. ^^ )

    Really love your artwork.
    Say what you will, but you are talented. And OF COURSE there are a lot of mistakes in it. Yet they're hidden and only obvious to someone who already knows where to look, i.e. not to me and not to the other approx. 99.9% of this world's population. ^^ I know people who've been trying for years and practically spent all of their spare time on working on their skills, and they're still not as good as you.
    Besides, once you think you've reached perfection: better change your line of work. You can't get better without having any doubts about yourself. ;)
    Good art is never truly finished, at least not in the eye of the artist.
    You "just" have to push yourself to a point where it's good enough for you, when you think that every additional line, coloring or shadow wouldn't make it any better and perhaps would even completely ruin it.

    1. Haha, I don't find that weird at all :) My boyfriend is 28 and he liked the series too back then! And my cousin is 29 and she watched it too with me sometimes. I think back then it was a bit more difficult for people already in their teenage years to make others understant that anime/manga was not "just for children". In middle school/high school I basically kept all my hobbies (playing Pokémon games, watching/reading anime and manga, and drawing in that ar style) totally secret from everyone because I knew they'd make fun of me if they know. I'm glad that I have more confidence now and don't have to "hide" these things anymore, because I know so many people - thanks to the internet - who also like these things! :)

      Thanks for the big compliment concerning my art. I used to love to draw, but at some point it became more and more annoying to me that I could never achieve what I wanted to. I try to use more references and tutorials now, because I accepted that I can't just expect to get miraculously better all by myself (in certain areas at least).
      Thank you!

  4. Sailor Moon :D

    Ich habe es so geliebt als ich klein war und ich mag es immer noch <3
    Überraschenderweise habe ich das Remake noch nicht gesehen, aber ich werde es nachholen. Was den Style der Zeichnungen angeht... Ich finde es ganz niedlich und viel näher am Manga. Klar, die Charaktere sind sehr dünn, aber es sind ja auch keine realen Menschen... Und wenn es jemandem nicht passt, nicht gucken und gut is :D

    By the way! Deine Zeichnung ist wunderhübsch! Du hast richtig Talent und die Haare sind echt toll geworden *-*

    LG, Jade

    1. Dankeschön ^___^ Freut mich dass es dir gefällt!!
      Den Stil vom manga finde ich persönlich auch ziemlich übertrieben was Ich glaub die Leute die sich über den Stil vom Anime aufregen haben noch nie ein Artwork von Naoko Takeuchi gesehen, wie sie im Manga vorkommen XD Da sind die gliedmaßen so extrem lange und dünn, dagegen sieht der Anime schon realistisch aus, haha! Ich persönlich mochte den Mangastil trotzdem, einfach weil er immer so "sanft" und "weich" aussah. Die Proportionen haben mich da nie gestört. Als ob die großen Augen, kleinen Nasen etc. wie in Anime/Manga meist üblich so hyper-reaslitscih wären ^^

  5. Ist toll geworden :) ich glaub, bei der neuen Serie scheiden sich die Geister.. ich hab's noch gar nicht gesehen, ehrlich gesagt...

    1. Danke! :D
      Ja, ich hab auch schon Kommentare von Leuten gelesen die es schrecklich finden... aber ich denke, man kann es nicht jedem Recht machen v.v Ich finde sie haben einen guten Mix geschaffen zwischen dem Stil des Manga, und einem etwas moderneren Anime-Stil als der Alte damals in den 90ern es eben war. Ich finds okay so, bin schon gespannt auf die zweite Folge und ob sie sich auch in Zukunft an die Mangavorlage halten :3

  6. Toll hast du das gemacht. Ich liebte die Serie als Kind so wie auch den Manga. Ich habe die erste Episode der neuen Serie noch nicht gesehen, aber ich freue mich riesig drauf! ^^


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