Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Review: EOS Ice Pink

Hello guys!

Today I have a review of my newest pair of circle lenses - EOS Ice Pink! They were kindly sponsored by MapleLens and I will show you how they look like on my light colores eyes.

Filters to the rescue! The lenses are really very subtle, so I just used this photo to play around with some effects :3
I've wanted to try a pair of the EOS Ice series every since I first saw them because I really like the general design! They look so subtle and really remind me of icicles, especially the blue pair. But since I have several "natural" looking pairs of circle lenses at the moment, I decided to go for the pink model to try something new!

The Shop

EOS Ice Pink  are available at for €13.96, which find a really good price for circle lenses!
The shop interface has a neat function to sort the stock by color and also by prescription. As a short sighted person I am always thankful for such options, otherwise it's always a bit depressing to look through a series of models, find one you really like, and only then realizing that it doesn't come with your prescription.

There's also a review section with numerous customer photos of different models, which I personally always find very helpful when trying to pick something suitable for my eye color.

Shipping & packaging

My package was delivered crazily fast - shipped out on Friday it was delivered on Monday by FedEx. Unfortunately I had some problems with the customs office who charged me 10€ tax for this item despite the fact that its worth is far below their assumed value and I didn't even pay for it in the first place =/ I never particularly liked express shipping services, due to horror stories from other people but also from first hand experience with DHL and their general tendency to cause some fuck up with the customs office one way or another. This is just another incident telling me that whenever I can, I will avoid express shipping service to Austria!

However, this is not anything MapleLens can be held responsible for. I just recommend to you, if you heard of similar stories with express shipping services in your country, you should probably avoid it and go for regular shipping and accept the slightly longer waiting time!

Anyhow, so the package arrived save and sound this Monday, and was safely packaged in two layers of bubble wrap. Additionally, the bottles with the lenses came in this cute little box!

Isn't it cute?

I'm definitely going to use that box again, I collect boxes in various sizes for my jewelry, and I think this one is really pretty! It's an awesome way to package the lenses extra safely!

The lenses come in the usual sealed bottles that are tough as hell to open :< But I managed and tried them on...

The lenses

The lenses themselves have a beautiful opacity gradient towards the middle and a comparably thin limbal ring, especially compared to lenses such as GEO Princess Mimi or Xtra Bella which I tried before. I was curious if they'd look more natural, or if the pink color would mix with my natural eye color to give perhaps some shade of purple.

Color & Design

Surprisingly,they are not very opaque when worn! It seems that my own limbal ring is right below the pink portion of the lens, which makes it look a bit like there's a "double ring". The pink is super subtle and doesn't come out too much, which is on one hand kind of a pity but on the other, I didn't expect it to be super popping anyway, that's just not like the design of the lenses.

Excuse my makeup-less face and swollen eyes. I'm having some problems with my eyes lately and I'm suspecting I might have an allergy, I just don't know to what :<

The first picture was taken in daylight but inside in my living room. The second picture shows the lenses with a colored themed make up (photoshop enhanced, but lens/eye color wasn't altered) outside, which is why I'm squinting so much, haha! I was really blinded, despite standing in the shadow.

The effect is really not very noticeable so the lenses can even look quite naturally. In retrospect, I think the blue or gray models would have suited me better and would have been the perfect "every day" kind of lens - on the other hand, if I just want a casual or natural look, I usually wear my regular optical contacts anyway.

I think the effect is really funny anyhow, and I like how they look a bit different depending on the light I'm in. I suppose on a person with lighter eyes than me these would look a lot better. I cannot judge the coverage on darker eyes but they seem to do their job pretty well from what I've seen on other review images. I think it's simply the difference between my limbal ring and inner iris colors that give these lenses a bit of hard time at showing their full effect.


At 14.8mm these lenses are fairly large, but due to the thin black limbal ring, the enlargment effect is very subtle, though pretty. Before I did my make up, when I had both of them put in, I though that if they were in a more natural color like blue or gray that matches my own eye color, they'd pass for "real" easily. 
Personally I'd say the enlargement effect is not too great, they're definitely not very "dolly" like, but more natural. On the other hand this also means that they can be worn easily with little make up, without looking too freakish!


I wore these for several hours and had no problems at all. I got some make up on one of the lenses at some point, but I just put them out, cleaned them a bit with a few drops of lens solution and put them back in - no problem!

I noticed that they move around quite a bit, but if you've read my Circle Lens risk assessment you'll probably know that this is inf act a good sign so it didn't bother me. It's always useful to bring eye drops or a small bottle of contact lens solution with you in case your eyes get a bit dry, so you can avoid them getting "sucked up" to your cornea!

Overall, I think they're pretty comfortable.






I'm giving them a 4/5, simply because I'd like them much better if the color would show a bit more on my eyes, but that's not really the lenses' fault, it just means they don't suit me as well as I had hoped. The enlargement is comparably small due to the thin limbal ring, but if that's what you're going for - a subtle looking lens that gives your eye something special - these could be perfectly right for you!

*squint squint* Why does it have to be so sunny outside? °^°

Thanks for reading!
If you have any questions regarding the lenses, don't hesitate to ask them :)


  1. Das sieht echt toll aus und die Kette passt haargenau dazu :D
    Wollte auch schon immer solche Linsen ausprobieren. Aber bei der großen Auswahl im Internet konnte ich mich bis entscheiden.
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Danke! :D Ja, ich musste total an diese Kette denken als ich die Linsen zum ersten Mal an meinen Augen sah, da kam mir auch die Idee mich so zu schminken ^__^
      Die Auswahl ist wirklich groß, das stimmt. Da hab ich quasi Glück dass meine Kurzsichtigkeite das ganze etwas einschränkt :'D

  2. I think they give a nice special effect, not too noticable, but to me you look like a magical girl! ♥ ^___^

    The price is really not bad at all! :D

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Aww haha, that is such a cool compliment, thanks a lot! :DD

  3. Wow, die sehen richtig toll aus an dir! Und dein Make up ist total toll.


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