Monday, July 28, 2014

Shop Review: + Dolly Wink eyeshadow and eyeliner

Hey guys!

How are you?
I've been quite busy over the week end, so I didn't find proper time to do this review but now here it is!

Recently, approached me and invited me to try their shop, offering a gift voucher. Hanavillage is a "sister-shop" to Lensvillage, with which I have collaborated before, so I didn't really hesitate :)

Hanavillage offers mostly cosmetics and a small selection of circle lenses - you will find Asian cosmetics for a fair price, like BB & CC cream (they also have the one I use, Skin 79 Hot Pink!) and they have circle lens brands like EOS, Geo and Dueba in stock. Curiously, they also offer Instax photo cameras for sale. It's definitely a good place to shop for all the beauty-addicts out there!

With my gift voucher, I decided to take this opportunity and try some Dolly Wink make up products. I've heard a lot about those products but I always kinda hesitated because of the price. I buy most of my make up really cheap from the drug store :'D I ordered some bottom lashes from ebay once, and they didn't really live up to their reputation, they are super flimsy and when I took them off they completely fell apart. I was especially careful with the second pair, but still they lost quite some hair :( So obviously, I was kinda disappointed, but I wanted to try other products from the brand too before I make up my mind!

KOJI Dolly Wink Eyeshadow II #02 Pink Brown & KOJI Dolly Wink Eyeliner Deep Black

I placed my order on 7th July and it was shipped on 10th and it arrived on 15th, if I remember correctly - I didn't get to pick it up from the post office right away, so I don't remember when the note came ^^" Overall, handling of the order and shipping was pretty quick. Mind you, this was standard shipping, which is free for orders over $30! There is also express shipping available. For details on shipping rates and shipping in general, you can check this page.

I guess I would probably not have bought these products if I hadn't got the gift voucher - with $25.30 and $19.90 they are pretty expensive compared to the beauty products I usually use ^^" So I was wondering if the higher price would also mean a higher quality?

The first impression of the products was really good. The package is super cute - not just the actual product design but also the design of the plastic package they come in. It definitely caught my attention as a buyer while I was browsing through the store.

I decided to go for a more natural eye shadow palette, I have a brown palette that is almost empty now and I was thinking that with the 4 colors of this one, I could easily do my usual "dolly eye make up" that I mostly use for Lolita.

The first shade is a light pink, next up we have gold, dark brown and a kind of dark brown that is not entirely black, but close. All have a frosty, shimmery finish.

So, the first slight disappointment was swatching the colors on the back of my hand - the first two aren't very much opaque. The two browns however, are quite pretty. I don't usually go for the frosty finish eye shadows because I feel like matte or pearly finish looks best on my eyelids, but with those two rather natural colors I felt like it could work out!

I also tried the eyeliner on the back of my hand, simply to get an impression how thin the line can get and how to handle it. I was pretty impressed and liked the product instantly! It really is amazing. But to give you a full impression, here's a little step-by-step illustration of how I used the products on my eyes and what the results are....

STEP 1: Starting point

I applied my basic make up (concealer, BB cream, eye shadow base, powder). My eye lids are still quite swollen at that point because I just got up recently :< The eye shadow base wasn't a high end one, but it usually does the trick and makes colors more lively on my eyes.... It's what gives my eyelids this slight yellow tint in the photo!

STEP 2: Contouring

I usually contour the bridge of my nose at the height of my eyes with matte brown eye shadow. Then, I applied the golden shade at the inner corner of my eyes, the pink one on the whole lid, and the light brown one above the lids! I have quite the hooded eyelids (oh how I hate them :<) so I don't use the darker shade in the crease, but instead definitely above (or it wouldn't show at all) and of course a bit below the lower eyelid.

As you can see.... the pink and gold show only veeeery subtly, only if you know that they're there. The brown is very pretty, though!

STEP 3: Eyeliner I

I wanted this to be a very natural and subtle look, so I used the darkest shade only as a kind of eyeliner near the lashes.

STEP 4: Eyeliner II

Now for the real deal! I used the Dolly Wink liquid eye liner to draw a very thin line. I was super impressed by this product, it's the best liquid eye liner I ever had! Usually I use gel eyeliner, but it's hard to draw very thin lines with it, and for casual looks, sometimes less is more and I want a thin line only... I think I found the prefect product for this purpose!

It's also really useful when you're drawing winged eye liner and the wings look a bit flayed or uneven. Tracing the wing with the eyeliner pen gives a wonderful sharp edge (I used that little trick for this make up).

STEP 5: Mascara

Pretty much self-explanatory.

Aaaand that's it!

I still have mixed feelings about this eye shadow,  but I think for a natural look, this is just perfect! Even the subtle golden and pink shimmer are just fine as they are in this look. However, I will definitely use them again in a "heavier" dolly look, with the two browns and a black eye shadow as main colors, and the gold and pink only for highlighting purposes. I don't know if it's because of my skin tone or if skin type that the colors won't show as much on my skin, but in the end, even if I only use them as a highlighter, they're pretty colors! And personally, due to the structure of my eyelids, I really like to use matte eye shadows to give them "shape" and then use a frosty or pearly eye shadow only in the middle of my eyelid to give it a "3D-effect" :3 I'll definitely try that soon!

Overall, I can say I am happy with the products. At first I was a bit disappointed with the eye shadow, because it's just not as opaque as I had expected, but in the end I can find a use for it as it is, too. The eyeliner is a real miracle item, it's basically what I've been looking for for a long time, but all eyeliner pens I tried had either very bad tips or I reacted allergic to them - and as for non-pen liquid eye liners, I never seem to be able to draw such thin and delicate lines with them.

So overall, I'm really happy with the products.

As for the shop, I am pleasantly surprised to see such a shop specializing in these Asian beauty products. With the free shipping and the discounts offered from time to time, I will probably order my BB cream from HanaVillage from now on, and maybe some other cosmetics to try :)

What do you think about Dolly Wink products?
Have you tried them before and do you like them?
Let me know in the comments ^__^


  1. Die Verpackung ist echt süß! :D Mein allerliebstes braunes Quad ist von alverde, die gibts aber bei euch glaub ich nicht, oder? Und ich kann mit meinem Gel-Eyeliner viel dünnere Linien ziehen, ich benutz aber auch so nen richtig feinen Künstlerpinsel :D

    1. Also ich kann das nicht, egal mit welchem Pinsel XD Es ist einfach zu dickflüssig. Allerdings kann es auch daran liegen dass mein letzter kärglicher Rest vom Catrice Gel Eyeliner (der ja zum Glück bald wieder im Sortiment ist) schon ziemlich hart ist.
      Ja, Alverde gibt es bei uns, das braune Quad habe/hatte ich auch lange Zeit, werde es mir wohl auch nachkaufen da der eine Ton für mich perfekt zum Konturieren ist! Leider ist mri die Palette mal runtergefallen und genau der eine Lidschatten ging kaputt >__< und ich wollte mir keinen neuen nachkaufen solange die anderen Pfännchen noch voll sind...

  2. grmpf, der hat mein Kommentar nicht gespeichert, oder?
    Also nochmal:
    ich mag dein AMU und die Verpackungen sind wirklich süß ^^ Aber die Eyeshadowpalette finde ich für den Preis jetzt nicht soo super, hätte mich jetzt nicht so überzeugt, wie du ja schon schreibst...

    1. Sehe ich auch so. Vielleicht ist es bei anderen Farben und auch anderen Teints auch etwas besser - da heben sich die beiden hellen Töne vllt mehr ab.

  3. Die Verpackung ist echt süß und hübsch, aber die Farbabgabe ist echt meh. Da gibt es wesentlich günstigere Lidschatten mit einer besseren Farbabgabe...aber dein AMU ist dennoch hübsch :)

    1. Danke!
      Muss wohl doch für Braun auf das gute alte Alverde-Quad zurückgreifen. :'D

  4. das mit der Palette ist wirklich ärgerlich...aber den Eyeliner liebe ich auch <3

    1. Ja, vom Eyeliner bin ich wirklich dafür um so mehr begeistert ^__^


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