Monday, July 7, 2014

The long awaited room tour - finally!

Guys, I did it!
I finally took some photos of my apartment that I can show you!

It's been a year since we stared to renovate this place, last September when we moved in it was still only half-finished, lacking a kitchen and lots of details that made it more "homely". But by now, I think it turned out pretty nice. We still don't have a single curtain and need some more lamps, but overall I'm happy how it turned out. Who would have thought it could be this nice after the chaos and mayhem that we faced during renovation?

Initially I wanted to do a video, I even managed to record one, but unfortunately I have no editing software and I couldn't do what I wanted to with freeware. But one day, I want to give you a full room tour video as well! Maybe when we have some more decoration at some point :) For now - please enjoy a little tour through my home....

Out apartment is on the second floor in a nice and rather quiet village. When you enter, you find yourself in a hallway. The kitchen and small bathroom are to the right, to the left you find a niche with a place for jackets and shoes and such, and a door to a storage cabinet. 

So, if you read this post from last year and remember the pictures from back then (if you haven't - do it now! It's a crazy change!) , the next images might be the most impressive of this whole entry. After all, the kitchen is my "baby", I actually spent all of my life time savings on it, and I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect.  Anyway, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Still missing: two board shelves on the left and right hand side of the window, where we want to put our herbs in winter (now they're on the balcony). We haven't thought of a way to mount them yet (due to the glass panels). The room is narrow, so I wanted the tiling and arrangement of the kitchen furniture make it appear "longer" and a bit more open.

No, it's no flat screen, it's a fancy kitchen fume hood :D Also, the doors of those shelves fold upward, so you don't hit yourself in the face when you open them. Another gimmick to save space: the oven door retracts when you open it.

Back in the hallway, you can really see what big of a difference the new tiles and doors make. Just compare the following images to the ones at the bottom of this entry.

View from the front door towards the living room - the kitchen is to the right hand side.

The kitchen has no door, just a door frame, so this little corner gets a bit more light now. The door you see here leads into an alternate dimension, but we don't use it regularly so we put our coat rack in front of it.

Stepping through the next door into the living room - fondly remembered as the Dusty Desert of Pain and Sorrow from entries such as this one - you are greeted by our huge ass dining table that is able to seat 10 people if you extend it fully. I was not too happy about such a large table at first, but my boyfriend wanted to hold more board game evenings, so it had to be really big. Now, after we've held some board game evenings, he insists that the table is still too small - but he does so very silently, because if I heard, I'd hit him :'3 Well, I admit that it's really cool to have such a big table, but it's also incredibly heavy and makes the room appear somewhat smaller. But I've learned to live with it and like it a lot now!

It's solid beech tree wood, and the chairs and table are pretty heavy. Taking care of real wood is also more laborious, as it has to be polished with a special oil to prevent staining etc. It didn't help against a recent battry acid accident though, but I wanted some cushions for the chairs anyway. They are pretty painful to sit on for longer periods of time, as I found out while sewing at this table.

On the other side of the room, there's our "cuddle corner". This is one of my favorite spots in the apartment and for a long time I actually had my laptop plugged in right there and didn't even use my desk in the office room (I call it office room, because that's where the computers are, though I could also call it 'gaming room' or 'Outfit photo taking room' haha). The sofa is super comfortable and even big enough to serve as a sleeping spot for visitors when needed.

 That Rammstein poster is a little treasure of mine, and has survived some moving places already. I want to get it framed properly one day, but custom glass frames are pretty expensive it seems. Anyhow, I think it fits the spot perfectly, even better in winter when I had blue pillows and covers  there!

We also have a balcony, but it's not really worth showing. As a matter of fact, we just had a residents meeting where it was decided that they will be renovated this autumn! I am super happy because it means that next spring I can start doing real "gardening" there. For now, we only have two pots with flowers and some herbs to make it look less empty. I want to grow a rambler rose there next year, to screen the right side that is somewhat open to the street. I will show you pics once the renovation is done and I start to work on the greening!

As for now, let's continue with the rooms! Here's the other side of the living room, our TV is lodged between the doors to the hallway and the office room. One of my boyfriend's priorities was to have a nice media system regarding TV and sound, and he also did some magic to connect his computer in the office room to the TV screen in the living room! So now we can watch stuff or play games on the big screen too! (that's also why there is a computer mouse on the sofa in the other photo)

I want to mount the pictures to the wall next to the office door at some point, but first I want to find different frames for the two small ones. They were all drawn by my boyfriend's uncle, who is an Art Brut artist. The plant also hasn't found its final home spot yet, I'm not too sure where I should put it. Probably on the other plant's stand, when that one has grown a bit bigger.

Let's head to the previously mentioned "office room". During my childhood, when my mum was still single and we lived here, it used to be my bedroom, now we used it for out computers! After living in shared apartments and student hostels for some years now, I was really looking forward to having a separate room for all my work & study related stuff.

  My desk belonged to his sister once, but she didn't need it anymore so I could have it! I really love it, I always wanted to have a glass desk because I find them so pretty. I also don't find them uncomfortable or cold. And they're great if you need a light table for drawing :3 

My brother and his wife, who lived in the apartment these last years before we moved in, had painted it in very "vivid" colors (you can see them here after the kitchen photos). We painted everything white, and I think in this room the difference is especially noticeable - the white walls turned the room much more spacious and brighter. I love my white walls, no matter what people say about it being a "cold" color! It's the place where I spend most of my time during  the semester I guess, either studying or procrastinating :'D My desk used to be adjacent to my boyfriend's, but at some point he started to slowly move all his random stuff closer and closer and ultimately on to my desk, so I just turned it around, haha. 

The other side of the room, you might recognize this corner from some outfit photos :) I really hate that wardrobe, I already hated it when I was a kid >__< I just hate that kind of wood, So I wanted to paint it white... but the guy at the hardware store sold me the wrong kind of paint :( I tried it on one part (you can see the difference in color) but it didn't turn white no matter how much layers I applied. I gave up for now, but one day, I guess I'll get a new one that I like better (and that doesn't almost come apart already). Until then, I cover it with random stuff like post cards and flyers that I like.

The funny thing is, most people who visit us and who haven't seen the apartment before mostly think "that's it" and assume that's all of the rooms. I guess the think we just have a super tiny bathroom next to the kitchen. That's because when you open the door from the hallway to the living room, there is another door just to the right side that gets "hidden" like that. It leads to another small hallway (which I don't show here because there is nothing interesting in it, just a dresser and a laundry basket), that leads to the bathroom and bedroom.

Not very exciting, thanks to the mirror you see all of it at once :'D It's pretty small, but for two people it's just right. You just have to remember that water heater above the bath tub, I hit my back twice when we had just moved in after standing up from the tub, ouch!

We didn't change anything about the bathroom (it was renovated in the late 90s by my mum), we just removed the old paint from the ceiling and walls, as it was already coming off at several places due to some old damages by water from years ago. After all those years, painting over it was not an option anymore, so we just removed it all and painted it fresh!

Bedroom? Of course I meant shark party room.
(We've been living together more or less since 2008 but we have but a single set of matching bed sheets! XD)

The bedroom was actually one of the easiest during renovation. The old wallpaper came off easily and the painting was done really quickly. The only problem was deciding on furniture. We had a MALM bed from Ikea for several years now, and moved it twice, which put it in a rather bad condition, so we thought it's probably not a good idea to move it a third time. Also, it was dark brown (and I hate brown furniture) and the lower version of the bed which allows you to do absolutely nothing with the space underneath the bed except for collecting heaps of dust. So we went for the higher version of MALM in white. I always wanted a princess-like four-poster cast iron bed, but my boyfriend favors more massive/solid furniture, so I gave in to his wishes... well, also we wouldn't have been able to open the window then :'D

Matching the bed, I bought a make up table and shelf for my birthday (still didn't mount the mirror though, because I wanted to customize it first). The room is barely large enough for everything to fit, but it works. More or less. My boyfriend keeps stealing my chair and using it as a night desk! D: I'm using this really old little table as a chair at the moment, because I just can't find one that I really like... so far at least! 

Well, there's still a lot of stuff missing - we need lamps for the kitchen and living room, we have absolutely no curtains and at some point I think I also want to replace those hideous grey-beige shutters with nicer looking ones. Office room and bedroom lack plinths, and we have no real wall decorations yet either. I really wanna get a huge shark poster for the bed room for example! Also, I definitely want to get more plants :3 I have ideas for the mirror for my make up table and something to improve the hallway I didn't show you here (I'll post some photos once I get it done of course!). And I'm soooo much looking forward to the renovation of our balcony. I hope to spend a lot more time there next spring and summer! X3

So... I guess that's it!
I've been promising this one for so long, I can hardly believe I finally did it :'D  If you're interested, I could try to dig up some very old images of the apartment, from back when I was still a kid and lived there with my mum! Would that interest you? :D

I hope you enjoyed my little room tour, if there's any detail you wanna know about, don't hesitate to ask in the comments!

PS: Can you count all the sharks hidden in the pictures...? ^_~


  1. It's looks very nice and simple! I like it. I've been dying to redecorate but we're renting a house and I don't feel like doing my landlord any favors (she's mean). I'm eagerly looking forward to having my own house one day, so I can decorate it any way I want. : )

    1. I totally understand! I lived in rented placed before (for some time in a student hostel too) and I never really felt like "personalizing" it a lot, mainly because I always thought of it as a temporal solution until I can move into my current apartment. And considering I've been living there the first 11 years of my life before we moved to a house, I also had a lot of time to think about how I want to change it, haha :D
      Now the only problem is, my career might require me to move some time in the future, and I really don't wanna give up this place :< I'll have to see how this turns out...

  2. Du würdest wohl mein Bett lieben xD Ich versuch dir morgen mal ein Foto davon zu machen, vielleicht krieg ichs hin! :D
    Eure Wohnung ist so schnieke, echt! Wieviele Räume sind das insgesamt? Wieviel qm habt ihr? Wir haben so um die 90 und 6 Räume xD davon sind die meisten aber eher klein :D

    Ich bin auch eher so gegen braune Möbel. Die einzige Farbe, mit der ich mich anfreunden kann sind gaaaaanz helle Holzsorten die eher einen Beige-Ton oder halt schon eher Richtung weiß gehen. Wenn ich euch jemals besuchen komme, muss ich mir das vorher nochmal durchlesen. Dann weiß ich nämlich ganz genau, wo ich lang muss wenn ich zur Toilette will :3

    1. Haha, ich verstehe dich total! Helles Holz wie Birke oder Buche geht (der Schreibtisch von meinem Freund ist Ikea-Birke und die Böden sind Buche). Aber alles andere finde ich fürchterlich! Ganz schlimm auch wenn es Massivholz ist und man Astlöcher sieht, wie bei dem Schrank D: Der Schlafzimmerschrank ist auch so, den hab ich ganz vergessen zu zeigen oder zu erwähnen (ich verdränge ihn weil ich ihn so hässlich finde XD). Aber es ist nunmal ein perfekt passender Einbauchrank... wenn ich irgendwann Geld wie Heu oder ganz viel Zeit hab, lass ich neue Türen machen oder lackier sie um XD

      Es sind insgesamt 75m² und 2 getrennt begehbare Räume + ein Wohnzimmer. Die Tür im Vorzimmer ist auf der anderen Seite hinter dem Bücherregal, d.h. man könnte theoretisch auch vom Flur aus ins Arbeitszimmer (was früher mein Kinderzimmer war).
      90m² sind doch ziemlich viel! Aber wenn es viele Räume sind teilt es sich natürlich auch anders auf. Ich bin ganz zufrieden so wie es ist - vor Allem über den Balkon bin ich extrem glücklich, hatte ich ja zvuor keinen (außer bei meinen Eltern) ^^

    2. Ja, die 90 m² sind echt viel xD dafür müssen sie sich halt auf 6 Zimmer aufteilen :'D
      Wir haben ein gemeinsames Wohnzimmer, jeder hat nochmal sein eigenes Wohnzimmer/Rechnerzimmer und sein eigenes Schlafzimmer und wir haben nochmal ein Gästezimmer/Rumpelkammer :D

  3. Wow, that place looks really cool. *.*
    ( ... although it's far too white for my taste. ^^ None of my business, I know. But I can't leave without criticising at least one thing, can't I? XD )
    The kitchen is exceptionally surprising. When I first scrolled through the pictures, before reading the article, I was like, "On Twitter she's always ranting about money problems, and NOW LOOK AT THIS! O.O" But at least now I we know WHY you're struggling financially. :'D
    Yet what better reason to do so than to feel comfortable in your own home. And I bet it's worth every spent €. :)

    Is the house owned by someone in your family or is just the apartment some kind of a "family treasure"? Because it seems like you were never actually gone from that place, at least not mentally.

    1. Haha, you nailed it ^^" I always used to have some savings that I could come back to in an urgent situation.... Now it's all "gone"... most went into the apartment renovation, some of it into a new car some years ago. I never considered that money as "cash" anyway, it was in a bank account and only "to be touched if really necessary". I always payed all my regular expanses from my regular bank account, from money I got from my mum, Famileinbeihilfe and such. So now that the savings are gone I'm often worried that if something really bad happens (like my car breaks down or something) I would definitely run into problems. Especially during that time where I actually got a job to have some additional money and start to save up again, and I didn't get paid... well you know the story ^^
      But you're right, quite a lot of money went into that kitchen. And it really was worth it :) I have to remember that more often when I think about some things I can't afford right now.

      As for the white, my boyfriend used to have his room painted all black back in his parents' house, and it was pretty cool. It's just not something I would do in any of these rooms because I don't think it "suits" them as much as his old bedroom. If I could, I'd have all my furniture in white/gray/black with some glass and steel or chrome elements, because I feel like it makes rooms more spacious! :D

      The apartment was my mum's, actually, but I own it since last July or August. She bought it in the 80s and I more or less grew up there till I was 12. By then, she had met my stepdad and we moved into a new house, but not too far away. In the meantime, my cousin lived in the apartment, until she got one of her own, and then later my stepbrother with his girlfriend, now wife. It was initially planned that I could move in a bit earlier, but their plans of building their own house got delayed. But I think the timing was just right, with me graduating last summer and going to university in Vienna now.
      I always knew I'd move back here, ever since I moved away as a kid. Even back than I already started to make plans what I want to change (like the doors and floor in the hallway). So I was really always emotionally attached to this place :)

  4. Ich liebe es, Bilder von anderen Wohnungen zu sehen! :D
    Wow, echt toll, wie ihr das renoviert habt und die Wohnung sieht echt schick aus! Der Boden im Flur ist richtig klasse. Und die Küche ist wirklich ein Traum. ._.
    Ich find's spannend, dass du kein braunes Holz magst, für mich würden weiße Möbel und auch nur weiße Wände nie in Frage kommen. Bei uns ist alles in schwarzbraun gehalten. :D

    Liebe Grüße

  5. unheimlich schöne Wohnung, das habt ihr wirklich toll hinbekommen :) Darf ich fragen, wie viel m² das jetzt sind?

  6. Wow, richtig schön die Wohnung *_* würde auch gerne wissen, wie viel m² es sind!

  7. Heeey ;D

    Wow, euer Apartment sieht echt super aus! Ich kannte ja schon die alten Bilder und es ist überhaupt nicht wiederzuerkennen! Ich kann auch echt verstehe, dass die Küche dein Baby ist. Sie ist wunderbar! *-*

    Und das Wohnzimmer sieht auch voll gemütlich aus. Ich bin mir ganz sicher, dass es bald noch viel besser wird, da du ja noch das eine oder andere ändern möchtest. Aber es sein nochmal gesagt, dass es auch jetzt schon echt super geworden ist!

    Lieben Gruß,


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