Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DIY: Mirror, mirror.....

This blog post was written in advance and is posted automatically while I'm on vacation. Please understand that I have no regular internet access and might not be able to answer questions or moderate comments right away.

What's up guys?

Before we left for our vacation, we did some, eh, "home imporvement" you could say! One of the two was a little DIY project I had planned for a long time, and now I finally found the time (and patience) to do it :) I posted a little teaser on my twitter a while ago, so basically this is the "solution" what I did with this: I etched a mirror!

First, I sketeched the design on paper. Those kind of vines with thorns and leaves are also part of my signature that I use for art and as a little watermark on photos. People ofen ask me if it has to do anything with Finish rock band The Rasmus and in fact, it kinda has, but only remotely, because I designed my signature in a time where I listened to their album "Dead Letters" a lot, and I really liked their logo. I still tried to give it a personal touch with the thorns though, and I guess maybe it's time to do an overhaul of my signature too pretty soon?

I even thought about getting the vines tattooed one day. They do kind ahave a deeper meaning to me. I just wanted to put something very personal on my mirror, something that would make it unique. So after thinking about copying the style of an Art Nouveau frame I quickly ditched that thought in favor for my beloved vines :)

The etching is done with a special kind of paste, so to protect the areas you don't want to get etched, you use "window color foil". I don't know if it's really called that but I remember that back when I did a lot of window color as a kid I used this foil to draw window color directly on there, which allowed them to be removed and stored much easier than without. When my boyfriend etched two glasses and a jar for my birthday last year, he had to use a slightly different technique. He had to cut out the motive first, and then put the foil on the glass. But since a mirror is a flat surface, and my design had "gaps" which would make the placement of the foil on the mirror quite difficult, I just copied the design to the foil with a black permanent marker. This way, I was also able to get the design on the foil symmetrically by simply turning the foil with the second half of the motive upside down.

Then I cut out the parts of the design that were supposed to be etched directly on the mirror! Fortunately it doesn't really matter if you scratch the surface because these spots will be etched anyway. It was a bunch of work, and at some points really tricky because you see the whole motive double.

The paste we used for etching is actually not available within the EU because it is slightly corrosive. So you have to order it online from the US (I don't know where my boyfriend got it but the product is called "Armour Etch"). Personally, I think it's really idiotic that the stuff was banned here, because people will just resort to even more corrosive stuff that is definitely more dangerous like hydrofluoric acid or whatever - because THAT stuff is available to buy here nonetheless. But anyway. The stuff is pretty cool, you can easily apply it with a brush and will notice pretty quickly what it will do to the glass. I think you can influence the intensity of the etching by letting it soak longer, we left it for about an hour. I wouldn't leave it on longer, simply because due to capillary force the paste will get "sucked" underneath the foil - no matter how well it sticks to the mirror - and it will make the edges of your motive appear frizzled.

We did this last steps out in the open in my boyfriend's grandma's garden. When you do glass wear and smaller stuff it's now problem to do it inside and then wash your item in the sink, but I didn't want to wash the mirror in my bathtub to avoid scratches (on the bathtub :'D). In the garden it's easier to wash it off, and the paste doesn't do any damage to the grass, just dilute/rinse it well and it should be no problem for the ground.

So the last step is to simply wash off the paste and marvel at the result!

Haha, the camera focused on the mirror image of the ceiling of the old garden shed XD

I'm really happy with how this little project turned out :3
We didn't have time to mount the mirror yet (we have to borrow a percussion drill to get through our walls...) but nevertheless I wanted to place the mirror above the make up table to get an impression on how it will look like, and I love it ♥

I think etching is a very cool way to customize glass wear of any kind! Also, when you do it to a mirror or other flat glass surface, it's really easy to make even more complicated designs with cut-out parts and such.

There's even more "mirror-related DIY" !

We recently mounted my old mirror, in a very  nifty way actually. Since we didn't want to drill holes anywhere in the walls or doors, we bought a set of those metal rails that drawers have, and we fixed them to the backside of the mirror and mounted the whole thing on the side of the wardrobe....

Now there's some use for the empty space between wardrobe and book shelf, and I have a mirror until we one day perhaps get a new wardrobe to replace that old one :) And it also means I can take more "casual" outfit photos when I don't have time to set up the camera before I go :3 Like this one!

Here's a recent outfit!

I tried some Ouji/Kodona inspired outfit lately. Curiously, my boyfriend really likes this style so I feel comfortable wearing it when I'm going out with him :) And it's super comfortable and I like it a lot. I am really glad I got those Creepers from Primark, I already wore them a few times and they just match so many different outfits and styles!

Now there's one more "mirror project" left, and that's to get a mirror in our hallway. I kept forgetting it again and again during our last visits at Ikea, but I want to buy mirror tiles and mount them to our ugly brown front door. Since we have a spy hole and obviously it's at about face height, we can't mount a usual mirror there, unless we either cover up the spy hole or mount it in such a way that you can only see yourself downwards from the neck :'D So yeah, I hope I don't forget to buy those tiles next time we're at Ikea!

Hope you're having a good time - I'm still abroad for a while, so I probably can't answer your comments right away, sorry for that! But if you have any questions concerning glass etching or anything else feel free to ask :)


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Hair Diary Part I: ColourB4 Review

This blog post was written in advance and is posted automatically while I'm on vacation. Please understand that I have no regular internet access and might not be able to answer questions or moderate comments right away.

It was time for a change.

Since about 4 years I've constantly dyed my hair black. And I was quite happy with it. Occasionally I thought, colorful hair would be pretty cool - I always wanted purple hair when I was around 16, but it never worked the way I wanted because the colors I got from the drug store were too dark, too reddish, not vibrant enough. Over the last years, I got to know more and more people with exciting and gorgeous hair colors. Red, purple, pink, blue and even green. I was enticed. I wanted it for myself more and more. My first time wearing a wig made me long for a different hair color even more. And this summer, I thought "Heck, why not just give it a try?"

I talked a bit about my current hair condition in this entry, but this time I wanna start from the beginning. I want to document the changes my hair goes through, and I want to review the products I used and how well they worked for me (or not). Since this process until I get my hair really bleached blond so that I can start to dye it in all colors of the rainbow will probably last quite a while, I'll just split this in several parts and post a new part whenever something has changed. For now, let's talk about the first steps.

Starting point: black.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hope for the best, fear for the worst

Guys, the trip to Australia is coming closer and closer!!

We will depart on Monday evening and fly via Dubai to Singapore, then to Brisbane and then to Townsville. First we will stay with my boyfriend's mum who has a little house on Magnetic Island (it's about as awesome as it sounds) and probably go on a camping trip North along the coast with her and her boyfriend. On our way back we'll fly via Sydney where we'll have another two days for sightseeing and hopefully visiting the Sydney Aquarium to see some sharks!

I can hardly believe how fast the last weeks have passed. There's so little time left and so much to do.
I honestly wanted to prepare stuff for my blog, write some blog entries in advance to be posted while I'm gone, but I seriously didn't have time. While we'll probably get prepaid SIM cards for our phones to stay in touch with people at home, I won't be able to rite entire blogposts. However, I'll probably update my instagram and perhaps even post on facebook from time to time. In case you get bored while I'm gone, you can also leave me a question on ask.fm and I'll try to find some time to answer. Maybe I'll find some spare minutes between running errands, meeting relatives and packing to prepare a post before Monday, but don't count on it. Anyway, I'll probably have A LOT to tell when I'm back to compensate for the upcoming little "hiatus" :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Blogliebe ♥

German only entry, because I'll be talking about German blogs, sorry guys!

Die Aktion "Blogliebe" wurde von Sumi vom Chaosmacherin.de ins Leben gerufen, um den 08.08. zu nützen und in einem Eintrag seine liebsten Blogs vorzustellen. Ich habe lange hin und her überlegt ob ich überhaupt mitmache, denn ehrlich gesagt lese ich kaum noch aktiv Blogs, zu einem großen Teil auf Englisch und überhaupt viel seltener als es mir eigentlich lieb wäre. Das liegt aber nicht daran dass ich keine coolen Blogs in der Leseliste hätte, sondern eher daran dass ich einfach keine "Zeit" mehr dafür habe, seit ich aus Finnland zurück bin. Als ich noch alleine gewohnt habe, hab ich einfach viel mehr Zeit vor dem PC verbracht, die ich jetzt zB eher mit meinem Freund gemeinsam mit Serien-gucken verbringe.

Aber es soll hier ja nicht um mich gehen!
Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn. Gestern Nacht habe ich meine Blogger-Leseliste ausgemustert von 100+ auf nur noch 69. Es hat mich ein bisschen traurig gemacht wie viele Blogs mittlerweile inaktiv oder gelöscht sind, oder mich schlichtweg nicht mehr wirklich interessieren, aber zugleich denke ich dass ich mit der jetzigen, überschaubareren Liste mehr anfangen kann, und vielleicht doch wieder mehr zum Lesen komme :)

An dieser Stelle möchte ich euch also ein paar meiner Lieblingsblogs vorstellen!
Und zwar nicht die, die ich sowieso ständig verlinke weil es "größere" Blogs sind die ich eben doch noch eher aktiv verfolge, sondern kleinere die ihr vielleicht noch nicht kennt.
Viel Spaß also beim entdecken des einen oder anderen neuen Blogs :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Why you should always save Confirmation of Purchase E-Mails from Steam

Hey guys!

Today I have a very different blog post, but I wanted to tell this story so that people can avoid running into problems with Steam like I did. Let me tell you about a Skyrim DLC that vanished from my game library and my futile efforts to get it back - all because I could not prove that I owned it in the first place!

So, a while ago I decided to play Skyrim again after a pretty long time. I hadn't played since last year and after I had to re-install Windows on my computer a while a go I didn't even have the game installed. So after I downloaded Steam and installed the game, I was happy that my savegames were also synched from the cloud, and I could start to play right away, exactly where I left off.

But then something strange happened. I remembered that the last time I had played, I had spent my time farming materials to build a house - content from the Hearthfire DLC. I chose to build my character a home in Lakeview manor. I had all the interior expansions of the house finished, had my character's spouse move there and even adopted a child to live there. I remember that I encountered a funny armor bug while "living" there, wherein my character's husband and steward would run around naked all the time because for some reason the better armor I gave them reset their default armor or something. Anyway, fun was had, battles were fought, I didn't play much in summer but once again shortly in November, and before I put the game "on hiatus" again for a while, I saved right there in my house.

My last saves in Lakeview Manor.

But after I logged in.... I didn't find myself in my character's house. I was somewhere in the wilderness and slightly confused. And it began to dawn on my that for some reason, maybe the manor was gone? A quick check of the map confirmed this - the location marker wasn't there. I didn't remember the exact spot, so I checked on the internet and looked for the place - the entire location was gone.