Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hope for the best, fear for the worst

Guys, the trip to Australia is coming closer and closer!!

We will depart on Monday evening and fly via Dubai to Singapore, then to Brisbane and then to Townsville. First we will stay with my boyfriend's mum who has a little house on Magnetic Island (it's about as awesome as it sounds) and probably go on a camping trip North along the coast with her and her boyfriend. On our way back we'll fly via Sydney where we'll have another two days for sightseeing and hopefully visiting the Sydney Aquarium to see some sharks!

I can hardly believe how fast the last weeks have passed. There's so little time left and so much to do.
I honestly wanted to prepare stuff for my blog, write some blog entries in advance to be posted while I'm gone, but I seriously didn't have time. While we'll probably get prepaid SIM cards for our phones to stay in touch with people at home, I won't be able to rite entire blogposts. However, I'll probably update my instagram and perhaps even post on facebook from time to time. In case you get bored while I'm gone, you can also leave me a question on and I'll try to find some time to answer. Maybe I'll find some spare minutes between running errands, meeting relatives and packing to prepare a post before Monday, but don't count on it. Anyway, I'll probably have A LOT to tell when I'm back to compensate for the upcoming little "hiatus" :)

A lot has happened the last days, and I didn't find time to update my blog properly. To be honest, I was also in a really, really bad mood the last days. Abysmally bad... But I guess that's a story (or several) for a different entry. My mood was so bad that I almost couldn't feel happy about going on such an awesome vacation. I know I should be more thankful for this great opportunity, but it's a bit difficult to be entirely enthusiastic about visiting an exotic country that you were never particularly interested in. I guess it's like when other people would be invited to go to Lapland or the South Pole. Of course it's cool and great, but it's probably not on many people's list of "Places to visit ASAP". So combined with this little... recurrence of depression or whatever I should call it, I felt entirely lost and unhappy about the days and weeks to come. In addition we had quite some stress to see all relatives who wanted to say good bye, run errands like getting international driving licenses, and plan for our absence, like who will take care of our plants and mail etc.

And then there's the current situation with my hair... which I cut and bleached and not everything went as expected... so, me being me, I stared to be really frustrated about my appearance and everything. Now my hair is 20cm shorter, red-to-redbrown-ombre and I'm really unhappy about it :(
You know, over the last few years my hair has become something like my "trademark symbol" for me. I loved it when people asked "Is that your real hair?" because it's so long, I loved it when they complimented that it looked beautiful. But I've always felt that I want to try something different, more vibrant colors. Before I started to dye my hair black again in 2010, it was bleached blond, and if I had known about dyes like Directions and such, I'd probably died my hair all colors of the rainbow before going back to black. But after a failed attempt to get it "purple" at a hairdresser, I was frustrated with them and dyed them black. I was happy with my black hair, and I was happy with the length, but I thought "Let's just try to bleach it bit by bit, maybe I'll have to sacrifice a little bit of the length, but they're so long right now, it won't matter a lot. And if it doesn't work out, I can always go back to black."

Well, the problem is, when you want a hairdresser to cut 10cm, you have to tell him to cut 5cm. I told the hairdresser she can cut about 15cm BUT she should cut it in a C-shape. I explained to her in all length why this is important for me and explained what I meant, how long exactly I want it to be etc. She starts to cut it and.... it's round. So roung it's almost straight. And pretty short already. So I tell her again to make it more V-shaped. And she somehow just either didn't get it or couldn't do it. I saw that this wouldn't lead to anything, so I just said it's okay, payed and went out. Immediately after I left the salon I was disappointed and regretted it all. Later at home I also realized that it was cut kinda asymmetrically. I could go and get it fixed, probably for free, but I'll never gonna let that girl touch my hair again. I bet if I asked her to fix it I'd only end up with even shorter hair, still round, and maybe this time shorter on the other side than before -__-
So, I was really, really, really unhappy with my hair. I still am, but I won't be able to fix this until after I come back, and I'll just spend the next 4 weeks trying not to mind that my hair looks shitty.

Maybe I should just get Lady Shark's haircut?

And THEN came the big news that I failed a pretty big exam completely and I don't even know if I have to retake the entire course or just the exam. I tried to talk to the Professor but he's on vacation too and just forwarded me a message, basically telling me that I failed because my answer to one of the questions "shows a fundamental lack of understanding of protein structure". And I just thought, what the fuck. I mean, I can imagine that I made some mistake like a mix up between "secundary structure" and "tertiary structure" or some stuff like that. But to my knowledge I answered the question completely. Part of it was even related to my own presentation during the course, now way I didn't get anything right about it. Even if I did write something wrong, I am still in shock that I couldn't even get 60% to pass the stupid course. But the way the Professor wrote his message to me, it seems more like he's like, "I think you can do better than that, so try again because I wanna give you a good grade" or some shit. I am still furious when I think about it, but there's nothing I can do about it now.... nothing but wait till after I'm back from Australia and can talk to him, and find out what this is about. Because honestly, after studying Biology for 4 years, after two exams on Cell Biology and two on Molecular Biology, after passing my Bachelor exam with distinction and after being featured as a co-author on a paper published in the journal for Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, I find it a bit of a stretch to accuse me of a "fundamental lack of understanding of protein structure".

In addition to that, there are several family issues that concern me quite a lot. I slept very bad these last nights, had problems to fall asleep in general or just plainly cried myself to sleep. It feels like just too much is going on for me to handle right now. Probably going away for some time will be a welcome break and a relief from all those things that have been bothering me lately, but on the other hand I'm also scared that they'll hit me even harder once I'm back home again.

But... for now I'll just try to focus on the positive aspects of.. everything, I guess.

When I'm back, I hope I'll have time to post about my travels as soon as possible! A few days after our return I'll have my wisdom teeth removed, and then I'll start to work on my new job pretty soon.... and I have to take another 4 exams until the end of October (5 if I have to retake the cell bio one and if it's in October too). So the upcoming weeks will be pretty busy and I suppose it's gonna be more difficult to keep this place updated with interesting information but I'll try my best :)  My boyfriend bought a GoPro (in case you never heard of it, like me before my boyfriend came up with this idea, it's an outdoor & underwater camera), so you'll probably get to see some snorkling videos of our trip as well. After all, we'll be living pretty much next to the Great Barrier Reef! Maybe we even get to see some reef sharks? :3
I'll also be swapping my camera's lens for my mum's, which is much more powerful, and I'm really excited about taking some photos of animals. Magnetic Island has tons of Koalas from what I've heard, and I really hope we'll see lots of cool birds too!

Have you ever been to Australia?
What places did you visit? It's a huge continent, but if you've been anywhere near Townsville or in Sydney, what would you consider a "Must-see" ?


  1. I hope you will have a great trip and can't wait for pictures! Also I hope you will be able to see sharks *_*

    I know the problem with hairdressers and I am really really sorry for you >__< keep your head high and remember that your hair will grow again!

  2. Wo hin zu fliegen, obwohl man nicht wirklich Interesse daran hat ist schrecklich ~-~ Aber ich glaube es wird dir schon irgendwie gefallen :3 Ich würde gerne Mal über Neujahr nach Sydney, das Feuerwerk sieht immer so toll aus.

    Was dein Professor sagte ist wirklich extrem, ich hoffe das wird wieder alles und du musst nur die Prüfung wiederholen.

    Es gibt wirklich unmögliche Friseure -_- Am besten gehst du zu einem ganz anderen mit einem recht guten ruf (auch wenn der vielleicht teurer ist) und erklärst dem dein Problem und dass die letzten das versaut haben. Ich hatte auch schon einige male schlechte Friseure, der eine redete mir andauernd blonde Strähnchen ein, der andere weigerte sich mir die Haare so zu schneiden wie ichs wollte, wer andere schnitt sie dann wieder falsch und so weiter... Vielleicht findest du ja in Australien beim vorbei gehen nen guten Friseur und sie haben Zeit :3

  3. I hope you will have great trip. I never been there but it must be amazing place. I can understand your haircut problem, i had similar problems too when my hairdresser was sick and i tried out another hairdresser... T.T

    Bai, Shiki

  4. Have fun in Australia, I'm sure you will! ^^

  5. Ich verstehe schon, was du meinst mit dem Urlaub,wo du eigentlich nie richtig hinwolltest. So ging es mir ja auch mit den Bergen hier in Österreich. Mein Freund hat sich richtig gefreut und ich war so naja :D aber es war doch recht interessant :D ich hoff, dass du deine Zeit in Australien nun auch genießt.
    Wenn du es der Frisörin so genau erklärt hast, und sie es trotzdem falsch gemacht hat, dann ist es echt beschissen ._, (ich nehm dann auch den Kommi unter dem anderen Post zurück!) ich hoff,die Haare wachsen schnell wieder <3
    Freue mich schon total auf die Australien Posts :D


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