Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back to... Mischief!

Hello there!

It surely has been a while since you last heard from me if you didn't follow me on twitter or instagram, but I'm still alive and kicking :D We just came back from our big trip to Australia yesterday, and I'm still busy doing laundry, running some of the errands that accumulated over the past few weeks and sorting through some gigabytes of photos and videos that we took.... but I'll be back to "regular" blogging soon, I promise!

So, talking about travels and photos...
I've been gone for a long time and took quite a lot of photos, and I really don't wanna "flood" you guys with all that info. So I wonder, what would you be most interested in reading about? We did a lot of different activities while in Australia that I could write about, such as a sailing trip to the Whitsunday Islands, snorkeling, a camping trip to the Tablelands where we saw rain forest and the Australian "bush" and its plant- and wildlife... and we've been to Sydney for some city sightseeing! During most of the time we were living with my boyfriends mum on Magnetic Island, so I could also talk a bit about "daily life" in Australia and the experiences we had there.
As the nerdy biologist that I am, I'd also be happy to fill an entry or two with info about Australia's flora and fauna that I got to observe, photograph, feed, swim with and on some occasions even pet and cuddle with :)
Just let me know what YOU would like to read about, and I will take those suggestions into consideration!

Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef!

We also got around by bus :)

Other than that, I hope to get back to "normal" business with my blog soon :)
I plan to do some more work with my hair that I wanna blog about, and I also have a pair of circle lenses left to review. My new job only starts on 1st October so I have some free time left, but I'll have my wisdom teeth extracted on Tuesday and I don't know how fast I'll recover from that :'D (I'm pretty scared already, actually). But once I'm back on my feet I'll try to find a good balance between actually doing interesting stuff, blogging about it, and then on the other hand, working and studying full time. But I believe I can do it, I'm in an optimistic mood!

Sharky came to Australia with us and was very excited and happy to meet his brothers and sisters and cousins at SeaLife in Sydney!

Anyhow, while it was a great experience and ultimately much, much better than I expected (I admit, I was a bit of a killjoy about all this in the beginning, but once we arrived I was mostly to busy seeing things I've never seen before to actually feel homesick. Not all of the time, but mostly.) I'm also glad to be back home, in my own bed, my beloved apartment and with my family. So - let's get back to "business", shall we?

What would you like to hear about my travels in Australia?
Did I miss anything important these last weeks? :D I didn't read any blogs while away, so if there's something you feel like sharing from your blog or someone else's, leave a link :)


  1. Welcome back! \o/ ^^
    Feel free to open the flood gates regarding everything fauna and flora related, and don't you dare to hold anything back. :D

    I don't think you really missed something here. The weather got autumn-ish, but, besides that, same old, same old. And to you the weather should feel quite nice compared to wintery hellhole that is Australia at this time of year. ;) ^^

    How do you get your wisdom teeth removed? Local anesthetics or nap time?

  2. Willkommen zurück ^_^ Ich bin so neidisch auf dein Trip, die Bilder sehn toll aus! Berichte am besten über alles!

  3. Willkommen zurück :) Ich finde alle Themen, die du aufgezählt hast, interessant, also los los, ich glaube ich werde gar nicht genug davon bekommen können <3 ich fand schon die Insta Eindrücke einfach so toll <3 das muss so eine besondere Erfahrung sein!
    Viel Glück für die Zahn-OP!
    Hmm und viel verpasst hast du wahrscheinlich nicht. Es fand das Bloggertreffen statt, wo es ganz viele Berichte zu gibt und ich bin auf eine neue Domain umgezogen :D (, falls du mal vorbeischauen magst :)

  4. Auch von mir nochmal welcome back!
    Hoffentlich wars so wundervoll, wie es auf den Bildern aussah. <3
    Ich find auch dass du ruhig ganz viel dazu schreiben darfst, ist alles sehr interessant und wers nicht lesen mag hat Pech gehabt! :D
    Aber schreib bitte auf jeden Fall über das tägliche Leben in Australien und über Sidney und alles tolle und außergewöhnliche was ihr gesehen habt!
    Und ich bin wahrscheinlich auch nerdy biologist genug um das auch alles sehen zu wollen :3
    Ich drück dir die Daumen dass die Zähne nicht viel stressen und dass du kaum Schmerzen hast!

  5. Ich hab dich vermisst, willkommen zurück *_*
    Mich würd ja tatsächlich alles interessieren, ich konnt mich eben bei deiner Aufzählung gar nicht entscheiden :D
    Und das mit den Weisheitszähnen packst du. Ganz sicher. :)

  6. Ich hätte gerne einen rieeeesen Australien-Bericht mit ganz vielen Bildern! Die, die du auf Instagram gezeigt hattest, waren toll <3

  7. unglaublich cool und beneidenswert!


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