Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Classic Varis-Birthday-Fail

So, yesterday was my birthday, and I guess it wouldn't really be my birthday if everything went really awesome for once. 

The day itself was cool, I got lots of nice wishes from people via twitter, facebook, instagram and text messages and whatnot, and I went to have dinner at my parents' place with my boyfriend. The weather was perfect too, I asked if we could have a barbeque if the weather is nice and it was! On Sunday we'll have the usual family gathering that my birthday usually turns into, because when I start inviting not only my grandma and grandaunt but also my aunt (who has the same birthday as me) I also have to invite my other aunt and uncle, and all of my cousins, and of course their kids, and our neighbors (who are like aunt/uncle and cousins to me) and of course my siblings and step-cousins and... all of the suden you have 30 people in the guest list ^^
Fortunately my parents don't mind hosting these parties every year so if the weather is nice we'll hopefully have a garden party to also celebrate the end of summer a bit!

But anyway. I took the opportunity that I went out yesterday to wear some make up!
I haven't worn make up since I got my new hair color, so it was fun to see how it would change my look :3

I have an eyebrow crisis atm. I hate their shape, but I don't wanna pluck/shave them completely or anything like that. Is there a way to train your eyebrows to grow in a different shape? haha.

Yep, my hair is now magenta-red-purple-something. Actually, it was more of a coincidence that the color turned out like this, but anyway, I think it's okay. I wish the tips were a bit lighter but they might turn lighter after a few washes I guess. Until then, I wear them in a bun or ponytail a lot so I see mostly the magenta part - I love this color!! I think it suits me also when I don't wear any make up which wasn't the case with black hair... so in general, I'm really happy, after the next bleach I'll try to go all pink and soon perhaps pastel colors I guess :)

So... where's the problem you ask?
Well, I can't really enjoy all of that as much as I wish I could, because I had some complications from the wisdom tooth extraction last week :(

In general the procedure went very well. I was terrified at first but the fed me such heavy pain killers that my panic subsided too. It was over within 15 minutes. Instead of the two lower teeth that hadn't broken through yet, the dentist removed one lower and both upper wisdom teeth, to my surprise, but apparently one was a stump and no proper tooth and had no "partner" anyway and the other showed a risk of getting cavities, so out with them!

Three teeth shorter I went home and spend the first two days in a haze of painkillers, sleeping on a bag of frozen vegetables (because we have no such fancy cool pack thingies :'D). On day three I started to wonder if the stitches were poking my gum or something, because I had this really weird feeling when talking and swallowing. On day four it got really bad - and I was finally able to open my mouth enough to have a look at my throat - and saw something looking horribly familiar there. A cold sore!

So I sued to get these a lot during puberty and outbreaks of cold sores, Herpes simplex labialis, where you get blisters on or near your lips, is linked to all kinds of stress - hormonal, emotional, UV-irradiation... I wnet through all of it, but it got less and less as I got older, fortunately. My mum had it much, much worse than me. When she was around 20 she got severe outbreaks of Herpes in her mouth, all over her throat and gum, so severe that she couldn't eat for days and had to get transfusions at the hospital. I never had that before but as soon as I saw it I was pretty sure it must be that same thing, albeit in a much less bad form.
Still, it's fucking annoying. It became so bad - it actually spread closer to the stitches which got inflammed, and partway down my throat - that I went to see the doctor and got Valacyclovir but of course you can't be 100% sure it's really Herpes and not some other asshole virus like Coxsackie A or something.

Anyway, all this made eating, swallowing in general and for a while also talking really painful and difficult. My boyfriend caught a really bad cold too - ironically when he was waiting for me at the dentist and a badly ill person sat next to him, coughing and sneezing all the time, like what the hell was he even doing at the dentist, as if anybody could work in the mouth of a constantly coughing person?! - so, as soon as he started to feel better I caught the cold from him and now I have problems breathing too :(

I feel really shitty at the moment, which is also why I haven't had the energy to write any blog entries about Australia yet. But I already sorted the photos a bit and I'll try to start a mini-series about Australia, probably next week. I also have pretty big exams coming up and have to study, and next week I'm supposed to start my new job. So as you can see, I'm pretty busy and can't guarantee you any fun and interesting content in the next few days. Sorry!

But anyway.
What do you think about my current hair color?
I'll try to get some better pics on Sunday at the "big party" :3


  1. Du musst dich doch nicht entschuldigen, wenn es nicht geht, dann geht es nicht! "Wir" Leser können doch warten!
    Oh mein Gott, du Arme, echt :( Das tut schon weh nur vom Lesen, ich hoffe du packst das gut und wünsche dir, dass es ganz schnell besser wird! Und auch viel Erfolg bei den Prüfungen & bei deiner Arbeit, da fühle ich mit dir, habe auch noch zwei Prüfungen vor mir.

    Das Bild ist übrigens wundervoll, der Eyeliner ist perfekt und deine Haare sind so cool! :)

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Dankeschön! ^o^
      Der Eyeliner ist ja ein bisschen im Photoshop geschummelt, da ich ein kleines "Eck" drin hatte dass ich im Spiegel übersehen hab XD Man siehts noch beim Augenwinkel. Irgendwie tue ich mir da immer schwer bei meiner Lidform D: Aber freut mich dass es trotzdem gefällt ^^

  2. I like your hair colour, I'm partial to anything pink, it's like the only colour that I use to dye my hair! Sorry to hear about your simplex pain. I know what that's like, me and my mum suffer from the same problem. :( I hope you're feeling better enough to enjoy your family birthday bash!

    1. Thank you! :D
      Yeah, I also got it from my mum's side, though she had it far worse when she was young :( It's a pain and I'm just glad that I don't get them as often as I used to when I was in puberty!
      Thanks again ^^

  3. Alles Gute und vor allem ne gute Besserung auch von mir! <3

    Eigentlich wollte ich betonen, wie gut mir deine Augenbraue auf dem Foto gefällt und dann magst du sie nicht. Schade. Ich find die Form gut so!
    Aber deine Haarfarbe ist natürlich der reine Wahnsinn *__* Das Pink sieht an dir richtig toll aus!

    Hast du eigentlich auch Erfahrung mit Atlantic Blue oder Midnight von Directions? Würde mich interessieren, wie deckend/leuchtend die werden und bei Google sind die Ergebnisse weit gestreut...

    1. Wahh, dankeschön!
      Ach, die Augenbrauen sind bei mir immer so eine Sache. Habe sie jetzt gestutzt, dann sind sie nicht mehr so wirr und leichter nachzuziehen und zu formen, jetzt geht es wieder ein bisschen ^^
      Mit blau hab ich noch gar keine Erfahrungen - außer dass ich es früher mal verwendet habe und einen blauschimmer ins schwarz reinzubekommen, das hat ganz gut funktioniert. Das ist eigentlich das erste mal dass ich richtig bunte haare habe und directions überhaupt auf hellem haar angewendet habe ^^

  4. Happy belated birthday! Your new haircolor looks awesome! Hope you get better before your big party...

    I've been sick for most of the last month, this is my 3rd illness already, I have a bad cold as well. :/

    1. Thank you! ^___^
      Gosh, I hope you're better now than when you wrote this! :( I hate colds the most because they're often not so severe that you can really justify staying at home for a week or so (at least in our society...), but when you catch a really bad one or have it for a long time it just sucks!
      Hope you're well!

  5. Glad you finally achieved a color you like. ^^
    Following your "experiments" on Twitter was a bit like watching a mad professor trying to figure out the perfect formula. But I have no experience regarding hair dye, so what do I know how difficult it can be? XD
    And don't stress yourself too much. Focus on getting better. Your health is more important than blog entries. :)

    1. Well, in the meantime the tips have faded more and more to red, and I really don't like it D: It's a horrible kind of red and nothing I have matches it, it's a lot like the color I used to have when I was 16 or so, and it sucked back then too XD I'll probably get rid of it all soon!
      And thanks! :)

  6. Oh weh! Ganz schnelle, gute Besserung wünsche ich euch beiden!

    1. Danke!
      Meinem Freund ging es dann eh recht schnell besser, wir sind zum Glück selten gleichzeitig krank, dafür gerne mal "nacheinander" XD Und mittlerweile ist auch alles gut verheilt ^^

  7. Ich wünsche euch beiden eine gute Besserung ;_; ich liebe deine Haare und dein Make Up sieht auch klasse aus!

    1. Aww dankeschön! ^///^
      Meine Haare bereiten mir im Moment etwas kopfzerbrechen... aber ich gucke einfach nur den pinken Pony an, dann ist es nicht so schlimm, haha!

  8. Ich finde die Farbe gut :) steht dir!
    Werde erstmal gesund, und dann kommt alles andere, mach dir kein Stress :)
    Ich wünsch dir viel Erfolg beim Lernen und baldigen Arbeiten :)

    1. Dankeschön! :D
      Hoffentlich schaffe ich es beim nächsten Mal schon helleres Pink zu erreichen ^__^

  9. deine neue Haarfarbe finde ich soo super :D bin gespannt, was da noch alles kommt :)
    Ich wünsch dir auch gute Besserung, ich hab manchmal Aphten und das tut schon so elendig weh :( gib nichts schlimmeres, als wenn's im Mund weh tut und man nicht mal mehr was essen kann...

    1. Hehe, sicher so einiges, ich bin sehr motivivert alles mögliche auszuprobieren (auch wenn ich jetzt einige pinke Flecken im Bad habe die nicht mehr weggehen :( )
      Aphten sind auch übel - oft kann man ja auch nicht so genau sagen ob die nicht auch sogar von Herpes verursacht sind. Ich kannte das gar nicht so sehr dass es IM Mund so schlimm wird, hatte sonst immer nur welche um die Lippen (was zwar etwas weniger weh tut dafür aber unglaublich ekelhaft aussieht D: ) Naja, jedenfalls bin ich froh dass es vorbei ist! ^^


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