Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Hair Diary Part II: Bleaching Experiences

Hey guys!

As promised, I wanted to document my hair experiments here on my blog! Meanwhile I am one step closer to getting my hair light enough to try all the colors of the rainbow, just like I wanted! But first there comes the bleaching....

1. Bleaching with Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse

After I used Colour B4 on my hair to remove some of the black pigment, I was left with a dark red that was turning mostly black towards the tips. The effect looked pretty much ombre hair like, so I wasn't too displeased. If I wanted to go for a dark red, I could have definitely started here and waited for the dark tips to grow out over time. Alas, I want to try some different colors - so I had to bleach.

The first product I used was Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse. I found it on discount in a store and bought the last two packages, I've been looking for it for a while now because I thought it would be easier to use a mousse than a cream bleach... after all, I have never bleached my hair by myself and the last time I went to the hairdresser and got it bleached from dark brown to light blond I lost a considerable amount of hair and also cut it to chin length, and this time I wanted to be really extra careful to avoid damaging my hair too much. I wasn't able to find the product anywhere else and I didn't see it online either, I think the nuance 1200 (the strongest lightener) is not sold here, but at least 1000 is at some places.

First, I was really happy with how easy it was to apply. The foam smells pretty nice and I did not experience any burning or itching on my scalp. I simply applied the foam strand by strand, which was much easier than the Colour B4 treatment, since my hair was so much shorter now!

I had mixed feelings about the result. Obviously, the bleaching effect is not very strong, and I had hoped at least a little bit lighter results for the tips. The roots got quite nice though, and especially where my natural hair color had been the hair turned pretty much light blond.

In conclusion, I think the product is really well suited to bleach your roots if you have naturally rather light hair like me. It is so easy to apply - no messy droplets, no need to use a brush or a container to mix the components of the bleach. If I am done with bleaching and only every have to do my roots from time to time, I'll probably use this product because it is so convenient!

But first I had to get my hair much, much lighter. I did this first bleaching before I went to Australia so my hair would have at least 4 weeks of "rest" in between. Of course with all the sun and salt water, there was some stress on my hair, but I conditioned it really well, and only noticed that the tips got slightly lighter, and after my vacation they were rather dark brown, except for one funny strand that stayed really dark...

2. Bleaching with self-mixed H2O2 and "blond powder"

So for the second try, I decided to go "all in" and buy more or less professional supplies from Roma, a local chain for hair dressing supplies. I had previously read a bit about how to do this right, and also got some nice advice from the employee at the shop, so I ended up buying 6% H2O2 and big can of blond powder, which cost me roughly 20€ - less than I would pay for two packages of lightener in a drug store, so using this type of bleach will actually come cheaper if you live in Austria, where drug store products are excruciatingly more expensive than in Germany, for example.

Why 6% Hydrogenperxoide?
H2O2 is probably available for you to buy in different strengths - 3%, 6%, 9% and 12%. While 12% is pretty strong, changes are it could melt your hair off and as far as I know it's usually only used as oxidant for hair dyes, where it gets more diluted and ends up in a lower concentration in the final product. As for the lower concentrations on the other hand, some people claim it removes red pigments much better, resulting in a slower lightening effect per bleaching, but ultimately less leftover red.

The mixing and application was petty messy, since I don't have the proper equipment and just use an old plastic cup to mix the bleach. The blond powder is mixed with in a 1:2 ratio with the peroxide and the resulting cream will be pretty much a liquid and so there could be some dripping - however it's easier to evenly distribute it through the hair.

My boyfriend helped me this time with the application because I wanted to be as fast as possible to get an even result. We also tried to apply it to the tips first because they were still so much darker, but since this gets the hair kinda tangled it was difficult to apply it to the roots afterwards.... we ended up missing some spots but they're not all that visible :)

I left it in for about 40min (60min in total from the star of the application) and got a pretty good result!

Selfie with my beautifully, bleach-stained towel in the background, lol

I was super happy with the resulting color, especially when I saw the color in daylight the day after I bleached it and it was finally completely dry :) It's pretty much orange, but a very light orange in most places and mostly evenly. Near my hand you can see a funny looking strand that somehow has a hint of green! I have no idea how that happened and why only this strand is green, but anyway, I just hope it will not be too noticeable XD

Luckily, my hair wasn't too damaged after this ordeal. It was indeed a bit dry but after I conditioned them a bit (not too much, since I want to use temporary dyes as soon as possible and they are said to work better on slightly damaged hair...) they felt okay again. They still are dry, but my hair usually is when it has just been washed and then it recovers after a few days... so over all I think my hair is in a pretty good condition after this. Let's hope it will take the second bleaching in a few weeks just as well!

So this is the status quo.
The last picture was taken before I went to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed so I have to postpone the next steps of the procedure until I feel comfortable hanging my head upside down into the bath tub again, haha. But I already have plans what to do with my hair for the next few weeks... so if you wanna find out what I intend to do with them in the meantime... stay tuned ^__^v

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