Saturday, October 25, 2014

Review: "Magic Hair Curlers"

Hello guys and welcome to the very first blogpost written from my new computer, wohoo! It's great to finally, after so many years, have a proper system to work with, and I especially enjoy my new keyboard... even faster typing, perhaps this means I can write new blogposts faster too and thus post more frequently, haha! Well, we'll see :)

Today I want to tell you about my experiences with hair curlers, also called curl formers... well, I don't really think those things have a real, distinct name (yet), so I'll just call them magic hair curlers for the time being :D
These weird, colorful things seem to be a rather new thing, last summer I read a review about them and seemed very intrigued so I looked around on ebay and soon found some to try it all out...
Since even though I cut my hair it is still pretty long, I will try to give some advice to people with long hair who want to try this kind of product in the course of my review!

I want to apologize in advance for the bad photo quality. Time and daylight are not something I am currently blessed with in abundance, so I just tried to take some snapshots here and there, to illustrate this review at least a little bit!

Long story short: Yes, they do work and make nice curls! For the long story...

The Curlers

I ordered the curlers from ebay (watch out, noisy link....), it's really easy to find cheap offers there and the price is much better than if you buy them at a local store, where they are horribly overpriced. When choosing a product, try to take a length that matches your own hair length as closely as possible - I ordered mine before I cut my hair so now the tubes are about 15cm too long. It's no problem if the tubes are longer than your hair, but when you pull your hair through, you'll be grateful for every extra inch that you don't have to pull them through, so to say. Also, even if you plan on growing your hair you can also use tubes that are shorter than your actual hair just as easily, simply position them low enough that the tips are still in the tube.

Now as for the diameter, I didn't pay much attention there. I couldn't really figure out if the value designates the diameter of the tube, i.e. influence how thick the strands will be that you can pull through, or if it means the diameter of the actual curls, so bigger would mean more loose curls, smaller more "doll like" curls... it only occurred to me after ordering that either could be meant. Measuring the tubes I got revealed that the number indeed describes the diameter of the tubes, so a larger diameter means it will probably be a lot easier to pull strands of your hair through. So if you have the option to choose, I recommend you take a larger diameter (e.g. 2.5cm) to make things easier.

Uhh... my hair stained them a little bit :'D

More important is the number of tubes you get in the package. Try to imagine how many individual strands you would like to divide your hair into, and how thick they will end up, when deciding for a product. On the site of that particular seller, I ordered size SZ 60 (2cm diameter). Like I said, a bigger diameter probably would have been better, and also I could have gone for the shorter ones, which would probably have made things a lot easier - but more on that later.

You will get two sets of flat, curled tubes made from synthetic mesh, that are color coded. If you compare them you can see that one half curls clockwise, the other counter clockwise. You can now either mix them randomly, or decide if you want to have your hair curling outward from your head or inward, and then use one color on one side of your head only.

Additionally, you will get a hook that looks a bit like an over-sized crocheting needle to me. It's to pull your hair through the tubes.

Working the "Magic"

So how does this work?
I found that with my rather long hair that also tends to get frizzy quite easily, these are much more difficult to use than I expected. So this part is some special advice for people with long or stubborn hair!

1. Let your hair dry completely!
Obviously you'll have to wet it later, but believe me when I say it's much, much easier to pull the strands of your hair through the tubes if they are completely dry! Also you should use a good conditioner. YOur hair should be smooth and easy to comb through.

2. Separate your hair in a left and right half and lay out the tubes.
When trying to figure out how thick you can make the strands, use the hook as a guideline. The strand should fit the nook without slipping out over the sides, otherwise your hair will tangle while pulling it through the tubes! Now as you work your way through your hair, try to make the strands equally thick and keep track of how many tubes you have left. It might be difficult when you have very thick hair, but I bet it gets easier with practice and in doubt, you might just want to order a second pack of curlers just to be sure you have anough for your hair.

3. Pull the strands through!
I can't stress enough how important it is that your hair is really dry for this part. Otherwise it just tangles way more easy!
I found it best to work from bottom to top on one side first, and then on the other. Tuck away all your hair except for a single strand that you'll start with. First you put the hook through the tube. Then you catch a strand of your hair with the hook and pull the strand through the tube! Try to position them rather high at first - you can always pull the whole tube a bit further down later if it ends up too close to your roots. Once the strand is inside the tube, it should jump right back into its curly shape - if it doesn't, hold on to the hair at the top of the tube, and pull on the lower end to stretch it and bring the strand inside into the correct position along the length of the tube.
I had real trouble doing this with my hair, because it was still a bit damp and there was just a lot of friction inside that tube. It's possible that the hook will disassemble and you will have to re-assemble it inside the tube - which is really bothersome. The tubes will pull on your hair and be practically impossible to put aside, so try to keep the rest of your hair safely tucked away so you don't overlook any strands. It can be quite painful if you accidentally pull on a strand near the roots that is already in a tube, and pulling them through can be painful as well - I guess it puts quite some stress on the hair and scalp, so in my opinion it's really better to do this with dry hair and wet it later!

4. Wet your hair again
If you followed my recommendation, now is the time to wet your hair. A spray bottle filled with water could provide useful, I just used a very weak and "vaporizer"-like jet setting on my shower and tried to get my hair damp but not wet. You can also blow dry it a bit if you feel you got it too wet, the curls should be able to take it!

This is how they look like on my head! You can see that my hair is currently a lot shorter than the tubes :'D And on the right is what my hair looked like right after I pulled the tubes off... you can see some slightly frizzed strands...

5. Wait
Now you can either blow dry your hair some more till it's completely dry and you can remover the curlers, or you can just wait till they air dry. I tried to sleep with the curl formers and it was awful, I really don't recommend it. I slept with old school curlers before and had no problems whatsoever, but these just pull a lot on your hair and hurt your scalp. I suppose it's easier if you position them rather low and spread them above your head on the pillow, if you have very long hair and don't want to curl the whole length. Otherwise I really recommend blow drying or air drying your hair throughly.

6. Remove tubes - done!
Now when you feel like your hair has had enough of magical forming force exerted onto it, you can safely remove the tubes. Simply hold onto the strand near your scalp and pull on the tube carefully, and ideally your hair should bounce back as a beautiful curl!

The results

 So in my personal experience, without hairspray the curls stay in my hair for a few hours at best, then they start to hang more and more. Keep in mind though, I didn't use any hair spray. I think the curls are very pretty, I never actually had such good results with any curling technique I used. I tried classical curlers and paper curlers before eand quickly realized that when I wrap my damp hair around the curlers the dips just don't dry, not even with extensive blow drying or over night, simply because too much hair is wrapped around there. In that situation, these tube curlers are the perfect solution, because the hair can dry evenly. The result was satisfying, except for one or two strands that somehow got really tangled inside the tubes and ended up looking very fuzzy and frizzed, but I was able to hide them underneath the rest of my hair (see the picture above, right after removed the tubes). Overall, the result is good, but I expected the application to be much, much easier.... 

Ca. 3h after removing the curl formers, the curls are already much less, ehm, "curly". I think this is more likely to happen if you have thick and heavy hair.


So, to summarize, this product has some great advantages over other curling techniques that I tried so far, and is probably still the best for my particular type and length of hair. Curling irons never work on my hair, also hair curling with a straightening iron is impossible, so apart from the fact that it damages the hair it was never a suitable option for me. Regular curls like DIY paper curls or foam curls have two big disadvantages: I'd have to use them on damp hair to get an effect - and I don't like to comb or brush my hair when it's still wet, because it's also not very good and healthy for the hair; and secondly my hair won't even dry properly, so in the end I get damp, fuzzy, un-curled hair most of the times! Now with those "magic" hair curlers, I can at least get proper curls into my hair, however one cannot really modify the curls other than the position of the tubes and the thickness of strands. The curls you get will always be rather narrow, doll-like curls, and no loose and wide ones, unless you get  other tubes specifically for this purpose.

All in all, this summarizes the positive and negative aspects of this technique:

+ pretty result
+ can be used on dry hair, so you don't have to comb your wet hair
+ requires no heat at all, as you can simply wait for your hair to air dry
+ cheap (if you buy them from ebay)
+ light-weight tubes can be used for strands in a pre-made pony tail or loose strands of an up just as well
- only one "type" of curl can be achieved
- takes a lot of time if you have a lot of hair or thick hair
- sometimes rather painful and not really suitable for over night use
- your hair might get tangled inside the tube which will result in a really fuzzy and messed up strand instead of a curl

Overall I think I'm pretty satisfied with the result, but it took me very long to apply all the tubes, so it's not something I would do for a casual look. It's just too much trouble, considering the result won't even hold that long.

For special occasions though, I think this is "the" method of choice for me, to curl my hair. I would even consider using hair spray next time, to preserve their shape  a bit (first I have to get a nice hair color again, though!). As for the painfulness and the strands that got frizzled inside the tubes, I suppose the more often you use them, the easier it will get to do this... but I definitely learned from this experience - I won't be using these things over night in the future!

So, what do you think of these "magical hair curlers" ? Have you used them before and did you get similar results?
What are your personal tips & tricks for using them?


  1. Oh they seem like a wonderful invention! I can't wait for my hair to grow long enough to try these out!

    1. Yeah, I think it's a really cool product in principle! :D And I bet with shorter hair you'd be done in the blink of an eye ^^

  2. Die muss ich mir glaub ich mal bestellen und ausprobieren! Schöne definierte Locken ohne Hitzeeinwirkung hören sich nach einer prima Idee an :)
    Auch wenn die Anwendung ganz schön kompliziert zu sein scheint,aber ich probiere es :)

    1. Kompliziert ist es nicht wirklich, eher unheimlich mühsam, also ich hab schon lange gebraucht meine Haare da durchzubekommen... aber meine Haare sind auch nicht gerade kooperationsbereit wenn es darum geht irgendetwas mit ihnen zu machen XD

  3. klingt interessant, aber du meinst es ist schwierig, die Teile anzubringen? Ich hab ja zwei linke Hände bei sowas ^^; aber für besondere Anlässe wäre sowas klasse, ich bin für alle anderen Methoden nämlich auch zu doof :D

    1. Naja, ich denke ob es schwierig wird oder nicht kommt sehr auf deine Haare an! Mir ist einfach beim Versuch die jeweilige Strähne durchzuziehen wirklich ständig dieser blöde Stab quasi abgebrochen, also hat sich in seine Einzelteile zerlegt, ich musste ihn dann wieder durch die Röhre fummeln, einhaken, wieder ziehen, dann ist er wieder entzwei gegangen... das lag wohl einfach daran dass meine Haare etwas störrisch sind und daher wohl ziemlich an der Innenseite der Röhre gerieben haben und sich nciht leicht durchziehen ließen. Wenn man sehr geschmeidige Haare hat sollte das sicherlich leichter gehen ^^ Vielleicht waren meine Haare auch einfach noch ein wenig zu feucht.

  4. Die spuken mir auch schon eine Weile im Kopf rum >.< Hitze hält bei mir auch nicht soooo ewig, das wird nach ner Stunde eher Wellen als alles andere. Aber ich denke die würden bei mir auch ganz gut funktionieren. Ich würd wahrscheinlich größere nehmen, weil ich es lieber mag wenn die Locken schön groß und fluffig sind. Wahrscheinlich ginge das mit der Zeit auch ein bisschen schneller, Übung macht ja den Meister und so.

    1. Hitze funktioniert bei mir ja leider überhaupt nicht, bei mir gehts nur mit Feuchtigkeit :<
      Größere habe ich schon gesucht, aber irgendwie noch nix gefunden. Also der Durchmesser der Locken wird wohl mit diesen Dingern immer recht klein bleiben. Für größere Locken müssen dann vermutlich doch Oma's alte Lockenwickler her XD (Ich hab davon echt einen Sack hier rumstehen... habs aber noch nicht probiert, vielleicht sollte ich mal, zum Vergleich ^^)

  5. Klasse! Muss ich auch mal ausprobieren *_* ! Bin schon lange auf der Suche nach einer so einfachen Art Locken zu machen.
    Danke für den Beitrag!
    LG Tamy

    1. Gerne! :D
      Ich denke wenn ich ein bisschen Übung habe geht es insgesamt sicherlich auch schneller als mit Lockenwicklern oder pailotten ^^

  6. Das Ergebnis ist ja zauberhaft *-*
    Mit dieser Art Wickler liebäugle ich schon wirklich lange...ich glaub ich bin mehr als überzeugt xD

    1. Danke ^///^
      Ja, also wenn man sich damit zufrieden gibt dass die Locken nunmal eher klein sind, ist es echt eine gute Lösung finde ich ^^ Vor Allem bei hitzeresistentem Haar wie meinem XD

  7. Ich schließe mich hier mal an, ja! Es sieht zauberhaft aus!
    Allerdings würde ich mir diese Teile für die Locken zu machen wohl eher nicht kaufen. Ich habe da glaube ich keine Nerven für xD

    Im übrigen, und das ist mir jetzt echt peinlich, möchte ich dir noch herzlich zum Geburtstag gratulieren, auch wenn es schon lang vorbei ist!
    Bei mir herrscht grad etwas Quaos xD

    Das Kleid ist übrigens super schön! Steht dir gut!

    Alles Liebe,

    1. Ahhh aber das macht doch nichts, vielen lieben Dank für die Glückwünsche :D
      Es ist schon etwas zeitraubend... aber ich hoffe dass ich es mit Übung schneller (und schmerzfreier XD) kann!! :D


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