Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary, WoW (and other excuses for lack of posts) !

Hello everyone!

In case you've been wondering about my "absence" it's easily explained by the fact that World of Warcraft has launched its newest expansion and for the past week I have been busy power leveling, because this time for real, I want to experience the new content right away! :D With Cata and WotLK I had to wait for about a week before I was even able to start playing due to issues with my internet... but it's a lot of fun to be among the first wave of players to reach 100, start doing heroic dungeons and such. It feels a lot better than my super late start into Mists of Pandaria, at a point where nobody would even bother explaining dungeon or raid bosses to me anymore, because everybody was practically facerolling anyway and carrying me!  

Well, enough of the nerd talk... playing Wow means I really neglected some of my other hobbies... and I feel a bit bad about it! I didn't draw more than one picture for a planned art trade with my friend Jacky, I seriously have to clean up the mess in my apartment, we have to fix some stuff as well (got a new lamp for the living room! Finally!), do a lot of laundry... haha :'D

 I did go out once, so I wore make up and nice clothes! Well, except for the fact that it makes me look a bit pregnant I really like the outfit XD

Saturday, November 1, 2014

With a frozen Heart and a Soul on Fire

Hello little morsels, ehm, I mean, readers!

Halloween is already over, but I still want to show you some pictures I took last night of my makeshift "costume"!

Originally I planned to go to a party, my boyfriend even changed his shifts to have a free weekend to spend together. However, the host of the party fell ill so it was canceled. We decided to spend a cozy night at home instead, but I still wanted to try out my make up & costume as I had planned, and I even managed to get some almost-decent photos!