Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary, WoW (and other excuses for lack of posts) !

Hello everyone!

In case you've been wondering about my "absence" it's easily explained by the fact that World of Warcraft has launched its newest expansion and for the past week I have been busy power leveling, because this time for real, I want to experience the new content right away! :D With Cata and WotLK I had to wait for about a week before I was even able to start playing due to issues with my internet... but it's a lot of fun to be among the first wave of players to reach 100, start doing heroic dungeons and such. It feels a lot better than my super late start into Mists of Pandaria, at a point where nobody would even bother explaining dungeon or raid bosses to me anymore, because everybody was practically facerolling anyway and carrying me!  

Well, enough of the nerd talk... playing Wow means I really neglected some of my other hobbies... and I feel a bit bad about it! I didn't draw more than one picture for a planned art trade with my friend Jacky, I seriously have to clean up the mess in my apartment, we have to fix some stuff as well (got a new lamp for the living room! Finally!), do a lot of laundry... haha :'D

 I did go out once, so I wore make up and nice clothes! Well, except for the fact that it makes me look a bit pregnant I really like the outfit XD

Another problem is my current health situation... I'm usually very tired when I get home from work, and I''ve been sickly a lot these past weeks - never actually really sick, but always feeling kinda shitty... with a slight fever, or another outbreak of herpetic gingivostomatitis... or just overall such a low blood pressure that I almost collapse in the morning when I try to get out of bed sometimes!

So, all together these things really didn't motivate me to go out or do something about my appearance or anything. I was pretty lazy and grooming my introversion these days, but I didn't feel like I missed out on anything - except for a Lolita meet up that I really badly wanted to attend, but couldn't go because once again I felt so incredibly sick that day that I was scared to leave home :( I think I might have gastritis or so, so I try to watch what and when I eat, but it's easier said then done...

The outfit I wanted to wear for the meet up...

But there'll be another Lolita meet up in a short while! It's International Lolita Day again and we're having a small meet up in Vienna, to go ice skating and to visit a Christmas market. I'm so much looking forward to it, I really love ice skating! I just can't decide what I wanna wear yet.... I'm thinking about a pink-white coord but I have only one pair of white shoes and my ice skating shoes are black too :( Perhaps I'll do a Bittersweet coord instead.... Or should I wear the above outfit? I really like it though I think now that my hair isn't black anymore it would look a bit unbalanced with those stockings. But for ice skating I'd probably have to wear different ones anyway in case I have an accident ^^"

I actually bought a new dress a couple of days ago (but I'll likely not wear it for that meet up since it is brand and I'm not confident enough to wear it while ice skating)! As I had always wished to buy myself a "dream dress" from my first "real" salary, and I do get paid for my current job (which is not the norm when working as an undergraduate in science, unfortunately...) - and the dress I wanted to order from taobao was already sold out - I decided to browse through lacebook for the dresses that I like or perhaps find something new...
And I did! I actually found a favored dress of mine in two colorways for sale. In the end, I settled with the black version because my boyfriend liked it better and I couldn't decide :)

While I think the blue version is very pretty, too, I just have much more matching stuff for this dress. I'm really curious how the color of the print will be like in real life, because on all pictures I've seen of it so far the light was kinda yellowish, and I think the print is actually much more pastel pink than orange.
I will definitely take some close up pictures as soon as I get it!

Oh, and yes, my hair is actually pink by now! Or orange-pink, as you can see in the first photo ^^" Unfortunately, after the last bleach the majority of it was still rather yellowish. I think pastel pink could have worked if I had just used a little bit more dye and diluted it less... however, I ran out of dye halfway through my hair -__- I ordered new dye by now, but I'm thinking about getting a proper hair cut before I bother dyeing it... so hopefully at the beginning of December I'll have a proper haircut AND color! I#ll try to show you some more pics of my "journey" to pastel pink hair in a separate blog post soon :)

The package that my dye came in had the most hilariously mistranslated "safety label" ever. In case you're wondering, the German says "Has contained peroxide". I'm just glad the Austrian mail services apparently don't give a shit about this stuff.

So anyway, I think that if I can get my hair cut and dyed before the meet up, it would be really nice. Last year at the ILD meet up in December it was so incredibly windy that my wig was tangled almost beyond repair. It keeps your head warm, sure, but I think I'll rather wear a hat this time! It definitely would be awesome to wear my own hair, and having it look nice for once!

So... this was a rather random flow of thoughts now, but I thought better a random update than none at all ^^ I also noticed that it's easier to just write whatever comes to my mind once in a while than try to meticulously plan and prepare every blogpost... I just don't have the time and energy for that kind of thing anymore, and this is not a "professional" blog but a "personal" one anyway. So I hope you don't mind if I post more low-quality cell phone photos and random babble, but also more frequently? :)

By the way. Less than 5 weeks till Christmas! Are you excited yet? :D
I really am, and this year I'm also really in the mood for Christmas, for whatever reason ^^ Maybe because I have a job and actually have money to buy some decent presents for the people I love! And perhaps because I know that despite working and studying at the same time, I feel like I will have enough time to make looooots of cookies this year!
What about you? ^^


  1. Nein, red nur frei nach Schnauze und was dir in den Sinn kommt. Egal obs Handyfotos sind oder nicht, es ist immer toll von dir zu hören! <3

    Dieses Jahr bin ich mehr in Weihnachtsstimmung als letztes Jahr, aber trotzdem fühlt sich das nach ner verdammt kurzen Zeit zu Weihnachten hin an.
    Viel Spaß beim Kekse backen und noch mehr Spaß beim Zocken wünsch ich dir!

    Und: Zieh das Outfit an, was du letztens schon tragen wolltest, das sieht einfach nur umwerfend aus <3

  2. Oh mein Gott, deine Haare sehen wunderschön aus *_* und dein Outfit ist klasse!!! Ich bin gespannt, wie das zurecht gelegte Outfit aussehen wird.

    Wünsche dir eine gute Besserung!

  3. Ich bin allein schon durch die Arbeit so hardcore in Weihnachtsstimmung. XD
    Und ich mach das auch so, bevor der Blog völlig verstaubt, ein paar Einträge halt Gebrabbel und random Handyfotos. XD

  4. ich freu mich schon auf Fotos von deinen Haaren :) und ich hoffe dir geht es bald wieder besser :/

  5. This Christmas will be the best one in years, because ... reasons. ^^


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