Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Byebye 2014!

Woah, I feel like this year passed faster than ever!
I guess it's a sign of growing old when you feel that year after year is rushing by, and it makes a little bit sad ^^"

But on the other hand, such a blog entry is the perfect opportunity to think back of all the things that happened in the past year and to recognize that after all, it was a year full of change and positive achievements!

I will once again review my year using the questions from the previous entries I did (2013, 2012, 2011 and 2012. Holy shit, that means in 2015 will be my blog's 5th "birthday"!)

 As for today or rather tonight, I will spend New Year's Eve alone at home because my boyfriend has to work - a convenient excuse to leave work ealier myself because he needed the car. I feel like a very dedicated scientist at the moment, spending every day at the lab, even tomorrow and on Friday I will work, haha! But this is the great thing about my job, I love what I do so much that even after everything failed repeatedly, I love to go to work, even on holidays, to try again and do a good job! But let's look at 2014 in a bit more detail....

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wings & Hearts

Hello guys!

After two very boring holidays I feel like I wasted most of my free time not really doing anything. Today my boyfriend and me went shopping to buy some of the stuff we actually had planned to buy before Christmas, not just for us but also some presents for relatives we're only about to see next week etc. So I used the opportunity to wear some make up!

I'm wearing the raven pendant I got from my boyfriend ♥

Back in 2006 when I met my boyfriend I was this little wannabe Gothic-girlie with a really messed up style, and over the years I dabbled into so many different styles, but never really got quite "into" anything completely. I guess I just don't have the dedication to a single style to put all my money into it. So even now, I'm just wearing whatever I feel fits the occasion. When we meet my family, I mostly go for more cute and dolly styles like Gyaru inspired or toned down casual Lolita. I feel like the pink hair thing was already shocking enough for everyone and they don't need to think I'm still sacrificing goats in ma darkened room or something like that. I'd rather frequently be compared to  that Anastasuya Shpagina girl and called "manga girl" in a joking manner.

So, to sum it up, I (and my boyfriend thinks so too, haha) feel like this goth-like style is something that I've been kinda neglecting lately. Though I often wear various band or festival shirts and such at work I don't get all dressed up, I wear no make up or jewelry for work, and yeah, I kinda missed it! It was fun to try this once again.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

I might have grown out of Christmas after all

Hey guys!

How was your Christmas?
In Austria, as in many other countries in Europe, we celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24th and give presents to our loved ones. As a child, I used to love unwrapping my presents and playing with them till late at night, knowing that I can sleep long on the following holiday and play again!

Our Christmas tree this year was black-silver-white with a snowflake theme ♥ We had much too warm weather for my taste this December, so I tried to compensate the lack of snow :) The black ornaments are not seen very well but they sparkled beautifully and give the tree a very nice touch!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I forgot how to human (but it's okay)

Yo, I'm back with some random blabla and also some outfit photos!

On Sunday my family had a huge gathering for Christmas and also my grandma's birthday. This has become somewhat of a tradition, and it's really cool to see my whole "clan" together at least once a year! Actually all of us still live in the local area, and we're a pretty big family so when we all come together... well, let's say at the beginning of our relationship my boyfriend used to joke that we're the local mafia or something (the fact that there is a small spot in my old home village that is named after my grandma's family probably didn't help fight that prejudice, haha).

So, anyway, it was a welcome excuse to pick up some make up brushes and wear something nice for a change.

I was like "Hey I could use some fake lashes, perhaps the not-too-obvious-ones?" and accidentally grabbed a similar looking, much more obvious pair, so I ended up using bottom lashes as well XD

Saturday, December 6, 2014

International Lolita Day 2014 - Winter Edition

Hey guys!

Yes, it's that time of the year again! Christmas? No, I mean International Lolita Day, of course ;D

This winter I once againd decided to organize a little meet up, this time it was really casual because I just really wanted to do something "wintery" for the Winter ILD... so I suggested we go ice skating! At first I was unsure if poeople would like the idea, but in the end we were a nice little group after all ^^

Taking a group photo without a designated photographer is always a challenge, but we found a nice spot to take photos in the Stadtpark ^^  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Von Gewalt - und deren Legitimation

Sorry non-German speaking folks, I feel like this entry is better put to words in German this time. If you'd like, you can try to use google translate to get a idea on what I'm saying here.

Heute will ich mal einen Beitrag auf Deutsch schreiben - über ein Thema, das gerade in den deutschsprachigen Medien, jedenfalls in Österreich, sehr präsent ist.

Auf der Online-Version der Tagszeitung "Die Presse" veröffentlichte ein Journalist etwas, das wohl ein Kommentar zum Thema Erziehung hätte werden sollen. Der relativ kurze, sehr persönliche Einblick in seine Ansichten zur Kindererziehung erschien in der Rubrik "Familie" (hier nachzulesen) - und löste prompt einen Shitstorm aus, der sich gewaschen hat. Zu Recht - denn wer die körperliche Züchtigung eines Schutzbefohlenen (und sei es auch nur noch so "leichtes" an den Ohren ziehen oder "inszeniertes" übers Knie legen) nicht nur betreibt sondern auch noch derartig idealisiert, verklärt und noch dazu für völlig alternativenlos hält ("Totale Gewaltfreiheit in der Erziehung ist ein infantil-romantischer, militant-pazifistischer Irrglaube wie die Idee der Gewaltfreiheit in der Welt, da ändert auch das gesetzliche Gewaltverbot nichts." - dazu später mehr), und das im Jahr 2014, der braucht sich nicht groß wundern wenn diese Ansichten bei der Mehrheit der Bevölkerung so eine Reaktion auslösen. Aber das ist schlussendlich auch gut so - denn das Thema ist ein derartiges wichtiges dass ohnehin viel, viel mehr und öfter darüber geredet werden sollte. Das Thema heute ist also Gewalt.