Saturday, December 6, 2014

International Lolita Day 2014 - Winter Edition

Hey guys!

Yes, it's that time of the year again! Christmas? No, I mean International Lolita Day, of course ;D

This winter I once againd decided to organize a little meet up, this time it was really casual because I just really wanted to do something "wintery" for the Winter ILD... so I suggested we go ice skating! At first I was unsure if poeople would like the idea, but in the end we were a nice little group after all ^^

Taking a group photo without a designated photographer is always a challenge, but we found a nice spot to take photos in the Stadtpark ^^  

It really took me a long time to decide on an outfit. Ultimately I wore a pink Bodyline skirt and cutsew, even though the colors don't match perfectly it's almost like wearing an OP! I was just to scared to wear brand to go ice skating, haha. It was insanely difficult to balance this outfit though. I'm still not used to my new hair color, and I only have one coat and one pair of loli-able boots and they're black.... I tried my best to balance the colors, I'm not 100% happy but I think it turned out okay, for a casual outfit at least!

If you remember my "sewing spree" from last summer, I shortened this skirt to give it a nicer shape (I just took in a bit of fabric and made an additional seam at the upper hem) and it ended up too short .__. I also think one of the problems is that I gained some weight lately so the skirt kept "crawling" up my hips a bit and would ultimately appear shorter than the petticoat, boohoo. But well, if I find the time I will correct the seam. At least the skirt has a really nice shape now, before it looked more like a sad pink potato bag, now it's a nice cupcake shape :D

I feel a bit weird about my styling. This is actually the first time I went to a meet up without super heavy make up with false lashes and all that stuff. But I was worried that it would rain and they wouldn't stay anyway, so I went for a more casual look with my make up too. And after weeks of not wearing make up I was super happy that I got the eyeliner right, so I didn't want to push my luck any further anyway :'D

I need some vertical nice sticker or business card or something to put in there XD In the meantime, I'm gonna wear headless Dunkelsüß-Lolita-chan on my bag, lol

Ice skating was a lot of fun! We went to the "Wiener Eislaufverein", which claims to be the largest inner city ice sakting court in the world. I have to admit, it really IS huge and it's located in the inner city of Vienna, so you also have a nice view of old bulidings (except for the Hotel Intercontinental, which is.... honestly pretty ugly).

I haven't been ice skating in a long time, and today really made me wanna go more often. I just wish the ice skating courts close to my home were a bit nicer. One closes at 17:00 during the week and the people there are super unfriendly, and the other is super small. Also, my skates don't really fit (no idea what made me buy them 8 years ago), so if I really wanna go more often I should probably get new ones. Well, perhaps it's something I can ask Santa to get me for Christmas, haha.

I love this photo of me and Lea! It was her first meet up and she wore a super pretty self sewn dress ^^

There was this one guy (you can see him in the back of the previous photo) who was skating so insanely well I couldn't help watch him every time I passed by. I always wanted to learn "ice dancing" but I never really had the ambition to do it. But the WEV offers ice skating courses, so perhaps I get a chance to learn some tricks one day.

After a while we started to feel pretty tired and exhausted, so we decided to go to the nearby Christmas market to warm up with Crêpes and hot spiced wine, yum! We stayed a while but everyone was pretty tired already... we almost missed Emily who couldn't come earlier because she had to work, but in the end we got to talk a lot, which made me very happy. The first time I actually got to talk to her we realized that she applied for the university where I did my Bacherlor's degree, and now that she started her studies there of course I was super curious how she liked it, if the professors are still the same, etc ^^ So in the end, it was quite a long day, and at some point I was happy to sit down in the subway on my way home. I had to carry the DSLR and my skates all the time after all!

But it was a super fun meet up and I am happy that I was able to spend ILD with some fellow Lolitas ^^ Come to think about it, Winter ILD is my "Lolita anniversary", since I consider the 2012 ILD my first actual meet up and the first time I wore Lolita "porperly" in public (though it was super cold so I couldn't wear Lolita-appropriate shoes...). It's really weird how fast time passes by without you actually really noticing.... I bet Christmas is gonna be over before I even notice it!

Well, at least the visit to the Christmas market got me in a bit of a Christmas mood. My current life style isn't exactly healthy and I'm stressed or feel sick most of the time, and lately I have terrible nightmares so I can't sleep that well either... but I hope that it's gonna get better now - I had a huge exam on Friday and if I passed it there's only one big and some smaller exams left before I can start to concentrate on my thesis....

How about you, are you in a Christma smood already? :)
I hope you're having a nice week end!


  1. Looks like such a fun meetup and ice-skating! :D
    I can imagine it gets cold after a while, especially when wearing lolita.

    You look so ADORABLE in pink!! ♡ ♡ Love it! ♡
    The skirt is very cute, you did a good job and maybe you have some 'winter-wight' and will fit better again in summer time or something like that. :P

    ♡ Frillycakes ♡

    1. Aww thank you so much! ^///^ I'm still a bit insecure about the haircolor but so far I like it!
      It wasn't that cold actually, we had like 4°C and I wore a lot of layers (like two pairs of tights and a long shirt under the cutsew). So as long as you keep moving it's fine, just afterwards at the Christmas market I started to get cold a bit, but I was also tired ^^

      Haha, I wish it was only "winter fat" or winter weight but I think it's because of the stress at work and such, I don't have time to eat right and do any kind of exericse :< But perhaps this will get better with summer anyway, because I should be finished with most exams by then ^^

      Thanks for your comment! <3

  2. you look super cute and I really do like your coord~ *_* I want to go ice skating too!


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