Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wings & Hearts

Hello guys!

After two very boring holidays I feel like I wasted most of my free time not really doing anything. Today my boyfriend and me went shopping to buy some of the stuff we actually had planned to buy before Christmas, not just for us but also some presents for relatives we're only about to see next week etc. So I used the opportunity to wear some make up!

I'm wearing the raven pendant I got from my boyfriend ♥

Back in 2006 when I met my boyfriend I was this little wannabe Gothic-girlie with a really messed up style, and over the years I dabbled into so many different styles, but never really got quite "into" anything completely. I guess I just don't have the dedication to a single style to put all my money into it. So even now, I'm just wearing whatever I feel fits the occasion. When we meet my family, I mostly go for more cute and dolly styles like Gyaru inspired or toned down casual Lolita. I feel like the pink hair thing was already shocking enough for everyone and they don't need to think I'm still sacrificing goats in ma darkened room or something like that. I'd rather frequently be compared to  that Anastasuya Shpagina girl and called "manga girl" in a joking manner.

So, to sum it up, I (and my boyfriend thinks so too, haha) feel like this goth-like style is something that I've been kinda neglecting lately. Though I often wear various band or festival shirts and such at work I don't get all dressed up, I wear no make up or jewelry for work, and yeah, I kinda missed it! It was fun to try this once again.

Oh right, and I was wearing my new The 69 Eyes shirt! ♥
I order two tank tops from their merch shop at the beginning of the month, because they had a sale. I like to show my love for my favorite bands with merch, and I realized I have a lot of stuff with heartagrams but only few items from my other favorite bands, so I just couldn't resist! The second item I ordered is a simple black top with a white ankh on the front, I'll show it to you soon!

I bleached my roots last week and the top of my hair looks rather pastel pink now once again, unfortunately the more the color washes out at the tips the more orange it gets again :( I really want to have an even pastel pink color, but I fear it will be impossible to bleach my hair again without killing it.... I'm already quite frustrated with how it looks and feels, and the fact that it is so short compared to the beginning of the year!! It will take me probably more than two years to grow it back to its old length and I feel a bit sad about that. Though I guess it is still comparably long and on these photos it doesn't even look as bad as it is in reality :'D 

Well. Anyway. So the reason we went shopping was to buy - among other stuff - some games for our Wii U and my long awaited Pokémon Sapphire remake!


Of all the Pokémon games I played, Sapphire has a special place in my heart. I used to regard Gen II as my favorite, because it brought so many cool changes to the game, and also had the biggest game world with much content after the Top 4. But when Ruby and Sapphire came out, I was already starting to explore the world of the internet, and the first internet communities I joined were Pokémon related. So I had the possibility to acquire a much deeper understanding of the game mechanics etc by that time, and well, the story was just fun ^^ So I'm looking forward to playing it again! I already started and like many of the new changes they made, like hunting for rare Pokémon by sneaking up on them. And I cracked up laughing so much at the beginning of the intro where you look at the screen that looks exactly like the start of the old game, and then you realize it's because your character is holing a tablet XD The only thing I kinda miss is the character customization, I'm a really sucker for those kinds of things, I just love to dress up my characters and change their appearance... which is why I also spend tons of money on transmogs in WoW, haha.

We also already started playing Bayonetta a bit, and holy shit, that game is sick! But in a good way, I guess XD While I find the art style slightly irritating, I love the story so far and the character design itself is really amazing - you just have to get used to the super long limbs and exaggerated everything.

I didn't have a chance to play Hyrule Warriors yet but I am SO much looking forward to it. I really wish I had a week off next week too, but I really have to go back to work so I can hopefully start my experiments in January... and there are some big exams coming up that I need to study hard for!
AND I need to send in my application for graduate school.... I got a lot of helpful advice from colleagues doing their PhD and from my boss, who also agreed to write me a letter of commendation - this really cheered me up! I think the guys at the lab trust me that I am up to the challenge and think I'm doing well enough to qualify, so I'm a bit more optimistic now again myself.

So... yeah, there's a lot to do... and I really want to have some good new year's resolutions and find ways to actually keep them this time. So I'm also thinking about how to do that at the moment....

How did you spend the holidays?
And do you have plans for New Year's Eve?
I'll probably sit at home alone and be play games while my boyfriend is at work, ehehe. I think sometimes I enjoy being an introvert a bit too much ^^"


  1. Well, who doesn't love a well done gothy-ish style? Looks great. :D

    And yes, Bayonetta IS SICK. XD
    Loved it back when it came out on the Xbox360, and still do. All in all one of the fastest, well balanced, best controllable, and certainly freakiest action games available with a lot of cool ideas (e.g. using the loading screens for getting used with the controls and for training). :D
    ... if only the camera would provide a better overview of the scenario from time to time. :/ But maybe they fixed it in the WiiU version.

    1. Yeah, I hate it when games do that, I noticed it in Hyrule Warriors too - I think sometimes the Devs do that on purpose because they want you to admire all the beautiful textures and whatnot, not realizing that nobody pays any fucking attention to that during fighting scenes. So far I've only been watching when my boyfriend played Bayonetta... well it looks cool and I think trying out the controls during loading time is a pretty cool idea :D

  2. Oh my Goth! Also diese Outfit ist echt ein Wahnsinn. Wenn du mir so auf der Straße begegnest, hätte ich wirklich große Mühe dich nicht anzustarren. ;) Was für mich persönlich extrem schwierig und peinlich wäre, da ich andere Menschen so gut wie nicht direkt anschauen kann. ^^


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