Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Why do you have such big eyes?"

Helloo~ readers.

You might have noticed that I do not really post very regularly anymore. Well, the thing is, I rarely have anything to write about since I am super busy with my work and exams. I really wish I had more time for fun things in my life at the moment, but usually when I get home I am totally drained and exhausted. Honestly, I didn't even have time or energy to keep this place clean and tidy and it feels like I would need an entire week simply to catch up on sleep and get this mess in order.... I guess if I do a PhD after my Master's degree, this will only get worse?

There was exactly one fun event I attended - pretty much since Christmas, or at least my last blog entry. A friend from the local Lolita community celebrated her birthday and fortunately, my boyfriend had a day off last week end so we could both go!

The party was actually a theme party - it's carnival season here right now, so the idea was to dress up as something Fantasy- or SciFi (or fairytile and such) related. At first I wanted to dress up as white rabbit and Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland together with my boyfriend, but the lenses I wanted to wear didn't arrive, so I came up with an alternative, and we went as Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf :D Unfortunately I don't have any photos of my outfit :< But it was a kind of Gothic version, I wore a black dress and fishnet stockings. The hood was part of an old costume I wore when I was 13 or so - back then I was also dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood so I just customized it a little bit. For my boyfriend, I made fluffy ears and a tail, unfortunately they ended up a bit too big so many people didn't recognize the costume to be a wolf unless they saw us next to each other and realized the connection XD

This is actually my favorite lens + wig (and make up) combination. Unfortunately, the wig looks huge on my head because it currently is really difficult to handle my real hair properly. While it is much shorter than it used to be it is still difficult to pink it closely to my head and I always end up looking a bit weird with wigs. What sucks especially is the fact that all of the volume in my hair is in the lengths and tips, so without a wig I have the opposite problem that my hair looks super flat and volume-less near the scalp and super fluffy everywhere else :(

Pincurls unfold!

Well, anyway, I'm not too happy about my hair situation at the moment. I have terrible looking roots and the tips are looking really unhealthy. I try to give them special care with oils and conditioner, but they just won't get any better. I have no split ends, just really, really dry hair and it ends up looking really frizzy and ugly unless I don't wash it for a few days.

 Cut my bangs again. Now they have a nice length, but after washing them I got a stupid wave in there :<

Also, I might have to re-dye my hair soon.
There's an event coming up that I really want to attend, but I'm not sure if I can go yet. If I do, I really want to have nice looking hair, at least color wise. That means I would have to bleach my roots and re-dye all of it, because the lengths are turnung more and more orange! The problem is, I don't have any pink dye here and if I ordered some now it probably wouldn't arrive in time. I only have Purple from Jeans Color, and I wonder if I should try to dilute it and get pastel purple. I'm a bit scared though that the ends will look brownish! Usually purple is used to neutralize an orange hue, so I'm worried about that.... also, so far I really like the pink and I would love to keep it a bit longer. Perhaps I will try to get Jeans Color in Pink and try that (it's much cheaper here than the same amount of Directions would be). Do you have any recommendations or experience with any of these colors? And do you know any good products or tricks to care for super dry hair?

Though I still have to find out if I'm actually going there or not.

Since my work has not gone especially well these past months I feel like I shouldn't got, like I don't really "deserve" to go. I also skipped an exam I wanted to take because I just couldn't handle to prepare myself well enough. I am totally exhausted and it would be nice to have a break, but there is no way to take one now with everything going wrong in my experiments. I will just have to sort it all out before I can catch a breath. I'm actually a bit scared that I will lose my job if this continues. Scared that one day my boss will tell me "If you can't get this work you don't even qualify as a Master student" and send me home :(

Well, anyway.
As you can see, I'm a bit in distress these days, not feeling to well and all that.... too many doubts about myself, my future and my choices of the past. I feel pretty much like back when I studied Physics and eventually decided to drop out, but in this case I really wanna push through and finish... but I'm just not sure that doing everything I can will be enough.

How was your year 2015 so far?
Any big plans for the next week end?
If I can, I will try to review a new pair of lenses (the ones I had planned for the white rabbit costume) with a special little "photoshooting". I hope I have some time this week end!


  1. Hast du schon probiert deine Haare mit Joghurt zu behandeln? Ich hab mal gelesen dass gebleichtem Haar vor allem Proteine fehlen und dass da Joghurtkuren und ähnliches am besten helfen. Kannst es ja mal probieren, das ist bloß noch mehr Sauerei als Ölkuren :D

    1. Joghurt klingt interessant, ich wollt eh gerne mal so selbstgemischte Kuren probieren :) Danke für den Tipp!


    Die Farbe steht dir sehr sehr sehr gut!
    Und allgemein bin ich ein riesen Fan von deinem Kleidungs-stil!

    a w e s o m e.

    1. Awww ♥ Dankedankedanke!
      Ich hoffe die Haare werden weder :'D Bin unlängst wieder über ein Foto gestolpert wo sie noch ganz lang waren und musste fast weinen XD Naja... hoffe es wächst bald nach .__.

  3. your eyes are so beautiful <3 I love your makeups!

    1. Thank you ♥
      The pictures here don't do these circle lenses any justice thought, they are really beautifully green in real life ^^

  4. Wow, das Augen Make-up finde ich hier wirklich besonders gelungen...perfekte Kulleraugen ♥ Ich liebe es, wirklich!
    Ich hab letzte Woche endlich neue braune Linsen bekommen, hab ja sonst nur noch grüne getragen. Freue mich schon drauf mich auch mal wieder gescheit zu schminken. Aktuell hab ich echt immer nur ziemliches Sparflammen Make-up weil meine Augen total tränen sobald ich draußen bin und mir so eh alles weg läuft :(

    Einen Geheimtipp gegen trockenes Haar hab ich leider auch nicht...im Gegenteil, ich habe leider das selbe Problem. Gut, mein Haar hat es mir echt übel genommen dass in der letzten Farbe die ich genommen habe ein echt hoher Blondieranteil war und deshalb sind sie nun ziemlich spröde...allerdings auch nur in den Spitzen. Versuche es aktuell mit einer Reparaturkur von Glisskur, die macht das Haar wirklich angenehm geschmeidig. Leider aber nicht lang :/

    1. Woow, wieso habe ich diesen Kommentar komplett übersehen? E-Mail Benachrichtigungs-Fail XD
      Echt, deine Haare sind trocken? Für mich sehen die immer perfekt geschmeidig und geplfegt aus auf Fotos. Aber ja, das Blondieren tut ihnen keinen Gefallen. Ich hab jetzt wieder begnnen Haar-Öl zu verwenden und es hat schon ziemlich geholfen, obwohl ich sie zuletzt (vor dem erneuten Pinkfärben) komplett blondiert habe sehen die Spitzen besser aus. Ich glaube mein Haarschnitt ist im Moment auch nicht optimal, ich müsste die Spitzen wieder durchstufen lassen, dann sähe es vermutlich auch etwas schöner aus weil sie schöner Fallen :'D

      Das Problem mit den tränenden Augen kenne ich auch nur zu gut XD Bei mir beginnt es aber meist eher im Februar-März wenn hier der Streusplitt usw. von den Straßen zusammengefegt wird, oder vielleicht liegt es auch an Birkenpollen... keine Ahnung XD Aber nervig ist es jedenfalls XDD

  5. I love your hair and make up. You look so cute like every time. *w* For the dry hair you can use hair masks but i think there must be lot of other ways what can help you. :3
    Bai, Shiki

    1. Aww thanks a lot! ^__^
      I tried to use my extra strong conditioners for long periods of time (like 3h or so) and I wasn't very successful... but now I started using hair oil again and I think it's doing the trick :3 Also, I can use it every 2 days or so (I wash my hair about once a week so usually I can only condition it once a week too...) and just put it on dry hair to make it look more smooth... I hope it will become even better in the next weeks.


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