Friday, February 13, 2015

DIY: Slaying the Lace Monster (Customizing Bodyline Part II)

Hello guys!

Today I wanna show you some pictures of a recent little DIY project of mine! Again, I chose to customize a Bodyline item, but compared to last time, the starting point was... well, let's have the pictures speak for themselves!

Left: original lace monster /// Right: toned down version of the dress I can actually see myself wearing again one day

So, let me tell you the backstory of this dress. In 2010, I got my first Lolita dress after liking the style for a few years already, but never really being overly invested in the fashion. I did not do any big research, and my "taste" was largely influenced by Old School Lolita styles, as I had first come in contact with the fashion a few years before. I liked cross lacing, and a cute, painfully maid-like style, so I chose this dress from Bodyline to be my first Lolita item....

Well, in my defense, back then it was exactly what I wanted. Today I see a lot that is wrong with the dress, for example the large amount of low quality, seriously ugly lace everywhere. Also, it is to big on me, so I had to lace the front a bit tighter than intended to prevent it from simply falling from my shoulders on the single one occasion I ever wore it.

I quickly realized that with me being much more serious about Lolita fashion and also more - well let's call it "educated" about the no-gos, I would very likely not wear this dress ever again. But when I looked at it I could still see some sort of potential. It is actually my only OP and since the fabric is rather thin and light it is nice to wear in summer. As for the cut, it's not that bad, it's just a few elements - like the lace-lined ribbons everywhere - that make the dress look absolutely ita-tastic.

So a while back I decided that I might as well alter the dress a bit to make it wear-able again!

First, I carefully cut off all the ugly lace without damaging the ribbons or fabric. That was especially annoying at that pink border around the skirt part, it took what felt like forever. But afterwards, the dress looked a lot better! I then replaced it with much nicer looking cotton lace :3

So, I'm actually quite happy with the final result! I can totally see myself wearing this, I have been thinking about a Hime Lolita outfit for a long time and I think with a princess-y wig and the right accessories this dress could fit quite well. It still is rather old school due to the cross lacing but I think it's tolerable. The only two problems are that the dress is still slightly too big (I might take away a few cm somwhere, but it's difficult to do the fitting because my dress form is bigger than me), and that I currently don't have a white A-line petticoat. Which is why the dress looks a bit sad on the dress form... but I think you get the general idea :3

Do you have a good A-line petti that you could recommend?
And what wig color could you imagine for a Hime Outfit with this dress? I know that honey blond is the most common for Hime styles, but personally I like the contrast between white outfits and black hair (which is why I bought it in the first time, back when my hair was still black!). So I'm thinking about what kind of wig to get and where.... and of course I really hope that I get a chance to wear this outfit soon! Too bad I'll be missing the first Lolita meet up in March, so I have to wait for the next opportunity :(

Anyways, enough rambling! I have some more ideas for things to write about, and hopefully I#ll have some time this week end to get it done. Until then - see you!


  1. That looks much more tasteful, I find some loli dresses look crinkly and over the top. Sometimes less is more.

    1. Thank you!
      I absolutely agree, I have to say that even some of the more recent creations from the big brands are way over the top for my taste.

  2. I really like the finished result! It's totally wearable. The lace problems with Bodyline are so annoying sometimes xD Even though I really like Bodyline nowadays, because the quality is much better ;w;
    Classical Puppets Petticoats are great! And I can totally see a darkish brown wig with that dress, if you prefer darker hair.
    Good luck with this coordinate! Would love to see some pictures some day.

    1. Thank you! :D
      It's a real hit & miss though, still today. Sometimes you get really nice looking lace with a cute design, sometimes you get the cheap and ugly stuff. That's why I like to post close ups and reviews of all the dresses I get, just like I like to google for such pictures before I order from them :3
      As for the wig - I remember some pictures from a German Lolita who wore a beautiful princess-like Shiro Outfit with a black wig and it looked fantastic, and that's what I always have in the back of my head when I look at that dress... But I suspect it would be difficult to get an actually hime wig in black, since it's not a very common hair color for that kind of look. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with this, but I'll probably wear it at some point in summer I guess :3


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