Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review: Fairy 1 Day Princess (disposable) Circle Lenses (Lensvillage.com)

Hey guys! It's review time ♥

This time I'm reviewing a product that was entirely new to me - did you know that there are daily/disposable circle lenses?! I wasn't aware of that, but when I heard about it for the first time I was hooked right away!

The lenses I am wearing here are Fairy 1 Day Princess circle lenses in green. I got mine from Lensvillage.com and you can find these lenses right here ! They are also available in other colors. The brand is called Sincere Vision and on their homepage you can also find some other lenses that they produce.


So, obviously all kinds of soft lenses are "disposable" but the normal circle lenses you get usually come with a warning that you should not use them for more than a few months. I actually wear my lenses very rarely because I just don't get many occasions to wear make up and such, so I take care of them especially well and keep them up to one year, but if you really wear your lenses a lot, you have to clean them very well to keep them for a longer time without risking serious damage to your eyes.

Enter Fairy 1 Day lenses. They are like your regular 1 day disposable contacts, you throw them away after one wearing, and can I just tell you how INCREDIBLY convenient this is for people like me who don't get to wear circle lenses very often? 

Packaging & First Impression

They come in a super pretty packaging and even come with prescription! One package contains 10 lenses, and if you need a prescription, be aware that you will have to buy two packages if you need two different values for your eyes. For me, my eyes only differ by -0.25 so it was no problem to wear the same prescription though.

*Click to enlarge*

The lenses are packed individually in these little plastic containers. They look exactly like the packaging of my monthly disposable lenses that I usually wear so I am quite familiar with them :) The packages are way more easy to open than the glass bottles of normal circle lenses and the lenses are ready to wear right away. One thing I noticed right away when I took them out was that the printed border is smaller than the lens itself by a significant amount. While the lenses have a diameter of 14.2mm, only 13.3 are printed, giving them only a small capacity to give an enlarging effect.

Color & Design

*Click to enlarge*

I thought it would be good to give you a nice closeup of the lenses because they are extremely subtle but super pretty. My natural eye color is a light blue, so the green blends in nicely and gives the impression of a darker limbal ring. Many lenses with a dark border look a bit alien-ish if you don't wear a lot of make up but these give a very soft effect that would look good with minimal make up too. However, the enlargement is probably not too big and I think the color would not show very well on darker eye colors.



I wore the lenses for several hours and had no problems. In fact, I was positively surprised by how comfortable they are, they feel better than my normal lenses! I think they are perfect if you want to go out and don't want to worry about taking care of your lenses afterward. Imagine going to a place where people smoke a lot or staying over at a friend's place. These lenses would be very useful because you don't have to clean them, you just throw them away before going to bed. So this kind of "user comfort" also makes up a big part of the comfort of these lenses imo.


In conclusion, these lenses are  perfect if you don't want to wear them very often and only use them for rare occasions. Their effect is subtle but very beautiful, and they are comfortable to wear like no other lens I own. Their enlargement effect is not very big, so if you look for a "dolly" look, these are not the ideal choice. For more toned down looks or for a quick change of eye color, they are perfect though!


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  1. Ich werde wohl auch demnächst mal nach Kontaktlinsen mit Farbe schauen, die ich dann auch tragen kann. Hab bisher kaum oder nur teure gefunden - oder eben zum Beispiel Monatslinsen. Die für den ganzen Monat würden sich bei mir auch gar nicht lohnen, ich würde sie kaum tragen. Ich glaube, ich würde auch grün nehmen, sehen echt toll an dir aus!

    1. Die Tageslinsen sind echt genial in der Hinsicht - eben weil man sie theoretisch auch, wenn man sie doch nicht (mehr) mag, weiterverkaufen oder verschenken kann :D

  2. Das ist wirklich praktisch, so 1-Tages-Circle Linsen. Ich fand es voll traurig, dass ich meine wegschmeißen musste, obwohl ich sie nicht soo oft getragen habe.
    Sehen auch echt gut aus!

    1. Danke X3
      Ich muss gestehen, ich behalte meine meistens mindestens 1 Jahr... allerdings gut hydriert im Behälter und wenn ich sie dann trage, reinige ich sie vorher nochmal mit Peroxid. Dann geht das ganz gut eigentlich. Kann ja nicht viel passieren wenn man sie nicht so oft trägt, maximal dass sie austrocknen.


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