Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review: iFairy Venus Red Lenses /// I'm just fashionably late.

Hey guys!

I'm back with another review! This time it's a very special lens model in red! I got iFairy Venus Red from They have a diameter of 16.2mm and I think this makes them the largest lenses I ever wore!

Of course with that color and special design I wanted to make a special outfit too, and when I ordered them I already had something in mind - a White Rabbit costume!

(with a Shironuri-inspired make up)
Orginally I had planned to wear this outfit together with my boyfriend as Cheshire Cat for another event but the lenses didn't arrive in time so I had to improvise. Luckily, I got invited to another costume party so I had the perfect occasion to dress up once more!

Unfortunately I didn't have any kind of watch accessory with me. I had to work late this week and so I didn't have time to go look for one, I even made the ears myself and last minute about two hours before I went to the party. I also didn't have a bunny tail unfortunately. Well, overall I think the "costume" looks okay, despite the fact that I didn't have a lot of time to make it perfect. I'd definitely wear something like that again if I ever went to another Shironuri meet up or something!

Okay, back to the main topic: the lenses!

Color & Design

My boyfriend urged me to try a bit more "crazy" lenses for ages now, so I finally decided to give it a try. I figured that with the cool pattern and rather dark print the red should be vibrant enough to make a good impression, yet allow a good transition to my natural eye color towards the center of the lens.

In reality, the print is less pink-red and more blood-red than on the shop image, but I guess in sunlight they would also look a lot different. I had to take all pictures inside and with flash because I came home late from work and went straight to the party that day, but I'll definitely try these again sometime soon during the day, to check out how they look!

I feel like I'm getting a bit better with that white Grimas make up, but my skin is very uneven so it will always look a bit shitty up close. Also, the red eyeshadow I used was not the best, so it looks uneven too. I had to brighten up the photos a bit because they were taken indoors with flash and I had no time to set up the big lights (The White Rabbit is always late, you now), but the color of the lenses was not altered and the pictures reflect quite well how they looked like in real life!


At first it was a little bit weird, right after I put them on I felt the difference in size to the lenses I wore previously... but I got used to it quickly! I ended up wearing them for about 6h or so and managed fine. In the end I probably should have used some eyedrops because during the party of course my eyes got a bit dry, but the lenses themselves were super comfortable. They also fit nicely in terms of vision. Sometimes I don't have perfect sight with circle lenses, but these seem to sit right where they're supposed to be so I had no trouble driving my car even at night. I also checked if they're still moving around when I blink, which they do, so they seem to fit very well despite they're size (you can read up on why it's important that circle lenses "float" on your eyes over here).

Overall impression & Summary

So, to sum it up, the lenses are very comfortable despite their size, and in my opinion the effect is quite stunning. During the party I got asked several times about them, thought the light was not very good there people noticed the color and probably especially the dark ring! They are definitely a good choice for a very bold and impressive look. Without any make up on I really looked like an alien though. So unless that's what you're going for, these are probably lenses you should wear with at least some minimal eyeliner, unless you wanna look stoned, haha.

In my case, they are exactly what I wanted. I didn't want entirely red lenses, so I'm happy about the beautiful dark ornaments and the darker limbal ring of the lenses. I think they go well with my eye color, though not perfect - the transition to towards the middle could be a bit better, but realistically that would mean that the red would not be as opaque and less visible (or perhaps add up to some kind of purple/violet color). If you have darker eyes, you could definitely go for these, as the coverage is excellent and the red color will most likely show up even on the darkest of eye colors! So the final score of these lenses....


Lastly, here's a picture of my entire outfit! Like I said, unfortunately I didn't have a pocket watch or such with me - but I ended up being a bit late for the party, so I just claimed that was part of the costume ;D

PS: I changed the layout of my blog a bit, so I can post larger photos now... what do you think? I hope it's not too wide for anyone's screen! Back when I started my blog I had an old laptop and of course I adapted the design for that, now when I'm on my computer I feel like I could fit my blog on my screen almost three times XD I should really get a porperly updated design soon D:


  1. Das sieht so klasse aus! *0*
    Ich bin total begeistert, vorallem vom Make up <3

    1. Dankeschön ♥ Ich war zwar nicht ganz zufrieden aber wenn es gefällt freut mich das natürlich sehr ^^

  2. Es ist so ungewohnt dich in komplett weiß, mit pinken highlights, zu sehen. Aber das kostüm finde ich grandios. Die Idee, als Albino Häschen zu gehen ist echt geil und gerade die Kontaktlinsen runden das Outfit total ab.

  3. Oh, wirklich eine süße Idee und toll umgesetzt! *_*
    Der Albino-Effekt kommt auch wunderbar raus.


  4. Die Linsen sehen toll aus. Das Rot und das Muster passen wirklich gut zusammen und es passt super zum Outfit! Sehr coole Idee! Falls ich mal farbige Linsen kaufe, werde ich mich an deinen Reviews orientieren.
    ~ Tea


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