Sunday, March 22, 2015

"British Tea Time" Lolita meet up & Metamorphose Tea Party Announcement

Hello guys!

Yesterday was such an amazing day. After a really stressful week with lots of work and the PhD interviews (which went well by the way! I have a pretty good feeling...) I was very relieved to have a fun and relaxing week end ahead of me to enjoy!

On Saturday, Sylvia had organized a small Lolita meet up in a Viennese Café called "Little Britain". I was happy to get a spot, as the café is not very big we were only 14 people in total. I was also very lucky because the meet up was in a district where could easily find a parking spot for my car, so I didn't have take public transport, haha.

The café is really cute and so beautifully furnished! I guess all of us Lolitas felt at home right away :D The owner was super friendly and not only did she take a group photo for us, she also asked to be in one photo with us so she could hand it up on her photo wall ♥ We also used the beautiful ambiance to take outfit photos of everyone. In retrospect, I wish I had taken more photos and also brought a proper camera. But since I didn't I had to borrow some of the photos for this entry from others ^^"

I was planning my outfit for a while now - I wanted to wear my newest dress, Innocent World's Rococo Rose, again before it gets too warm for dark colors, so I went for a  rather classic outfit. I don't usually like to wear so many things on my head, but coincidentally the roses of the headband match the colors of the print perfectly, so I gave it a try :)
 Photo courtesy of Lisa, merci ♥ I just retouched the massive bags under my eyes a bit XD

Unfortunately, my lashes came off right after leaving the house. My eyes are tearing like mad these days, especially when I wear false lashes. I think it might be the Duo adhesive I'm using, but I haven't had any problems with it when I started using it. Perhaps the product just went bad? Anyway, it's the reason I look a bit tired in all of these photos.... like, half of my eye make up was missing. I don't really like to wear Lolita without a lot of make up because I feel like it doesn't suit me (that was such a struggle also at the last Winter meet up :< )

This is what my make up looked like before I had to sacrifice my lower lashes :< I think I need a new glue...

At the "Little Britain", you can obviously get tea,  and delicious cakes and sweets, but also sandwiches or bagels! Emily and I decided to share their "British Tea Time" meal, which is basically a three-course-lunch including tea for two!

Really, everything in that café is super pretty!

Food porn! Salmon-rucola and camembert-lingonberry-pear snadwiches, warm and super delcious scones with cream and jam and two pastries which I couldn't even try anymore after having eaten so much :'D

So this time, there was no "cultural program" and we only had food, haha. But it was so much fun to just sit together and chat. I wish I could go to meet ups more often. There will be one in Salzburg in May, and since I've never been to Salzburg I sure hope I get a chance to go there to meet other Lolitas and see the city!

I already know what I'd like to wear to the next meet up! I feel so motivated to wear Lolita again, but I notice know that I lack many basics to be able to adapt for different seasons. For example, the blouse I wore yesterday is way too hot for warmer days. In general, I'd like to get more chiffon blouses for warmer weather - since I have only one OP and mostly JSKs, it's difficult to find something to wear in summer. But anyway, despite not having so many Lolita clothes, i have tons of ideas for outfits, way more than I can actually wear because I get a chance so rarely :( Maybe I should just start to muster the courage to wear Lolita clothes outside of meet ups for other occasions!

Photo courtesy of Sylvia ♥ 

So, talking about upcoming events, how could I not mention the recently announced Metamorphose Tea Party in Vienna? This fall we will have another big event for the Lolita community here in Vienna, and I definitely would like to go! I don't have anything from Metamorphose yet, but I would love to get to know the brand better, and of course meet many Lolitas, new and old friends at the Tea Party. You can learn more about the event on the official facebook page!

I would love to meet some of you there! Let's see if we can get a ticket :)

I also took the opportunity to learn more about the brand and browsed through lolibrary and hellolace and updated my wishlist with some of Metamorphose's dresses. If I get a ticket I would definitely like to get one of those dresses. But I also wanted to actively go on the "hunt" for Sugar Pansy, my long-time-dream-dress. So let's see what will happen and which dress I will get next... Since I don't spend much time wearing Lolita it's always a very conflicting feeling to buy Lolita clothes. But I guess that's another reason why I really wanna go to the Metamorphose Tea Party!! :)

Hope you had a nice week end too!


  1. Schön siehst du aus <3 wieder mal ein sehr gelungener Look :)
    Und das Cafe ist ja auch zauberhaft und es sieht alles so lecker aus :)

    1. Dankeschön!
      Ach, ich wünschte bloß die Wimpern hätten sich nicht gelöst :<

  2. Du siehst einfach traumhaft aus mit dem Kleid und dem ganzen Schmuck dazu <3 Finde nicht, dass dein Kopf mit dem vielen Schmuck überladen aussieht, es passt bestens zu dem Kleid. Dein Geschmack an Klamotten und insbesondere beim Lolita-Stil ist so unglaublich stilvoll, das ist echt der Hammer. Kann mich an deinen Lolita-Outfits gar nicht satt sehen!

    1. Dankeschön ^__^
      Eigentlich mag ich ja so viel Kopfschmuck, aber es sieht halt meist besser aus wenn man ein Bonnet trägt oder toupierte Haare/Perücke denke ich. Oder als ich noch schwarze Haare hatte mit meinen Clip-in Ponytails! :D
      Aber es war deifnitiv spaßig das Outfit zu planen, gut dass meine Sachen sich untereinander alle so gut kombinieren lassen dank ähnlicher Farben und Motive XDD

  3. Du sahst so toll aus! Dein Kleid ist von Innocent World? wunderschön! <3

    1. Dankeschön ♥
      Danke auch nochmal fürs verlinken und Fotos zur verfügung stellen ^^

  4. so schön :) lieb das outfit!! und Teepartys sind das Beste :D xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts


    1. Thanks! I don't really want to buy anything before I know for sure that I can go to the Tea Party though... and even then I'll have to reconsider if I still want those dresses after a few weeks :'D
      In the meantime I'll be on the hunt for Sugar Pansy ^^
      But thanks anyway ♥

  6. Oooh, das sieht nach einem herrlichen Meet-up aus *_*
    Ich freue mich wahnsinnig auf das kommende Wochenende, da bin ich auch endlich, endlich, eeeendlich mal wieder auf einem Treffen. Wie ich das vermisse!

    Dein Outfit sagt mir total zu, vor allem passt der Kopfschmuck grandios.
    Was die tränenden Augen betrifft, kann ich mich dir leider anschließen, ich habe (eigentlich) keine Allergie oder ähnliches und trotzdem kann ich teilweise nur mit wasserfestem Make-up raus, weil mir einfach alles weg läuft sonst. Da hält auch kaum ein wasserfester Kleber irgendwie :(

    1. Dankeschön! ^__^
      Ja das mit den tränenden Augen... komischerweise istr es mittlerweile auch schon wieder vorbei, muss also echt irgendwas extrem früh blühendes sein bei mir. Aber ich habe auch meinen Wimpernkleber im Verdacht, dass der auch nicht mehr ganz gut ist... hm.
      Ich hoffe es gibt irgendwann Bilder von deinem Outfit zu sehen ^__^


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