Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What to wear to a wedding? [ app + wish list ♥ ]

So, a few weeks ago there was some big news among my friends from high school times. Two of the girls are getting married this year! Obviously I am very excited and looking forward to attending to weddings this year ♥ I love weddings, it makes me really happy to attend them.

 Being a perfectionist, of course I started to think about potential outfits already... I have plenty of ideas, as always, and luckily, the events won't be too formal. My boyfriend already sighed with relief that he won't have to wear a suit and tie, I, on the other hand, want to use this opportunity to dress up nicely for once, and of course... shop for some new clothes!

So roughly two years ago (wow, time flies!) I was in a similar situation, looking for something to wear to my brother's wedding. In the end, I ordered from Asian-based online store You might remember the detailed review I wrote about my order! Since I was really happy with the dresses I got from them, I decided to have a look if I find something interesting again for this occasion.

So, I started stalking the shop for a few days, browsing their insanely huge dresses section for something suitable, and perhaps also a blouse or two that would be suitable for Lolita in summer... and coincidentally at the same time, I was approached by someone from and asked if I would like to introduce my readers to their new app in exchange for a sponsoring!


Unfortunately I can only introduce you to the concept, since I have a Samsung phone I could not try the app for myself, but the purpose of the app is clear: fast and easy online shopping! :( But (perhaps unless you are browsing their enormous dresses section, haha) it's an easy way to navigate their site! I do like to browse online shops via their mobile webpage, but some of them are buggy or take forever to load or just make my internet crash entirely. So I think it's cool that dresslink provides an app to avoid all those problems right away! Also, I think your first order with the app will receive a discount.

So... but what if you are like me and cannot try the app? Here are some other tipps for a bargain:

★ There is the possibility to get a coupon/discount called "cash coupon" upon checkout, don't forget to tick the box labelled as such during the chekout process, it will deduct a15% of the product value (excluding shipping and up to 50$) of your order. That's what I did :) It's the same kind of coupon you get when you register a new account.
★ When you order from their site and then write a review for the product, you can get DL points. 100 can be converted to 2$. Save them and use them on a purchase in the future! ★

Okay, so back to dresses for weddings...

Monday, April 20, 2015

Picture my Day #18: Eat all the things!

So, last Saturday was "Picture my Day" Day again!

In case you never heard of it, it's an online event where people take photos of whatever they do that day and then share it with others! I think it's pretty interesting to take a little peek at other people's daily life, and I participated a couple of times already.

This time, I had a day free of work and studying - yay! So my pictures don't actually really reflect what I currently do with my life, but nevertheless, here they are :)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Video recommendation: Cassey Ho shows you The "perfect" Body

"What would you change?"
Imagine a world where with a swipe of your hand, as easy as operating a surface tablet, or a click of your mouse, as easy as liking a status on facebook, you could change anything about your body you wanted. So what would you do?

I guess many if not most of us have had those thoughts. When a workout routine just doesn't seem to pay off as much as you'd like, or simply when you don't find the time or energy to work out at all and look at yourself and just there was an "easy way", like some kind of real life photo shop. Or when somebody points out to you that you seem to have gained some weight lately. In Austrian German, there's the probably well intended expression "Gut schaust aus!" ("Looking good" but usually associated with a light pinching of a cheek or love handle and referring to something our post-WWII generation of grandmas consider "good looking" which usually euqals "well nourished"), that can potentially shatter your good mood at a happy family reunion moment where you're wearing your new dress within seconds.

So, I came across this new video from Blogilates trainer Cassey Ho. If you've been following my blog or other social media for a while, you probably noticed that I'm one and off her training routines every once in a while. You might also know that I have some pretty serious issues with my appearance, and my self-image is not a very "healthy" one.

 Just...have a look at the video before I continue.