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What to wear to a wedding? [ app + wish list ♥ ]

So, a few weeks ago there was some big news among my friends from high school times. Two of the girls are getting married this year! Obviously I am very excited and looking forward to attending to weddings this year ♥ I love weddings, it makes me really happy to attend them.

 Being a perfectionist, of course I started to think about potential outfits already... I have plenty of ideas, as always, and luckily, the events won't be too formal. My boyfriend already sighed with relief that he won't have to wear a suit and tie, I, on the other hand, want to use this opportunity to dress up nicely for once, and of course... shop for some new clothes!

So roughly two years ago (wow, time flies!) I was in a similar situation, looking for something to wear to my brother's wedding. In the end, I ordered from Asian-based online store You might remember the detailed review I wrote about my order! Since I was really happy with the dresses I got from them, I decided to have a look if I find something interesting again for this occasion.

So, I started stalking the shop for a few days, browsing their insanely huge dresses section for something suitable, and perhaps also a blouse or two that would be suitable for Lolita in summer... and coincidentally at the same time, I was approached by someone from and asked if I would like to introduce my readers to their new app in exchange for a sponsoring!


Unfortunately I can only introduce you to the concept, since I have a Samsung phone I could not try the app for myself, but the purpose of the app is clear: fast and easy online shopping! :( But (perhaps unless you are browsing their enormous dresses section, haha) it's an easy way to navigate their site! I do like to browse online shops via their mobile webpage, but some of them are buggy or take forever to load or just make my internet crash entirely. So I think it's cool that dresslink provides an app to avoid all those problems right away! Also, I think your first order with the app will receive a discount.

So... but what if you are like me and cannot try the app? Here are some other tipps for a bargain:

★ There is the possibility to get a coupon/discount called "cash coupon" upon checkout, don't forget to tick the box labelled as such during the chekout process, it will deduct a15% of the product value (excluding shipping and up to 50$) of your order. That's what I did :) It's the same kind of coupon you get when you register a new account.
★ When you order from their site and then write a review for the product, you can get DL points. 100 can be converted to 2$. Save them and use them on a purchase in the future! ★

Okay, so back to dresses for weddings...

I was specifically looking for something elegant yet playful and maybe a bit girly. I like floral patterns a lot, and since one of the two weddings will take place in June, I'd need something that's also suited for hot weather. I also know that both of my friends are okay with casual clothes, so I have many options. Here are some items from my wish list.... If you click on the pictures, it will take you to the item's site on the store!

Dress overload ♥

So, this item caught my eye from afar because of the print! I also think it looks really cute with the ruffled hotpants the model is wearing. Obviously, it's not a "real dress" as in, without some kind of pants, shorts, bloomers, leggings or whatever, you probably won't wear them in public. Still, I think the design is very cute! Though for the June wedding, probably the long sleeves are too hot and I wouldn't feel comfortable showing so much leg (assuming I'd wear shorts) at a wedding.... Still,l it's cute - and comes in black and white!

Another item with a super cute design, and it looks so super comfy! I think I saw it in black or dark gray on the site somewhere as well. The only thing I don't particularly like about it are the ruffles on the left shoulder, other than that I think it's a nice design and depending on how it's worn could be worn either elegant or very playful/cute.

This design reminded me right away of the two dresses I bought two years ago and love so much! It's a bit simpler, and has full shirring at the chest instead of underbust, but that's fine I think, it should definitely fit many sizes that way! I particularly like the blue one and how the model wears it with a denim vest. I never thought I'd actually say something like that, haha! But it looks really lovely and perfect for summer!

What I like so much about this one is that it's a bit longer in the back (though I'd actually have to see if that's still true for my definitely not tiny non-Asian derrière, haha). I also think the transparent part gives it a nice touch. It looks very elegant, but also slightly sexy. Just not too much to be "too much" I'd say. I really like it! It comes in different colors, but for a wedding I'd chose the black one. Or is there something about not being supposed to wear black at weddings? I honestly don't know, I'm so bad at these things, haha!

Similar to the first "dress"; according to some reviews this is probably too short to be worn on its own. But it still looks super cute. There's another variant in a darker color somewhere on the website and apparently it's possible to remove the belt. The belt is actually the only thing I don't like about it so much... I have an aversion against all things brown :(

Bonus: Loli-able Items?

So, I was also looking at the blouses section, wondering if I might find something that I could use for Lolita! I have two long-arm white chiffon blouses and I love to wear them because they are so light and comfy, but unfortunately still too hot for summer. The short sleeved blouse I have doesn't really have quality lace, and is also rather thick mixed-synthetic fabric, so again not ideal for summer. In black, I actually only have a Bodyline blouse and a short-sleeved blouse with polkadot pattern that I can only wear with JSKs or a shirt underneath because its semi-transparent. So I was wondering if there would be, for example, any shirts I could use as cutsews or actual blouses... and to my surprise I found quite a few.

This shirt comes with super pretty sleeves and pearls on the collar. I think it would make a great cutsew and the fabric seems to be thin, so I could imagine wearing it under a JSK in warmer weather too.

This long sleeved shirt might not be perfect for summer, but it's made from cotton and should be suited for spring and early autumn! I think the design is very beautiful and the lace looks pretty ♥ I like the little pearl buttons especially. The only pity is that the black version has white lace. I'd love an entirely black version of this!

Moving away from the cutsews, this blouse is supposedly made from synthetic fabric, so it's probably more suitable for winter and will be rather warm. Nonetheless, it is very elegant. The high collar and puffed sleeves give it an aristocratic touch, and it's available in black and white!

A clock-shaped bag! How cool is that? I can't say which version I like better, the white or the black one, but I think the black one would suit my other clothes more. Definitely suited for Lolita styles like Classic or Gothic, and the price.... well, for that price you might as well buy all three colors, haha!

Lastly, some advice on how to best navigate the huge dress section.

I went through from "oldest" to "newest", because apparently the stuff that was flooding the page when I ordered the last time two years ago, is not so popular anymore (like floral patterns). The recent styles are often more extravagant, cutout dresses or with very bold patterns, which I don't like so much.
You can search by color, although there is still a chance that the dress you find is sold out in your size (if there is more than one size available). The only thing I really miss is some kind of option to sort dresses by length!
But anyways, you can still use search terms, in my case I was mostly interested in terms like "floral", "chiffon" or "summer". Using these terms it's easy to find interesting things, but if you have the time I still recommend browsing the entire section!★ 

In the end, I added many, many items to my wish list, then came back several times over the course of a few days to sort out items again I realized on a "second glance" I didn't actually like that much... so I wouldn't end up with a huge order that would break the budget, haha! But I think this is a good strategy to pick out just the items you really, really want/need and don't buy something and then regret it!

In conclusion, I think dresslink is the perfect option especially when you want to try out a new style for the first time, because the prices are just unbeatable. There are many bargain items to be found if you take your time to look around. For me, dresslink was the perfect opportunity to develop my style in a more "girly" way about two years ago. I wanted to know if I could feel comfortable wearing such clothes, that are very playful and cute, outside of Lolita, and at dresslink I had a broad choice and also couldn't do much wrong because of the great price.

I'm definitely looking forward to my next order.... and I'll definitely review the products again here on my blog, so stay tuned! :)

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